Dr. Mom: cough syrup for a child

This syrup - Dr. Mom - is used to treat cough in children and adults. A dry or wet cough with hard-to-separate sputum always brings a lot of inconvenience, and if left untreated, it will lead to serious complications.

Dr. Mom is a cough syrup that helps to relieve pain in the bronchi, purify mucous membranes, and has anti-inflammatory properties. When using the drug, doctors are strongly advised to focus not on the feedback of other people, but strictly follow the instructions for use: take the dosage according to the patient's age, read the contraindications and side effects.


Cough syrup Dr. Mom: how the

The medicament vegetable origin expectorant possessing a pronounced effect, and are prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract in children and adults.

The viscous solution improves the productivity of cough, facilitates sputum evacuation, has a local anti-inflammatory, irritant effect and has a distraction effect.

Action of the drug:

  1. local anesthesia;
  2. has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves spasms of blood vessels, removes sputum;
  3. antiallergic effect, stimulates immunity, prevents the reproduction of bacteria;
  4. has an antispasmodic effect, promotes sputum discharge;
  5. is a vasoconstrictor and analgesic;
  6. has an expectorant and antimicrobial effect;
  7. antibacterial effect;
  8. removes puffiness of the upper respiratory tract, softens the cough;
  9. antipyretic effect.

Composition of the preparation

Produced in the form of a dark green syrup, with the smell of pineapple in a dose of 100 ml. It contains dry plant extracts, isolated from:

  1. adatodes of leaves, roots, flowers, bark( Adhatoda vasika) - 600 mg;
  2. aloe barbados leaf, juice and pulp( Aloe barbadensis) - 500 mg;
  3. basilica of sacred leaves, seeds and roots( Ocinum sanctum) - 1000 mg;
  4. elecampane carcinoma roots( Inula racemosa) - 200 mg;
  5. of ginger medicinal rhizomes( Zingiber officinale) - 100 mg;
  6. turmeric long rhizomes( Curcuma longa) - 500 mg;
  7. nightshade of Indian roots, fruits, seeds( Solanum indicum) - 200 mg;
  8. pepper cubebe fruit( Piper cubeba) - 100 mg;
  9. licorice naked root( Glycyrrhiza glabra) - 600 mg;
  10. terminology of white fetuses( Terminalia belerica) - 200 mg;
  11. levomentol - 60 mg.
    • Sucrose - 75 g
    • glycerol 5 g, citric acid monohydrate 65 mg
    • sodium benzoate 350 mg
    • methyl parahydroxybenzoate sodium 100 mg
    • sodium propyl parahydroxybenzoate 50 mg
    • ascorbic acid 50 mg, dye BQ Supra( a mixture of dyes quinoline yellow and brilliant blue) - 60 mg,
    • flavor pineapple - 0.2 ml,
    • purified water - up to 100 ml.

    Indications for use

    Dr. Mom is a cough syrup, collected a lot of positive feedback from patients. It helps with acute respiratory-viral infections, chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, as well as inflammatory processes in the bronchi and lungs. Often, doctors prescribe medication for complaints about cough to smokers or for allergies. According to the instructions for use, the use of the drug is appropriate in cases of severe cough caused by the presence of such diseases or body conditions as:

    1. tracheitis;
    2. pharyngitis;
    3. bronchitis;
    4. laryngitis;
    5. cystic fibrosis;
    6. bronchial asthma;
    7. tuberculosis;
    8. tracheobronchitis;
    9. chronic bronchitis;
    10. pneumonia;
    11. laryngotracheitis;
    12. Other respiratory or chronic diseases.

    Caution should be given to patients with diabetes mellitus.

    Instructions for the use of cough syrup Dr. Mom

    The drug is prescribed for adults with colds that are accompanied by a dry cough. Drink sweet syrup is necessary regularly throughout the course of treatment for 5-10 ml three times a day after meals.

    The duration of the course is determined by the doctor, but, as a rule, does not exceed 7 days. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, the dosage for adults may vary at the doctor's discretion. In the absence of a therapeutic effect or deterioration of the condition, a second diagnosis and sputum examination for bacteriological culture is carried out.

    Doctor Mom from cough for children

    The medicine has a pleasant taste, it has a rich green color, which is very popular with children. Because of possible severe allergic reactions and the likelihood of bronchospasm, the pediatrician will never prescribe a medicine to a child under three years of age. In other cases, Dr. Mohm syrup for children is prescribed in the following dosages:

    1. for the treatment of babies from 3 to 5 years can be used 2.5 ml three times a day after meals;
    2. to eliminate productive cough at the age of 6 to 14 years appoint 2.5-5 ml of medication 3 times a day after eating;
    3. adolescents from 14 years to eliminate cough recommend to use syrup in a dosage of up to 10 ml 3 times a day after meals.

    Course of treatment

    The course of treatment - 2-3 weeks. An increase in the duration and conduct of repeated courses of treatment is possible on the recommendation of a doctor.

    Special instructions

    1. There is no data on the effect of Dr Mom on driving or when working with high concentration of attention. For these reasons, during treatment it is necessary to refrain from the above-mentioned activities.
    2. Patients on a low-calorie diet or suffering from diabetes mellitus should note that the composition contains sucrose.
    3. Patients with increased individual sensitivity to the drug composition should consult a physician before starting treatment.

