Coding from drug addiction and overcoming drug dependence

Drug addiction is quickly formed in a person who systematically abuses powerful psychoactive drugs, anesthesia has no age barriers, spares no one and completely conquers and destroys one who could not in time give up the temptation to learn an artificial counterfeit, a parody of an inner sense of happiness and imaginary well-being.

"Stimulants of happiness" cause dependence

At present, there are many types of stimulants for "happiness".Their distribution, as well as production for non-medical purposes, are prohibited at the level of legislation. But for those people for whom there is nothing but the profit of big profits at any cost, this fact is not a reason for stopping illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs. Even severe punishments and the death penalty do not stop those for whom nothing sacred remains except to "rip off the grandmothers."

Not paying attention to the high cost of narcotic drugs due to the rapid drug addiction, sick people continue to buy them, they do not suffer from any prohibitions, preventive measures and measures, or drug treatment itself. Even after the treatment of drug addiction, it is difficult to talk about genuine cure. About conditional recovery it is a question, when after treatment within a year the former drug addict had no relapses.

From a variety of methods, methods, directions and methods of combating drug dependence, a special place is occupied by coding from drug addiction, which includes psychopharmacological therapy, divided into the joint use of psychotherapy and the introduction of special coding drugs. Coding drug dependence is a chance to stop drug addiction, stop the abuse of narcotic drugs. In general, the very concept of "coding" was known even in the time of the priests in ancient Egypt.

Coding addiction is assigned after a full course of detoxification therapy, examination of the patient and obtaining his consent to the coding. The time, method and method of coding are chosen individually for each patient. That is, patients who need coding, at first conduct procedures that remove from the body all narcotic chemical compounds and products of their processing. Apply plasmapheresis, hemosorption. After three hours, the patient can be coded.

Coding of drug dependence

Coding for drug addiction is carried out by means of synthesis of two directions: psychological influence and special medical coding preparations. That is, the psychological and medicinal direction is used in a single stream. Separately, the methods of coding - medicamental and psychological use irrationally. Do not be afraid of circulation in the blood of anti-narcotic drugs, they are not dangerous, do not disrupt the activity of internal organs, unless you do not drink alcohol, do not prick for "buzz".

At the heart of any effective coding method is psychopharmacology. That is, the injection is a prick, an injection of a drug that can provide a double effect: block euphoria when trying to inject a drug and induce an abstinence syndrome avoided by a drug addict.

Thus, after coding, the patient has no other way out, how to end the psychological attachment to the narcotic substance. With any attempt to re-take the drug, the patient no longer gets the expected pleasant intoxicating effect and, in addition, will feel terribly bad. Naturally, the addict during coding is warned about the dangers of the consequences of taking drugs after the encoding. The goal of this strategy is to provoke in the subconscious and client's mind a stable negative and negative, even deadly, association of drugs, not with pleasure, but with fear, pain, disgust.

In drug addiction, drug coding is the most effective method for simple and less reliably helping patients who want to return to a normal human healthy life.

Medical, blocking the use of drugs, drugs, choose based on the individual characteristics of the patient. It can be implants, inserted into the area of ​​the scapula, for a period of one month. There are capsules that last for three to twelve months. Applied intravenous administration of the blocker and daily intake of tablets inside.

In addiction, as we have already said, psychotherapeutic coding is used in parallel. It is based on the suggestion of installations for the complete abandonment of drugs under the influence of hypnosis. Of course, such coding methods are effective for those drug addicts who are well suited to suggestion. Note that the coding in the treatment of drug addiction is very effective, although it is not the only one. The patient should desire to get rid of drug addiction, give his consent to timely treatment, fully trust the professional narcologist, carry out all his recommendations.