Is it possible to treat a nail fungus of a neglected form with folk remedies?

Fungus, settled on the nail - a serious disease that is treated hard and long. Also - this is a great aesthetic problem, which especially worries women.

A fungal infection is most likely to become infected at the age of 16-75 years. There is a fungus in young children, but less often. Mycosis( so called disease caused by a pathogen - the fungus) most often affects people with low immunity, gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid and skin aging.

Catch fungus in the sauna, swimming pool, on the beach, in the gym - anywhere where bare feet come into contact with the surface on which the fungus spores are present.

Article Content:
  • How to identify a fungal disease?
  • What are fungi?
  • advanced forms of the disease
  • General recommendations for treatment
  • Traditional methods
  • Iodine
  • Garlic Onion
  • cider vinegar
  • Egg-acetic ointment
  • Celandine Coffee
  • What is not recommended?
  • Preventative measures

How to identify a fungal disease?

Many people notice the symptoms of fungal attack not immediately. If you ignore the first signs of the disease and do not take immediate action, the disease will move to the nail plate.

  • The fungus appears on the skin( feet or hands) between the fingers.
  • Interdigital folds begin to itch, flake off.
  • There are painful sensations, especially in the evening before going to sleep.
  • The next stage is the appearance of microscopic vesicles, which burst, turning into small sores.
  • These skin sores form skin cracks.
  • Next fungus affects the nail plate.

Thus, crumbling yellow nail does not aesthetic appearance, the emergence of which many still decide to see a doctor, this is not the beginning of the fungal disease, and its culmination.

settled on the nail plate, the fungus slowly but surely stratifies nail, getting into his deep layers and penetrate into the nail bed.

What are fungi?

Varieties of fungi - mycosis pathogens set. From what kind of fungus you contracted, the changes in the appearance of the affected nails depend. Yeast fungus

When defeat them nail plate yellows, becomes thinner, behind the nail bed. If the disease is not treated, the entire nail will turn brown and completely exfoliate.


This kind of fungus manifests itself on the nails in the form of yellow-gray stripes and spots. The higher the degree of damage, the greater the area of ​​the nail becomes stained.

Mold fungus

Located on the surface of the nail. Spores do not penetrate the nail plate, but its color changes to greenish, brownish and even black. First the dots appear, then the entire affected nail changes color.

The defeat of the nail plate can occur immediately from several species of fungi. Therefore, do not try to diagnose the disease yourself - every kind of fungus is treated in its own way.

Launched form of the disease

Unfortunately, not everyone finds a fungus immediately and goes to the doctor. Many hope that everything "will pass by itself".Someone is embarrassed by this problem or does not know which doctor to apply to.

Mycotic is engaged in fungal diseases of the nails. If there is no such doctor in your clinic, contact the dermatologist.

Go to the doctor as soon as possible. The longer this or that fungus lives on your nails, the more difficult it is to treat the neglected stage of the disease.
  • Prolonged mycosis becomes chronic.
  • It can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Fungal diseases weaken the already not brilliant immunity.
  • Absence of treatment is fraught with loss of a nail plate, in especially severe cases - without possibility of restoration.

The doctor will take the particles of the affected nail for analysis. By scraping in the laboratory determine which fungus hit the nail plate. After that, the doctor will prescribe an effective treatment that will help get rid of the problem.

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General recommendations for the treatment of

Today, there are many drugs that help cope with fungal nail infection. They are local action( ointments, solutions, therapeutic varnishes, creams) and general( systemic drugs taken internally).

Before applying any topical agents, the nails are first prepared. To do this, apply mineral-soda nail trays at a water temperature of up to 50 ° C. After the tray, pedicure accessories are removed from the affected areas of the nail plate and apply ointment or other topical preparation.

If local treatment does not have an effect( with full fungal infection of the nail plate), an antimycotic of general action is taken internally. These medicines have contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, liver disease, kidney damage.

In the most difficult cases, the affected nail plate is surgically removed by laser or acid .Further local treatment is performed, as a result of which a healthy intact nail grows.

Fungus is a disease transmitted by contact with spores of pathogens. Even after a successful cure, a second infection or self-infection may occur. Therefore, whatever treatment the doctor has appointed, it is important to follow the rules of disinfection.

