What is dangerous today angiopathy of the retina and how to treat it correctly?

The human eye is an organ that is sufficiently vulnerable and the deterioration in the quality of vision is not the only ailment that can befall a person. In this case, some eye diseases are independent diseases, others - only the symptoms of others. And in both cases it is important to be able to recognize the problem and start to solve it correctly. After all, often in the absence of action, you can lose the opportunity to see well. Angiopathy does not always represent a serious threat to the health of the body, but its treatment is just as necessary as treating any eye disease.


  • 1Definition of disease
  • 2Causes
  • 3Symptoms
  • 4Possible complications
  • 5Treatment
    • 5.1Medication
    • 5.2Surgical methods
    • 5.3Folk remedies
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  • 8conclusions

Definition of disease

As a rule, retinal angiopathy appears against the background of a disorder of the nervous system and is a pathological change in the circulatory system with impaired blood flow.This pathology is not an independent disease and appears against the background of a general deterioration of the state of the blood vessels of the body caused by various diseases and abnormalities.

Sometimes angiopathy can be accompanied by deterioration and complete loss of vision.


Angiopathy can develop due to many causes and factors. Among the main:

  • Increased intracranial pressure;
  • Decrease in the tone of the walls of blood vessels;
  • Diabetes;
  • Various diseases of the blood;
  • Age changes;
  • Damage and eye injuries.

The causes of the disease can also be divided into its types.

  • Hypertonic.Due to the development of hypertension, the body can lose the overall tone of the veins and blood vessels, but also the movement of blood in the retina of the eyes. There is blurred vision, myopia is progressing. In the tissues of the retina, degeneration occurs.
  • Juvenile (Illza disease).It is an inflammation of the blood vessels and can lead to the development of cataracts, glaucoma and detachment of the retina.
  • Hypotonic.Together with the expansion of veins and arteries, the vessels of the eyes widen, and their general tone is lost. As a result, thrombi may form, and the patient in turn experiences pulsation in the eye area.
  • Traumatic.Angiopathy can occur as a result of vascular damage in the cervical spine. There may be a narrowing of the blood vessels in the eyes and as a result of it-hypoxia.
  • Dystonic. It is accompanied by the rapid development of myopia. The disease manifests itself against the background of a general dysfunction of the blood vessels of the body, possible hemorrhages in the eyeball.
  • Diabetic.It develops in the absence of proper treatment of diabetes mellitus. In this case, the blood vessels narrow and, in connection with this, the blood begins to move more slowly.
  • Background.It occurs against the background of the appearance of various diseases and the presence of hereditary abnormalities associated with the vascular system. Chronic circulatory disturbance is possible.
  • Venous.Throughout the body, the veins lose their tone and shape, clots and clots occur. Together with this, vision deterioration and clouding in the eyes are possible.


The main symptoms of angiopathy of the retina include:

  • Impairment of vision quality;
  • Progressive dystrophy of the retina;
  • Myopia;
  • Lightning in the eyes;
  • Bleeding and hemorrhage;
  • The tortuosity of blood vessels;
  • Scattering of defective capillaries.

With microangiopathy, thinning of capillary walls, deterioration of blood circulation is observed.The development of macroangiopathy is accompanied by the degradation of large vessels, the diabetic - by clogging and clogging them with mucopolysaccharides.

Angiopathy and the individual causes of its appearance are diagnosed in the ophthalmologist with the help of ophthalmoscopy, and also on the basis of data on the general health of the patient.

Possible complications

Without timely intervention with angiopathy, reversible changes in the retina, tissue hypoxia and hemorrhage can be expected. The vessels of the retina are also affected directly.In turn, they strongly deform and lose the conductivity of the blood. In some cases, complete loss of vision is possible.

Complications can provoke a variety of bad habits, high blood pressure, hereditary vascular disease, obesity, high cholesterol.


Angiopathy of the retina is an unpleasant phenomenon, but can be treated.If properly constructed, the state of the retina can return to normal. Only a qualified ophthalmologist can prescribe a course.

Self-medication can be disastrous in the case of angiopathy, since for each reason certain procedures and medications are prescribed.

Simultaneously with the treatment of angiopathy, the therapy of the diseases, which resulted in it, is conducted, so it is often necessary to observe other doctors. It is important during this period to follow the prescribed diet.


In the treatment of the disease, first of all, the restoration of the right circulation is necessary. For this, as a rule, appoint:

  • Pentylin;
  • Arbiflex;
  • Pentoxifylline;
  • Solcoseryl;
  • Vazonit and others.

The basic set of medicines includes also vasosolidifying agents (Dobesilat calcium, Parmidin and others), as well as drugs that prevent the adhesion of platelets (Aspirin, Tiklodipin, Dipyridamole, etc.). If necessary, the administration of vitamins C, E, P and elements of group B is possible.

Widely used and eye drops, such as Taufon, Emoxipi, Anthocyan forte.

During treatment of disturbances of the vascular system, it is necessary to abandon bad habits. If they were one of the reasons for the development of the disease, they will have to be completely excluded from everyday life.

Surgical methods

If angiopathy has become a neglected form, surgery may be required.Photocoagulation is performed to prevent detachment of the retina, the formation of fibrous tissue and reducing the appearance of defective vessels, as well as treatment with a surgical laser.Physiotherapy methods are widely used.


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Folk remedies

In the treatment of retinal diseases, the use of folk remedies is acceptable, but only in combination with the main methods of therapy and only after consultation of doctors.

Treatment with folk remedies is usually done with the help of infusions: fruits of mountain ash, currant leaves, fennel seeds and cumin.

Collection number 1.It is necessary to collect one hundred grams of yarrow, chamomile, St. John's wort, immortelle and birch buds. Cooking infusion is required based on the proportion: one tablespoon of collecting half a liter of boiling water. After the infusion for twenty minutes, the mixture must be filtered and diluted with hot water in the amount of half a liter. Reception is carried out twice a day - in the morning and in the evening for one glass. The course of treatment is carried out until the collection is exhausted.

Collection number 2.For fifteen grams of melissa and valerian must be mixed with fifty grams yarrow. A quarter of liters of boiling water is needed to brew every two teaspoons of the resulting mixture. The infusion should be kept for three hours, after which it should be heated in a water bath and filtered. This amount of herbal medicine should be distributed for the whole day. Treatment is carried out for three weeks.


In order to prevent the emergence and development of vascular disease of the retina, it is necessary to observe the basic rules:

  1. To timely treat diseases that cause retinal angiopathy.
  2. Avoid serious physical overload.
  3. Systematically undergo examinations with an ophthalmologist.
  4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat the right diet.
  5. To refuse from bad habits.
  6. In the presence of hereditary diseases of the cardiovascular system, comply with the regime and recommendations of the attending physician.

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Angiopathy of the retina is not an independent disease, which can complicate the program of its treatment, depending on the reasons. To admit complications and to start a situation with its occurrence is not recommended, as it can lead to serious consequences up to complete loss of sight. At the same time, with the correct choice of treatment for angiopathy and the underlying disease, it is possible to achieve a complete return of the former healthy state of the retina and return to normal life.

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