Tides with menopause in women: treatment with folk remedies

The period of occurrence of menopause - menopause - in all women is individually. Part of the fairer sex tolerates this condition without pronounced discomfort, but almost 70% of women face serious psychological and physical problems.

Climax does not come alone, it is always accompanied by tides that begin two years before the termination of menstruation and continue for another two to three years after graduation. In total, the tides can last 5 - 6 years, all this time negatively affecting the well-being and quality of life of a woman.

Article content:
  • What is the cause of the tides?
  • Common symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • Traditional medicine recipes
  • Fresh sage infusion
  • Tea from herbal collection
  • Infusion of hawthorn and chokeberry
  • Mixture of wheat germ and sunflower seeds
  • Infusion of horsetail and milk thistle
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention

What is the cause of the tides?

With the onset of menopause, changes in the female body begin to occur that affect the hormonal and reproductive systems: in the ovaries, the oocytes cease to ripen, ovulation ceases, and the production of the hormone estrogen decreases.

Decreased estrogen affects the intermediate part of the brain( hypothalamus), responsible for sleep, appetite, body thermoregulation and hormone production. The relationship between why the drop in hormone levels leads to the fact that the brain begins to perceive the body's normal temperature, as elevated, has not been fully studied.

Before the tide, the brain for some reason gives a signal to the nervous system about the need to cool the body. Hormones of serotonin and adrenaline deliver the signal to the cells of the body: the rapid heart rate begins, the peripheral vessels and capillaries expand, the sweat glands begin to work hard, the heat transfer of the body increases. Such a state of women is characterized as a tide.

The woman's organism is reconstructed into a new mode of operation taking into account the lowered level of estrogen, and such restructuring affects all organs and systems. The most affected: the brain, skin, bones, eyes, mucous membrane, heart and mammary glands. During the menopause, the risk of cancer, osteoporosis, ischemic heart disease and neuroses is great.

Symptoms of

Symptoms of the tide can not be confused with anything else. Some women feel the approach of the tide, experiencing certain sensations before it starts, others may start out suddenly, but the all combine almost the same sensations during the tide:

  • A sharp inflow of heat to the face, which then spreads to the neck, arms and entire upper parttorso;
  • Feeling of heat;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • Dizziness;
  • Weakness;
  • Sweating.

It happens that during hot flashes, women experience asphyxiation, anxiety, headache .In rare cases, tidal attacks are combined with pronounced attacks of unconscious fear.

The increased sweating of the during the tide, after its end, causes a chill in the woman. You need to change into dry clothes and, if possible, take a shower.

Tides can last from a few seconds to half an hour. If this condition is repeated too often and lasts a long time, you need to seek help from a doctor or use folk remedies that help fight the manifestations of menopause.

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General recommendations

In particularly severe cases, a doctor may prescribe hormone replacement therapy designed to artificially maintain the estrogen balance in the body. To such treatment it is necessary to resort only as a last resort: hormonal preparations carry in itself danger for women during menopause and have a number of contraindications, among which:

  • Thromboembolism;
  • Frequent bleeding;
  • Oncological diseases( including precancerous conditions);
  • Cirrhosis;
  • Hepatitis;Heart and Vessel Diseases.

Before the appointment of hormonal drugs a woman should undergo a full examination: ultrasound of the mammary glands and abdominal organs, make a blood test for clotting, give the vaginal and cervical smears.

Having decided to apply to hormone replacement therapy, one should consult several specialists and draw a conclusion based on their conclusions. In any case, if the tides are tolerant, then hormone treatment is best avoided.

Tidal treatment is carried out and non-hormonal drugs: biologically active additives( BAA) and homeopathic remedies. Before taking a consultation with the doctor, to avoid the occurrence of allergic reactions and deterioration of the condition.

Sometimes a woman can not cope with her emotions during the menopause: neuroses, hysteria, insomnia develop. With a pronounced climacteric syndrome, the doctor can prescribe to the patient tranquilizers and sedatives .

A condition far from critical does not require medical treatment, and relief of symptoms can be achieved using folk remedies and methods.

Traditional medicine recipes

First of all, you should pay attention to your daily diet, enrich it with vitamins B, C and E, to make sure that there is enough potassium and magnesium in the food.

For this you need to enter into your menu such products:

  • Tomatoes, sauerkraut, beans, cereals, sprouted grain( potassium);
  • Rice bran, spinach, barley, lentils, avocado( magnesium);
  • Potatoes, sour-milk products, beef, eggs, onions( vitamins of group B);
  • Citrus fruits, apples, currants, sea-buckthorn( vitamin C);
  • Vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, broccoli( vitamin E).

