Characteristic symptoms of facial nerve inflammation and its treatment at home

In medicine, the facial nerve is called "trigeminal".It consists of three so-called branches, which are located under the lower jaw, above the eyebrows and in the region of the nose.

In inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, medications, surgical intervention, methods of physiotherapy or home treatment are used. Recognize the disease is not difficult, its symptoms are always pronounced and confuse them with other diseases is almost impossible.

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  • Causes of inflammation
  • What are the symptoms?
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention measures

Causes of inflammation

The causes of inflammation of the facial nerve specialists are divided into two categories - internal and external. In all cases, the disease is caused by squeezing the nerve branches. Only the methods of such influence differ.

With internal compression, the main cause of painful sensations are traumas that result in the formation of tumors or adhesions. External factors include concomitant diseases of the oral cavity, nose, or throat.

The most common causes of inflammation of the facial nerve are:

  • hypothermia of the face ( weather conditions, washing with cold water, draft);
  • inflammation in the oral cavity ( dental diseases);
  • injury and damage caused by dental procedures;
  • poor-quality performance of dental work ( for example, improper installation of a seal);
  • formation of cholesterol plaques ( usually observed in old age);
  • of the aneurysm of the vessels ( the nerve is compressed, resulting in inflammation);
  • some viral and general diseases ( allergy, mental disorders, disruption of the endocrine and digestive system, decreased immunity);
  • complications of infectious diseases ( a hallmark of pain in the ear canal);
  • Melkerson-Rosenthal syndrome ( the disease belongs to the category of rare hereditary, in which there is edema of the face);
  • to provoke inflammation may some sloppy action of ( regular sharp movements when applying make-up, improper facial massage performed independently, etc.);
  • regular consumption of alcohol ( ethyl alcohol has a negative effect on the nervous system and can cause inflammation of the nerve nodes);
  • hormonal changes ( pregnancy, hormonal therapy, age-related changes);
  • internal tumors of ( the most common cause of neuritis of the facial nerve is a brain tumor);
  • consequences of sinusitis and otitis ( improper treatment of diseases, premature discontinuation of the course of taking medications or procedures);
  • problems with arterial pressure ( hypertension can cause neuritis of the trigeminal nerve);
  • disorders of the nervous system , persistent stress, depression.

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What are the symptoms?

Inflammation of the facial nerve is a disease, always accompanied by sharp pain. Attacks can occur suddenly and have a periodic character of manifestation.

Pain resembles an electric shock. The duration of the pain attack can be short-lived or prolonged, but the average attack lasts at least several minutes.

In most cases, the patient can determine the location, but muscle spasms and painful tics can occur in different parts of the face and neck.

Main symptoms of facial nerve inflammation:

  • sharp attacks of pain, worse when touched by a certain area on the face;
  • presence of swelling in the area of ​​the focus of pain( may be accompanied by reddening of the skin due to circulatory disorders);
  • pain in the eyeballs;
  • muscle spasms( during an attack, paralysis of a part of the face is observed);
  • dilated pupils;
  • disorders of the jaw part( difficult to chew food, close jaws);
  • loss of skin sensitivity;
  • decrease in gustatory sensations;
  • increased auditory sensitivity;
  • dry eyes or watery eyes;
  • thirst and dry mouth;
  • secretion of nasal secretions;
  • defeat of the ear canal, tonsils and palate.

How to treat folk remedies?

The most common method of treating neuritis of the facial nerve is phytotherapy. A huge number of plants contain components that can alleviate pain and speed up the process of treatment.

It is recommended that before using folk medicine consult a doctor. If the inflammation is accompanied by complications, then get rid of it with herbs will not work. In some cases, neuritis is treated exclusively by surgical methods.

Recipes of traditional medicine for inflammation of the facial nerve:

  • rubbing with black radish juice ( root should be grated, squeezed juice with gauze, and rubbing procedure several times a day);
  • compress from the decoction on the althee ( the roots of the marshmallow should be poured with boiling water and leave to infuse for 12 hours, the resulting infusion is wetted with gauze or cotton wool, and then the face is wiped, the procedure must be repeated several times a day);
  • flaxseed compress ( flax seeds must be steamed, wait for cooling, place them in a gauze pouch and apply to the source of pain several times a day);
  • mask of fresh wormwood ( leaves of wormwood should be crushed and poured with boiling water, the mass should acquire the consistency of thick sour cream, then add a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil, cool and apply on the face evenly, the procedure is repeated several times a day);
  • tea from the petals of the dark red rose ( rose petals are brewed like regular tea, the broth is used several times a day, acts as a sedative);
  • ointment from the buds of black poplar ( butter and chopped buds of black poplar are mixed in the same proportions, the mass is used as an ointment several times a day);
  • rubbing with mummy solution ( the drug is sold in pharmacies and represents a 10% solution, it should be applied to the face with a cotton pad 2-3 times a day);
  • mixture of tinctures ( in one glass it is necessary to mix tincture of hawthorn, motherwort, calendula, root marinum in equal amounts, add a teaspoon of honey and mix the ingredients thoroughly, take a teaspoonful in the morning before eating).

What is not recommended?

At home, inflammation of the facial nerve can be treated, but you must first consult with a specialist. The choice of medicines, procedures and traditional medicine depends on the form and stage of the disease.

Self-medication can cause serious damage to health and lead to complications. Special attention should be paid to non-medicinal recipes.

What to look for:

  • treatment of facial nerve inflammation with fir oil can lead to skin burn( if using any mixtures, a sensitivity test should be performed);
  • from the use of hot eggs and other methods of heating is better to refuse( some causes of neuritis may become worse due to heat);
  • ice packs can cause hypothermia and exacerbation of the disease;
  • it is impossible to carry out massage with inflammation of the facial nerve( special skills are available only for doctors, and independent massage can aggravate the situation and cause neuritis exacerbation);
  • mechanical influence on the lymph nodes can lead to exacerbation of neuritis( you can not press on the face, massage or otherwise affect the nerve nodes);
  • during pregnancy to make injections and drink strong drugs is not recommended( substances included in medicines can harm the health of the fetus and create a threat of pregnancy);
  • when using medicines, you should carefully study the instruction( if there are contraindications, then the drugs must be discarded).

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Methods of treatment of VSD by folk remedies - // narodnye-sredstva /raznoe/ vegeto-sosudistaya-distoniya.html

Prevention measures

The most effective measure of prevention of facial nerve inflammation( neuritis) is considered attentive to one's health .When getting injured person should consult a doctor and identify all possible consequences.

If there are diseases of the oral cavity, then they should be treated fully. Ignoring these factors can lead not only to strong pain sensations, but also to a significant disruption of appearance. The asymmetry of the face that occurs with trigeminal neuritis can persist for years to come.

The main prevention measures are:

  • the elimination of face hypothermia;
  • prevention of personal injury and their consequences;
  • the correct treatment of infectious and viral diseases;
  • regular check-up at the dentist and the implementation of all necessary procedures;
  • quality treatment of diseases associated with the oral cavity and ENT organs.

If in the process of hygienic procedures or suddenly there are tingling in different parts of the face, then you should contact a specialist for a survey. Inflammation of the facial nerve is not always manifested by sharp painful spasms.

Symptoms may occur gradually. For example, if you do not wear a hat in winter, neuritis will develop slowly, which will turn into a serious illness, which will have to be treated for a long time.

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