They are treated with a disinfectant solution, which is specially prepared in a pharmacy according to the doctor's prescription, all socks, shoes, gloves( if the fungus is on the nails of the hands) before the treatment and in the process. As the healthy nail grows, the treatments continue.

Folk methods

There are many folk methods designed to alleviate the condition and improve the appearance of the fungal nail.

It is possible to resort to folk medicine even in the advanced stage of the disease. But, for greater efficiency, it is better to consult a doctor and combine home methods with medication.


This agent is intended, rather, to disinfect the plate. The recipe consists of a two-day daily application of the iodine solution to the nail. Iodine destroys the active fungus spores, but it does so very slowly, penetrates into the nail layers and dries the nail plate too much. Therefore, completely cure the fungus by just an iodine solution will not work.


The principle of action of garlic is the same. This plant perfectly copes with bacteria. Treatment is as follows. A clove of garlic is rubbed on a fine grater or passed through a press. The resulting gruel, along with the juice, is superimposed on the nail( solely on the nail area, otherwise you can get a severe skin burn) and wrapped up at night.


This vegetable has all the bactericidal properties of garlic, but it acts more gently. To get rid of the fungus, the onion is peeled off, peeled on a grater, a spoon of honey is added to the gruel. The product is applied to the nails and the skin for the whole night in the form of a compress.

Apple vinegar

Vinegar wipes the affected area of ​​the nail and the skin around it. Do this regularly two or three times a day. To this method after vinegar baths are recommended. A glass of vinegar is used for 3 liters of cool water.

Egg-acetic ointment

Take one raw egg. Stir thoroughly protein and yolk. Add 100 g of good butter and 50 g of vinegar. From this mixture, which should stay the night in the refrigerator, you need to do daily compresses.

Purity of

The juice of this plant with such an eloquent name helps to cleanse the body of acne, warts and fungal infections. It does not need to be diluted. You need to apply fresh. Ideally, this method of treatment is suitable, if you have a cyst of celandine growing on your site. Just break off the leaf and the juice that has separated from the stem, grease the affected places on the nails.


Natural coffee is a strong antioxidant. With this drink you can fight with yeast fungi. Coffee should be finely grinded and boiled. The solution must be strong. From coffee make baths for legs and hands affected by mycosis.

What is not recommended?

If you have found a fungus on the nails:

  • do not wear tight shoes made of synthetic materials;
  • do not let your feet sweat;
  • do not overcool and do not overheat your feet;
  • do not engage in self-medication and, especially, medical treatment before the diagnosis is established;
  • do not allow your loved ones to use your personal items of clothing and shoes;
  • observe good hygiene;
  • disinfect everything that can contain fungal spores and become a source of infection;
  • do not visit public places where you can infect other people.

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Preventative measures

To prevent nail fungus, it is necessary to apply some preventive measures during life.

  • Be careful when visiting the swimming pool, sauna, water park and other places of water entertainment and procedures, characterized by a large number of people. Do not go barefoot at all.
  • Use caution on the beach during seaside holidays. Do not think that the hot sun is somehow capable of damaging fungi. Their spores can withstand temperatures from + 100 ° C to -60 ° C.
  • Do not engage in tactile contact with a person with a fungus.
  • Do not wear other shoes or shoes.
  • Socks are also a solely individual garment, do not use it with someone.
  • Do not share pedicure accessories, pumice stones, washcloths. If this is not possible, treat them before use for an hour with a solution of chloramine 5%.
  • Disinfect the bath or pedicure tray before use, especially if one of the family members has a fungus.
  • Try not to keep your feet damp, fight with sweating of your feet with talc and antipressing agents. The fungus multiplies well in dampness.
  • Maintain personal hygiene. Wash your feet thoroughly before going to bed.
  • Apply emollient creams and ointments for peeling, abrasions and other minor injuries that can open the way for infection.

Fungal infection of the nail, even in its neglected form, is successfully treated with medications, local drugs and folk remedies.

Do not wait until the fungus destroys the entire nail plate. At the first sign of defeat with mycosis, go to the doctor and begin treatment. And, so that these signs do not appear, carry out prophylaxis.