Which doctor treats phimosis

The diagnosis of phimosis - quite often put therapists to young boys with a routine examination. Parents are ignorant, which doctor heals phimosis, panic and begin to worry. But do not worry, the therapist doctor will write a referral to the urologist.

  • Which doctor treats phimosis in children - we go to the urologist
  • What to do if the head does not open
  • Consequences of phimosis
  • Treatment of pathological phimosis
  • Which doctor treats phimosis - we go to the surgeon
  • Which doctor treats phimosis in adults?
  • Recommendations of doctors
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Which doctor treats phimosis in children - we go to the urologist

"Every child of a male is born with the pathology of phimosis - this is a condition where the foreskin is narrowed around the glans penis and does not open it" - the urologist will tell about it at the first reception. But a primary examination will determine the degree of phimosis and whether there are complications, inflammation or pain.

The matter is that on medical statistics phimosis passes independently on 99% of boys. It happens at different times and sometimes it's enough to just wait. Thus, in 10% of children the head opens already to one-year age, 39% - to the age of 5-6 years, and the remaining boys to 12-14 years of puberty. This phimosis is called physiological, and as Dr. Komarovsky advises, it is not worth worrying about, or doing an operation.

What to do if the head does not open

Many parents do not know what to do if the boy does not open the head of the penis. Some doctors say that parents should help their child open the head of the penis, that is, to stretch the foreskin. But, do it gradually and slowly. Most doctors put forward the opposite opinion, and talk about the danger of harming the boy and contributing to the onset of the inflammatory process.

Attention!If the effort to open the head with a force causes pain, then leave and try to see a urologist.

Consequences of phimosis

When physiologic phimosis passes into the neglected third stage, until the child's 15-17 years old the penis head does not open, then we can talk about the pathological disease that needs to be treated. In this case, parents should know which doctor is treating this disease.

The child's therapist will give a referral for an examination to the urologist, who will conduct phimosis treatment for the child. At reception it is necessary to trust the doctor as much as possible and to carry out all his recommendations.

The signs of pathology that are observed in most patients:

  • when urinating, the liquid comes out with a thin trickle or drops;
  • while the child tenses, feels pain and discomfort;
  • reddening of the skin around the glans penis;
  • in difficult cases, the foreskin can be filled with urine and form a ball.

Attention!Pathological phimosis can be observed in adult men! In this case, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

Treatment of pathological phimosis

Only a urologist can prescribe the treatment of pathological phimosis, which includes both a conservative and a medicamental method.

The conservative method was developed back in the last century and consists of a set of special exercises that the patient can perform both independently and with the help of relatives. All actions are aimed at gradual stretching of the foreskin and facilitating the opening of the head. The doctor usually gives several important recommendations:

  • exercise to hold regularly at a convenient time, you can before bed;
  • Do not make sudden movements, thereby not causing pain;
  • on all questions consult only with the attending physician.

Medication includes the use of corticosteroid therapy. Ointments are prescribed, which improve the elasticity of the foreskin, remove puffiness and inflammation, and also promote the healing of microcracks.

Attention!Strictly observe all the doctor's recommendations!

In rare cases, when all measures to open the glans penis have been taken, and the result has not been achieved, the urologist appoints to consult a surgeon.

Which doctor treats phimosis - we go to the surgeon

Treatment of pathological phimosis may include surgical intervention, in most cases this simple operation lasts up to 20 minutes. The doctor dissects the cicatricial ring, which did not release the head, in the longitudinal direction, and sews - in the transverse. Thus, it is possible to keep the foreskin.

After surgery, a small patient may be allowed to go home or leave for a day in the hospital. At home, it is necessary to carry out special baths for washing. To do this, you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate, a decoction of celandine or herb grass. Also, the doctor prescribes dripping sea buckthorn oil and taking anti-inflammatory medications. As a rule, a week later, a maximum of two, the patient is completely healthy and can enjoy life.

Which doctor treats phimosis in adults?

According to statistics, 3% of the strong half is affected by phimosis. In some, it has a weakly expressed form - the penis opens partially, while in others it creates severe pain, discomfort when urinating and refusing to have sex. And often ignorance, which doctor treats the disease and whether it is necessary to treat phimosis, makes them pull with a visit to a urologist.

Pathological phimosis in adult men can occur with some complications due to neglect of the disease. In this case, the surgeon recommends removing the foreskin, i.e., to make circumcision and undergo a course of drug rehabilitation therapy. During this period it is recommended to be on inpatient treatment in a hospital, to treat the head of the penis with special physiological solutions and to do a daily dressing.

Important!After surgical circumcision and recovery, a man can fully engage in sex and have fun!

Recommendations of doctors

For preventive purposes, to avoid inflammation of the prepuce, redness or itching of the penis head is recommended to observe several rules of personal hygiene.

  1. Parents should monitor the purity of the reproductive organs of their children. Daily bathing or washing with clean warm water helps to prevent the occurrence of various infections.
  2. Wash the baby after every urination or use baby wipes.
  3. It is not recommended to use foams for bathing a child, because chemicals irritate the skin of the penis.
  4. Do not expose the penis head in water while bathing to avoid infection.

Now you know which doctor heals phimosis, and you can refer to it if necessary.