Nyuda Louse Spray - instruction manual

Pediculosis is a common parasitic disease. Because it is often diagnosed in children, drugs should be chosen safely, with low toxicity, for treatment. One such means - Nuda from lice, consumer reviews confirm its effectiveness. A distinctive feature of the drug is the almost complete absence of adverse reactions, however, in pregnancy and for children under 3 years of age it can not be used.

  • Composition and principle of action
  • Terms of Use
  • Contraindications
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Composition and principle of action

Nyuda is one of the modern means for the treatment of pediculosis, it effectively destroys lice and nits. It is produced by a German pharmaceutical company. This is a clear liquid, the product is released in the form of a spray, for sale comes in bottles of dark glass with a volume of 50 ml. Official cost, indicated by the manufacturer - 600 rubles. If the price is much lower, there is a high probability that the product is counterfeit.

The main active ingredient is biphasic dimethicone - a common silicone, which is often added to hair care products to give them smoothness and softness. Additional components: jojoba oil, fragrances, which account for no more than 8% of the total volume.

Dimethicone has a liquid and viscous form - first penetrates the trachea of ​​parasites, squeezes out air, then the substance completely clogs all the airways. Thanks to this action, adult lice die within 1 minute. Nyuda destroys parasites after the first application, eliminates itching, softens and moisturizes the scalp, favorably affects the condition of the strands, prevents them from tangling. Comes with a plastic, frequent comb, which helps to remove nits faster.

There are some drawbacks to the tool:

  • because of thick, oily consistency the product is badly washed off from hair, shampoo should be applied 2-3 times;
  • the remedy has a pungent smell of anise that not everyone likes;
  • high cost in comparison with other agents for the treatment of pediculosis.

Important! The main advantage of Nyuda is security! Since there are no insecticides in its composition, it is safer than other means of lice. Suitable for the treatment of children.

Terms of Use

The instructions for use indicate that the spray should be applied to clean, dry strands. Before the treatment, a sensitivity test should be carried out - a small amount of the drug should be applied to the skin behind the ears, wait half an hour. If redness, burning sensation is not observed, you can proceed to treatment.

How to use the drug against lice:

  1. Before the application, it is necessary to fix the nebulizer, shake the bottle well. Another way to use - Nyudu can be applied as a shampoo, but so the means are wasted uneconomically.
  2. It is good to comb the curls, divide them into strands of small size.
  3. Spray apply on each strand, moisturize them well, move from roots to tips, keep the bottle strictly in an upright position. Then it is necessary to rub the product into the scalp.
  4. You do not need a towel to warm your head with caps.
  5. After 45 minutes, without removing the compound, carefully comb out the hair to eliminate all the dead parasites and their eggs, do it better over a sheet of white paper.
  6. Wash your hair with shampoo.

If necessary, re-treatment can be done after 1-1,5 weeks. The agent is not addictive in parasites, or resistance to the active component.

The drug Nyuda is intended only for external use, during treatment it is necessary to protect eyes, to try not to inhale the smell. If the spray hits the mucous membranes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. While the drug is on the hair, stay away from gas stoves, do not smoke - the oily composition is easily ignited.

Important! For hair of medium length and volume, one bottle of Nyuda is required, if the curls are long or thick, you must immediately purchase at least 2 units of products.


Despite the safe composition, almost complete absence of negative reactions, the agent has some limitations for use.

The main contraindications:

  • the drug can not be used if the child is younger than 3 years;
  • increased sensitivity to constituents of the product, essential oils;
  • skin diseases;
  • the drug is not suitable for pregnant women, it can not be used during breastfeeding.

How can Nyuda remedy be replaced? The drug has no analogues in composition, but there are many medicines for pediculosis with a similar therapeutic effect and a lower cost - a spray or lotion Paranit, Para Plus, Pediculen, Nittifor.

Important! Nyuda effectively fights against all kinds of lice that live on the human body.

Nyuda is a good and effective medicine for eliminating the manifestations of pediculosis, it helps to get rid of eggs and adult parasites for one time. The drug is safe, there are no aggressive and toxic chemical compounds in its composition, but there are some contraindications to it, so you should carefully study the instructions before starting the treatment.