"It is possible" and "impossible" diets for atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels

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Diet is one of the main components of successful therapy for the diagnosis of cerebral arteriosclerosis.

The "right" foods and the corresponding way of using them have a curative effect, they create the necessary background for the most effective influence of medicinal products on the body, avoid exacerbations.


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  • 3 Gastronomic taboo
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supply When atherosclerosisBrain is prescribed diet number 10 .It involves reducing the calorie content of the eaten, reducing the consumption of fat, increasing the proportion of foods rich in fiber, in particular, vegetables.

Here are the principles of nutrition for patients with this diagnosis:

  • You need "good" cholesterol, as well as a sufficient number of vegetables, fruits, rich in vitamins B6, B12, C, E, which are easily digested.
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  • The food is prepared without fat or only vegetable oil is used, from the ready-made first dishes, the cooled fat is removed.
  • Products are boiled, steamed.
  • From fried, salted, canned food and smoked products refuse.
  • Salt is added to ready-made meals, the products are not salted during cooking, baking.
  • For the preparation of confectionery products do not use the egg as a whole, but only the protein.
  • The food should be five-time, which avoids overeating.
  • The share of protein foods increases, mainly due to cottage cheese, fish, low-fat meat( , the permissible dose is up to 150 g per day of each of the listed products).This helps to preserve the feeling of satiety longer, and the body consumes more energy for digestion.
When appointing a diet, the doctor pays attention to body weight.

The table shows the basic standards( per day):

Energy value of food at excess weight( with normal and weight deficiency) 2200-2400 kcal( 2800-3000 kcal)
Weight of daily portion 2.0-2.5 kg
Free liquid 700-900 ml
Fats in the daily ration with excess weight( with normal and weight deficit) about 60 g( about 70 g)
Proteins( prevent fatty liver, cholesterol deposition) About 100 g, 60 of them-70 g - animals
Carbohydrates at excess weight( at normal and dfizite weight) About 250 g( about 400 g)
Bread( black / white), breads 250 g( 150 g / 100 g)
Fruits 200 g
Vegetables 300 g
The ideal "diet plate" looks like this:half of its contents - vegetable or fruit salad, two-thirds of the remaining empty space - carbohydrates( garnish - porridge, potatoes, etc.), the rest - proteins.

Authorized products

During the diet period, patients should consume the following products:

  • Greens, vegetables - potatoes, all kinds of cabbage, green peas, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant.
  • Fruits, berries - ripe, raw, dried, in compotes, jellies, mousses.
  • Meat : low-fat varieties, in boiled, baked after cooking, low-fat cooked sausage, ham.
  • Fish, seafood : tuna, salmon, cod, sardine, trout, mussels.
  • Dairy, sour-milk products, low-fat - cottage cheese, lightly salted cheese, sour cream as an additive to main courses.
  • Flour products : wheat bread( I-II grade), rye, doctor's bread, unsalted baked goods and dry biscuit biscuits.
  • First courses : beetroot, cabbage soup, borsch, soups - vegetarian with the addition of cereals and potatoes, dairy, fruit.
  • Groats - oats, buckwheat, millet. Limit the use of rice, mango, pasta.
  • Salads, vinaigrettes , seasoned with vegetable oil, with seafood.
  • Drinks - loose tea, natural coffee or its substitute with milk, juices - vegetable, fruit, broths of dogrose, bran.

Gastronomic Tabs

Many products decorate the menu, are favorite treats. However, atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels is refused from them. Under the ban were:

  • fats of animal origin, including cow oil;
  • meat of fatty varieties, including sausages and pates;
  • fatty broths, dishes cooked with their use;
  • soups and broths from mushrooms, legumes, fish;
  • sauces from banned products, mayonnaise.
  • internal organs of animals( by-products) - liver, kidneys, brains, and also products from them, pates;
  • fatty foods from milk, cheeses from 30%, ice cream;
  • chips, crisps;
  • baking pastry, high-calorie confectionery.

Can, but carefully

Use caution:

  • vegetable oil;
  • low-fat cheeses;
  • boiled boiled eggs( not more than 3 pieces per week), in the form of protein omelettes.
  • soy sauce;
  • confectionery, jujube, fruit syrup, pastille, sugar, honey;
  • pasta.
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Sample menu

The allowed products must be correctly combined. Here are three menu options for the day.

1st version

  • Breakfast : oatmeal porridge, vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, coffee.
  • Lunch : beef stroganoff, one apple, cottage cheese.
  • Lunch : boiled meat, vegetable stew from potatoes and zucchini, compote.
  • Afternoon snack : boiled fish, potato puree, charlotte with apples, tea.
  • Dinner : kefir.

2nd version

  • Breakfast : egg white egg whites, cereal porridge, coffee with milk.
  • Lunch : vegetable salad from cabbage and cucumbers.
  • Lunch : soup from pearl barley and vegetables, meat cutlets, steamed, berries.
  • Snack : cottage cheese, some fruit.
  • Dinner : boiled fish, pumpkin porridge.

3rd version of

  • Breakfast : natural yoghurt, raw apple, tea.
  • Lunch : cottage cheese casserole.
  • Lunch : soup of rice and vegetables, salad with sea kale, meatballs, steamed, compote.
  • Snack : kefir.
  • Dinner : fish baked in the oven, puree from boiled potatoes, carrot salad with garlic, vegetable oil.

Special recommendations

Vascular cleaning is facilitated by the inclusion in the diet of certain vegetables and fruits. Be sure to include in the menu of people suffering from atherosclerosis, watermelon, eggplant, grapefruit, sea kale, as well as cherry, strawberry, quince .They prevent the deposition of calcium, remove cholesterol, saturate the body with vitamins and beneficial micro- and macro elements - for example, iodine, like sea kale.

Especially worth highlighting garlic. A good result is the use of a single clove of fresh garlic a day, the course of treatment - no less than six months. Reduce the level of cholesterol and clean the vessels of flax seeds and fenugreek fenugreek, which are added to food.

An alternative option for a healthy body could be a vegan diet. But it has a significant drawback, which can not be dismissed: it is quite difficult for people living in the countries of the former USSR to make a balanced menu only on the basis of plant products. In addition, scientists have proved that is not dangerous cholesterol, which is present in meat, and the lack of fiber - vegetables, fruits .

As a rule, patients tolerate a good diet, restrictions are not harmful to the body .On the contrary, with this method of nutrition, the well-being improves, the body weight is normalized by cleaning the vessels, the body as a whole. Doctors advise to periodically take a course of therapeutic nutrition, but you must first listen to your doctor's advice about the compatibility with medication.

The first signs of blockage of cerebral vessels are sometimes observed even in children. However, symptoms become pronounced when the lumen of the artery narrows more than two-thirds.

As one of the most dangerous complications of the disease - a stroke or an aneurysm of the cerebral vessels. To avoid illness or delay its appearance, needs to ensure proper nutrition from the very first days of life of .Then it will be possible to avoid depositing cholesterol on the walls of the vessels.