    Syrup Doctor Mom during pregnancy

    Because of ethical considerations, a full study of the effects of the drug on the body of a pregnant woman and the fetus were not conducted.

    Use of syrup Dr. Mom is advisable only on the advice of a doctor, when all the factors of benefit or risk to the mother and child are taken into account. Due to the ability of absorption of active components in the blood and high absorption in soft tissues, it is not advised to drink syrup. Dr Mom when lactating, in other cases when taking the doctor, they recommend to give up breastfeeding for the entire duration of therapy.

    Drug Interaction

    In the form of syrup, Mom Mom should not be taken concomitantly with antitussive drugs, the mechanism of action of which is directed to the oppression of the cough center. This interaction of drugs can increase the accumulation of sputum and get a secondary bacterial infection.

    It should be noted that antiviral drugs and antibiotics can enhance the therapeutic effectiveness of the syrup. You can not take several similar drugs with mucolytic effects.

    Side effects of

    With increased individual sensitivity to the components of the syrup, the development of the following negative reactions of the body is possible:

    1. From the side of the cardiovascular system - increase of blood pressure, the appearance of cardiac pain.
    2. Metabolic processes - swelling, disturbance of the water-alkaline balance.
    3. Digestive tract - nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, belching, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, irritation of the oral mucosa, bowel flatulence.
    4. Allergic reactions - rash, itching, urticaria, dermatitis, angioedema.
    5. Other adverse reactions are dizziness, weakness, dry mouth.


    In the instructions for use, cases of drug overdose have not been described, however, in order to prevent the development and appearance of adverse reactions, it is not recommended to take the syrup for more than 7 days.

    It should be noted that with longer use of medicines based on licorice root or similar plant extracts, you may experience:

    1. swelling;
    2. high blood pressure;
    3. hypokalemia;
    4. myoglobinuria;
    5. pain in the region of the heart;
    6. hypokalemic myopathy.


    Categorically does not recommend to prescribe in children under three years of .The remaining contraindications are:

    1. diabetes;
    2. hereditary fructose intolerance;
    3. glucose absorption disorder syndrome;
    4. disorders of intestinal permeability, including appendicitis, stenosis and atony;
    5. severe dehydration of the body;
    6. acute inflammatory diseases of the large intestine;
    7. for patients with kidney disease;
    8. acute cholangitis;
    9. arterial hypertension;
    10. spasmophilia;
    11. severe degree of obesity;
    12. receiving cardiac glycosides or drugs that cause lengthening of the heart rhythm, diuretics;
    13. diarrhea;
    14. obstruction of the bile duct;
    15. hemorrhoids;
    16. gastroesophageal reflux.

    Conditions of sale and storage

    Syrup is dispensed from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. Keep the drug is recommended at a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees 3 years from the date of release indicated on the package. Shelf life after the first opening of the aluminum cover is 28 days.

    Analogues of Dr. Moma

    To avoid the development of negative reactions of the organism or in the absence of a drug in the pharmacy, it can be replaced by other, no less effective drugs, created on the basis of plant substances. The most effective analogues Dr. Mom - dry cough syrup - are:

    1. Althaeus;
    2. Amtersol;
    3. Hepabene;
    4. Herbion;
    5. thoracic collection;
    6. Linkas Lor;
    7. Muciltin;
    8. tincture of plantain;
    9. Propane;
    10. Sinethos;
    11. Thermosol;
    12. Travisil;
    13. Tussin;
    14. Fitantis;
    15. Fitolor;
    16. Thymus;
    17. Eucabal;
    18. extract of licorice.

    Price for syrup Dr. Mom

    You can buy the medicine in any pharmacy or order home delivery through the online store at a more attractive price. The price of a medicine varies depending on the pricing of the time and the region of sale. The average figures for the drug in pharmacies in Moscow - from 152 to 240 rubles per 1 package.

    Reviews on the use of the drug Dr. MOM

    Olga : "I do not like syrups, they are very sweet, as a rule. But syrups with menthol differ from others - they well soothe the sore throat, which for colds is of great importance. Therefore, Dr. Mom drank always willingly, and recently learned about Dzhoset - it is also menthol, but it contains several more components, so it acts very quickly, in the first hours.

    Alexander : "I took the syrup during ARVI, I did not cough after taking it. Delicious. Result: I was pleased with the syrup, I recommend it. "

    Ludmila : "And for me, this cough syrup is very allergic. In the morning on the palms and face, like pimples blushing, and by evening all over the body. "

    Catherine : "He only coughs dry cough, unfortunately, he is powerless against a damp cough. So I somehow switched to Gedelix , it heals well both dry and wet cough, especially if it is given in the early days of the disease. Tired of keeping two cans with different syrups at home, we now manage one Gedelix, it helps not bad and does not harm, its composition is vegetable, children can be given from birth. "

    Karina : "We first got sick at the age of 2 years. We did not risk taking, we found what is suitable for us by age - Fluidite .Until now, they cough, when it happens. I'm happy with it, sonny takes it well, does not act outrageously. "

    Irina : "And we like Fljuditik more. He even smells like a banana, and does not give any allergy. And if you take it from the first days, you can get rid of a cough in a couple of days. Well, at least, noticeably reduce exactly. And the inflammation in the respiratory tract, he takes off well. "

    Denis : "Gedelix is ​​not recommended for children. This is indicated directly in the instructions. It is a pity for us not to deprive the parental rights, for complete disregard for the instructions to the medicinal product. "

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