How to self-quit smoking and drinking according to the GA Shichko method at home

In our time it is very difficult to imagine in our imagination a world in which people do not have any bad habits. But smoking has spread so much now that smoking teenagers and young women, the mother, no longer amaze anyone around demonstrating their bad habits. And they certainly can not not know that smoking tobacco brings considerable harm not only to their health, but also harm to the future child.

Conversations, lectures, speeches are skipped past the ears of those who smoke. Also do not impress them and frightening and warning pictures and inscriptions on cigarette packs.

Recently, the problem of smoking began to be given a special place. Now there are many ways to get rid of smoking. Even one thing is to delay at the beginning of the day with a bad habit, start a new day, a morning without a cigarette, and that is already a big deal. At least a little to limit myself in the consumption of tobacco. There are people who want to quit smoking quickly and easily. Is it possible at home?

Methodology GA Shichko. Description

The method of Gennady Andreevich Shichko assumes an independent disposal of the most common bad habits - smoking( tobacco abuse) and alcoholism( alcohol abuse).Sam, the author of the method - Shichko GA developed more than three decades of his program for getting rid of bad habits.

According to the author of the method, a person is born with a program, or installation - on a sober and healthy lifestyle. But under the influence of social and social( sociological) factors, explicit or hidden propaganda, an adult person discovers a world in which to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco is the principle of social proof, it is prestigious, good and fashionable.

Gennady Andreevich Shichko himself in the USSR was a fairly well-known Soviet physiologist, candidate of biological sciences. His scientific activity was based on the eradication of programming of the population for the use of tobacco and alcohol by socio-psychological factors. GA Shichko argued that a person who smokes or drinks can quite solve, overcome and conquer his problem( bad habit) when clearly and firmly determine the program of a healthy and sober way of life.

The Shichko method includes several stages:

  1. From the outset, a smoking man or a smoking woman should deeply understand and understand their problem.
  2. After awareness, it is necessary to raise a firm intention to get rid of tobacco, tobacco dependence.
  3. Shichko's method provides that overcoming a bad habit gets a photo album. In it, he will begin to invest his pictures, taken at certain time intervals, after the person decided to lead a sober and healthy lifestyle. Struggling with a bad habit should view the photos and compare them.
  4. Along with this methodical technique, quitting smoking and drinking in writing with the help of relatives and friends should tell their lives from the moment when they first felt that the dependence on cigarettes was formed. The emphasis here is on negative and negative physical, psychological, moral sensations, also the experience of close people and material harm.
  5. In parallel, a person keeps a diary, which is an addition to the photo album. In the diary, the smoker describes every day that he spends without smoking tobacco, fixes plans for the future and new positive impressions.
  6. G. Shichko assured that a person can reprogram himself for a healthy and sober way of life. Programming itself is better before going to sleep, literally - when you "peck your nose."Some authors recommend passing the test to the level of autosuggestion. An autosuggestion instructor or an auto-trainer can provide valuable advice and advice.
  7. The final stage of the method is self-development and self-improvement of the personality of the smoker and the drinker( former smokers and drinkers).It is useful to read about the dangers of smoking, communicate with people who lead a healthy lifestyle, find employment in the soul( your hobby), engage in sports training.

The advantages of Shichko's method

GA Shichko's method is based on self-tuning, self-programming towards health, sobriety, perfection. Shichko's method does not include the use of tablets from smoking, plasters, chewing gum. That is, a method that attracts a natural healing process, has no contraindications, is free. You will not incur any financial or other material costs.

The method of Shichko reviews is mostly positive. The decisive role of the method is laid down in the first stage - the determination of the person. If necessary, you can repeat the course of treatment.

After successful completion of the course of getting rid of smoking and alcoholism by Shichko, the person who realizes the pleasure of full breathing becomes aggravated by the sense of smell and taste, potency increases, which affects the usefulness in the intimate sphere, the person becomes externally and internally more healthy and beautiful. Financial incomes now no longer have to be spent on the purchase of expensive toxic tobacco products, there will be a cough and shortness of breath. Communication with healthy people, playing sports, new interests and hobbies will fill life with a new positive bright meaning.

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