Pregnancy and endometriosis

Pathological changes in the cells of the endometrium are found in every 10 women aged 25-42 years. The causes of the disease are not fully understood, but it has many negative consequences, the most common of which is infertility. Can I get pregnant with endometriosis?

  • Endometriosis and pregnancy
  • How to become pregnant with endometriosis
  • How to cure endometriosis and become pregnant
  • Pregnancy after laparoscopy of endometriosis
  • Endometriosis in early pregnancy
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Endometriosis and pregnancy

Many people think that conception with endometriosis is impossible. Pathological changes in the endometrium adversely affect the process of maturation of the egg, prevent its passage into the fallopian tube - all this reduces the chances of conception, but do not indicate a complete inability to have children.

Important!Often, chronic endometriosis is diagnosed in women who successfully endured one or more children, while having no problems with conception.

Pregnancy in uterine endometriosis is difficult, since implantation of a fertilized egg does not take place. If the endometrium has hit a small part of the uterus, the disease is at an early stage, then the egg will have enough room for fixation. In this case, the woman must constantly be under constant supervision of a doctor, since the probability of a miscarriage is high.

Endometriosis of the ovaries prevents the maturation of the follicle, ovulation does not occur. If the pathology affects only one ovary, the chance of getting pregnant appears every 2 months, when the egg leaves the healthy ovary. With the defeat of both ovaries, pregnancy is possible only after the complete elimination of all manifestations of pathology.

There is a misconception that pregnancy can completely cure endometriosis. Against the background of a change in the hormonal background, suppression of the endometrial foci may occur, but this does not indicate a complete recovery.

How to become pregnant with endometriosis

Endometriosis negatively affects a woman's ability to conceive and endure a baby. Special drugs will help eliminate negative manifestations of the disease, prolong the period of optimal for the conception of the functioning of the uterus.

Why can not I get pregnant:

  • absence of ovulation - a high level of estrogen, a small amount of progesterone lead to the development of anovulation;
  • death of spermatozoa or a decrease in their activity;
  • adhesions - the egg does not penetrate into the fallopian tube, fertilization does not occur;
  • endometriosis can affect the bottom and uterine cavity - the fetus is fixed on the neck of the organ, which provokes miscarriage.

In chronic endometriosis, it is necessary to plan for conception, when the disease is not in the stage of exacerbation. A woman needs to be mentally prepared for a long stay in the hospital, in order to prevent spontaneous abortion, she will have to take hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs.

How to cure endometriosis and become pregnant

The pathology of the endometrium provokes the development of infertility in approximately 40% of women. You can become pregnant with such a diagnosis, only time and adequate therapy will be required.

Important!With pathological changes in the cells of the endometrium, a woman does not become completely infertile, the disease only significantly reduces the chance of becoming pregnant and bearing a child.

Tactics and treatment scheme depends on the age of the woman, the degree of growth of endometrial cells. Treatment is carried out with the help of medicines and surgical intervention, in some cases the doctor can recommend IVF. There is no single regimen for the treatment of pathology, the effect of hormonal drugs on the female body can radically differ.

Endometriosis and pregnancy after 40 years - is it possible? Pathological changes in the endometrium in women after 40 are often confused with the manifestation of menopause. At this age, therapy is often aimed at eliminating the main signs of the disease, and not at preserving reproductive functions. But if the reproductive and hormonal system works normally, you can give birth after 40.

Important!In this case, the woman is prescribed hormone therapy, after which it is recommended to do IVF.

Preparations for hormonal therapy:

  • drugs that cause artificial menopause - therapy continue for 3-6 months before the full atrophy of the foci of the endometrium, after which the menstrual cycle is restored;
  • male hormones of synthetic origin;
  • hormonal oral complex contraceptives.

Dufaston is used to treat endometriosis in the initial stages. The effect of the drug is aimed at suppressing the activity of estrogen.

Dufaston gently affects the body, virtually no contraindications and adverse reactions. The treatment plan is developed individually by a doctor for each woman - sometimes the therapy can last up to 9 months.

Pregnancy after laparoscopy of endometriosis

Surgical intervention in the form of laparoscopy is prescribed for adhesions that affect the fallopian tubes. Surgery for endometriosis is aimed at excision of adhesions, removal of endometrium. This method helps to prevent the development of serious pathologies, but the effect of the operation is short, relapse of the disease is possible. Therefore, doctors recommend starting pregnancy planning as early as possible after surgery.

If pregnancy does not occur within 12 months, an additional examination is required, most likely, infertility in this case is caused by other reasons.

Endometriosis in early pregnancy

Endometrium may not interfere with pregnancy, but with such a pathology, the main danger is frequent miscarriages in the early stages. If conception occurred with endometriosis, it is necessary in the first and second trimester to constantly monitor the hormonal background in a hospital setting.

The risk of miscarriage in the pathology of the endometrium is associated with a deficit in the body of progesterone, which contributes to the normal course of pregnancy, suppresses the reduction of uterine musculature. After complete formation of the placenta, the threat of spontaneous abortion decreases.

Important!Endometriosis does not affect the development of the fetus and the health of the child, the disease can not cause any pathologies.

The main danger is that many women have no signs of endometriosis. As a consequence, permanent miscarriages can occur in the early stages. The best remedy will prevent such consequences - to plan pregnancy, to regularly undergo a full examination, to strengthen immunity.

During pregnancy, therapy aimed at eliminating the causes and consequences of pathology is not carried out. The main task is to prevent a miscarriage, help a woman to bear a child.

An exception is the endometrioid cyst of the ovary. If there is a risk of rupture, it is removed for a period of 16-20 weeks, when the risk to the fetus is minimal.

Can I get pregnant after endometriosis? In most cases, doctors give a positive response, provided there are no serious pathologies. Pregnancy after endometriosis can occur as early as 6-12 weeks on condition of carrying out laparoscopy. After hormonal therapy, pregnancy should be planned no earlier than in 3 months - during this time the body will have time to recover.