There are a lot of medicinal infusions, the recipes of which came to us from great-grandmothers, who did not know the medical treatment, and who were saved only with the help of herbal preparations.

Fresh infusion of sage

The infusion is prepared once in two days. Boil a liter of water, throw in boiling water two to three st.spoon of sage and continue to boil for a minute. Allow to cool, strain and pour into glassware. Drink a cup three times a day. The course of treatment is two months. Break a month, then the course can be repeated.

During the break, you can conduct a course of treatment with another folk remedy. Sage significantly alleviates the symptoms of tides, eliminates feelings of anxiety and fear.

Tea from the herbal collection

Mix in equal proportions: peppermint leaves, valerian root, chamomile flowers and oregano. Brew tea in a thermos( on a liter thermos - three tablespoons collection).Drink 250 ml three to four times a day. The course of treatment can be continued, but after a month, reduce the dose( on a one-liter thermos, put one tablespoon of the collection).

Tea has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, normalizes blood pressure( learn from this article how to lower pressure by folk remedies), helps to fight insomnia. The oregano entering the collection increases the tone of the uterine muscles, acts as a choleretic and anti-inflammatory agent.

Infusion of hawthorn and black chokeberry

The infusion of hawthorn and black chokeberry fruits is very effective. Dry berries in equal proportions grind on a coffee grinder for better infusion. Two st. Spoon the resulting mixture with pour boiling water( 0.5 liters) and insist for three days in a dark place.

Take 50ml 3 to 4 times a day. The course of admission is 45 days. After a month's break, the course can be repeated. In the season of ripening berries you need to pamper yourself with infusion of fresh fruits.

Hawthorn normalizes blood pressure, and chokeberry increases the effect and normalizes the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Mixture of wheat germ and sunflower seeds

Soak wheat and sunflower seeds in water. Prepare in advance a box for sowing, and after two days sow seeds in the ground( sand, sawdust).When the sprouts rise 5 cm up, you can start treatment.

Each day, three sprouts of each culture are taken, finely cut and mixed. The contents should be put in a tablespoon, drop a few drops of linseed oil and eat. The course of treatment is 30-40 days.

Women who tried this method, assure that the tides can be forgotten for a long time.

Infusion of horsetail and milk thistle

Mix 100g of horsetail and 100g of milk thistle( collection can be purchased at a pharmacy) in one dry jar. Take five st.spoon the resulting mixture and pour boiling water( 1L).

Insist in a dark place for five days, then strain and clean the infusion in the refrigerator. Take 50ml three to five times a day, the course of admission - 20 days. After a month's break, the course can be repeated.

Horsetail field will improve blood circulation, help prevent inflammation of the urinary tract, and milk thistle will clean the liver.

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What is not recommended?

A woman in the menopause period should not be nervous, one should try to avoid stressful situations. The nervous system is directly related to the frequency and intensity of the tides.

Do not use spirits .Fans of drinking a cup of strong coffee also need to refrain from this habit.

Provides frequent hot flashes, paddy food , and hot dishes ( you need to let them cool down a little before taking).

Women suffering from hot flashes can not be overheated in the sun, long time is in a stuffy room or transport, it is strictly forbidden to visit saunas and baths.


Before the tide, if possible, you need to raise your hands up, and your legs are lowered into hot water, so the tide can be avoided altogether. If you feel the symptoms on the street, then calm down and do not try to do something.

You can sit down on a bench and wait until the attack passes. For such cases, you need to buy a fan or, in extreme cases, always have a newspaper with you that you can fan.

Choose clothing from natural fabrics and a fairly spacious, non-tight and non-stiffening movements. Dresses made of synthetic materials have a bad smell, even if you only sweated once.

Dress so that when the tide comes, you can take off one or more things from yourself.

Drink a sufficient amount of pure water -( 2 - 2.5 liters) per day. If you need a long trip in a stuffy car( bus, car), take care of the water supply for drinking and wiping.

At home do frequent airing , do not go to sleep in a stuffy bedroom. Night tides are less likely to be disturbed if you pre-cool the pillow( put on a balcony or put in a freezer).

To maintain muscle tone, improve immunity and strengthen the body , sports are required .Do not torture yourself with excessive physical exertion, it is enough to do light gymnastics, swim in the pool or climb to your floor without an elevator.

Climax is not a terrible disease, it is a temporary state of the body through which it is necessary to pass through to all women. Avoiding the aggravating factors of menopause will help to treat yourself carefully: avoiding stress, exercise, proper nutrition, refusal of alcohol and smoking.

If you do everything right, but frequent and prolonged tides greatly worsen your health, you need to see a doctor and go through a complex of examinations that will help you to establish the cause of your bad health.