The right side hurts under the rib in front: the reasons for which treatment is needed, if the right side hurts under the rib in front

Many of us are not used to paying attention to pain, discomfort or just unpleasant sensations in the hypochondrium, which can occur suddenly or be associated with food intake. To tolerate in this case is inappropriate, because if you do nothing, it is possible to be on a hospital bed with a serious disorder or disease.

Who will benefit from this: you or the disease? What should I do if I get sick in the hypochondrium?


Painful right side under the rib in front: what are the causes and diagnostics of the

state? No one doubts that the pain in the hypochondrium appears on the right side of the pathology of the organs of this area or appears during physical exertion in healthy people. Depending on the quality and symptoms accompanying it, you can only approximately determine what it is caused by. To make an accurate diagnosis, you need to see a doctor, and do additional research.

When it hurts under the right rib, you need to think about the violations in the organs located here.

If it is acute cholecystitis , more often at night, there is a strong, sharp, stitching pain. She can give in the right arm or in the back, accompanied by nausea or vomiting. Spasm of the bile duct disrupts the outflow of bile and causes inflammation of the mucous membrane. This can occur with dyskinesia or obstruction of the duct with gallstones .

For ulcerative acute duodenitis characters "daggered", "hungry", stitching, nocturnal pains. Food intake reduces them. Pain syndrome with duodenitis is accompanied by weight, bloating, nausea, weakness, the overall body temperature can rise.

When is inflamed the head of the pancreas pain is pulsating, it can be shingles. The patient needs to be urgently hospitalized in the surgical department. If acute pancreatitis passes into a chronic form, the intensity of pain does not practically change. Conservative treatment will help relieve pain syndrome and preserve the function of pancreas.

Acute, sudden, severe pain in the hypochondrium on the right, accompanied by vomiting, nausea, fever require urgent medical attention.

When aching nature of pain, it is necessary to assume liver disease .Perhaps this:

  1. hepatitis ( acute, chronic, viral, toxic),
  2. cirrhosis ( last stage),
  3. malignant tumors .

In case of hepatitis, jaundice may appear, urine darkens, feces become clay colors. Malignant formations cause weight loss, subfebrile temperature, general weakness.

Dull pain is characteristic of chronic inflammatory diseases of the gall bladder and of the pancreas ( in remission phase), of the liver, of the duodenum .All of them are accompanied by the phenomena of dyspepsia( nausea, vomiting, heaviness and bloating).

Pain syndrome with cholecystitis and hepatitis occurs as a result of improper nutrition, there is an intolerance of fatty foods, alcohol.

Dyskinesia of the gallbladder causes bitterness in the mouth.

When chronic duodenitis - inflammation of the duodenum, eating reduces pain, and with pancreatitis strengthens.

Blunt pains are also a sign of pyelonephritis ( inflammation of the kidney pelvis).They often appear with physical activity. The patient has an incomprehensible temperature, frequent urination, increased blood pressure. Headache and fatigue are noted.

You do not need to endure the pain, you should find the cause and start treatment. Reasons for going to the doctor: dull pain, periodically disappearing, with dyspeptic phenomena, which does not go away within a day, even when taking analgesics - this is an occasion to turn to the doctor. No need to endure the pain. We need to find the cause and start treatment.

There are a number of pathologies in which pain radiates to the right hypochondrium from other organs. For example, acute pulling pain under the right rib is observed with of an ectopic pregnancy on the right .Bloody discharge and lack of menstruation help differentiate the disease.

Of the other gynecological diseases, acute and chronic inflammation of the appendages ( accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting and purulent discharge) can also be noted. When torsion cysts of the ovary right pain gives in the hypochondrium, the temperature is high, possibly bleeding.

With the ascending appendix , the inflammatory process begins atypically. Soreness in the right upper quadrant increases with walking and decreases, if you lie on your right side, there is nausea, vomiting, fever. After a few hours, pain is spread throughout the abdomen.

The abdominal form of the myocardial infarction is characterized by a burning burning pain. The right side hurts under the rib in front and the area above the stomach. Pain syndrome does not go away after taking glycerin.

Diseases of the right lung, with the transition to the pleura( pneumonia , pleurisy ) also cause pain in the side. They are characterized by fever, dyspnoea and cough. In rare cases, pain occurs with diaphragmatic hernia, inflammation and tumors of the diaphragm.

Pain under the right rib is a symptom of infection by parasitic worms .With ascaridosis , ascarids can penetrate the bile duct or liver, and the echinococcus causes the formation of a cyst in the liver, which can be absorbed.

Injuries to - lesions of the skin, ribs, intercostal muscles and nerves on the right also cause pain syndrome.

Shingles , caused by herpes zoster, begins with severe pain, itching in the ribs. Eruptions appear the next day.

Intercostal myalgia, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, and injuries rib fractures are conditions in which pain is the patient's main complaint.

If stitching pain in case of awkward movement, injury, does not subside within 30 minutes - immediately consult a doctor. Who knows, maybe the pain signals the rupture of internal organs and ligaments.

Even in healthy people, the right side sometimes hurts under the rib in front. This happens with physical activity, when using hormonal contraceptives, which affect the excretion of bile.

Pregnant women have painful sensations due to an increase in the uterus when the internal organs are displaced. We can not forget that pregnant women also have pathologies of internal organs. Therefore, it is necessary to have a checkup with a doctor.

Painful right side under the rib in front: first aid, principles of rendering

As you can see, the list of diseases in which there is a painful syndrome is very large, so when you have this symptom it is better to see a doctor, go through an additional examination, pass tests and receive appropriate treatment.

If the pain is acute, intense, accompanied by vomiting, nausea, fever, then it can be caused by diseases that require urgent intervention. This - acute cholecystitis, pancreatitis, appendicitis, ectopic pregnancy and others.

You need to call an ambulance. Do not take pain medication before the doctor's visit. It is better to calm the patient, and apply a hot water bottle with ice, if it reduces soreness, help him take a comfortable position in bed.

After the examination and diagnosis, the patient is given spasmolytics( no-shpa, papaverine), analgesics( 1 ml of promedol and 0.1% atropine, 5 mg baralgin with 2 ml no-shp), vasodilating( nitroglycerin).

Sore right side under the rib in front, what medications and treatments are needed

When the diagnosis is established, the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. A set of drugs for different diseases is different. Their action is aimed at the removal of inflammatory processes( antibiotics, antiviral, anti-inflammatory), recovery( eksitalial, karsil) or temporary replacement of organs( festal, mezim).

An important role in the treatment is diet. Its violation can cause hepatic colic, exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, duodenitis. Admission of acute, fatty foods provokes hepatic colic. Alcohol smoked, pickles are contraindicated in duodenitis. Sour, fatty foods, alcohol and even fresh fruits and vegetables can cause pain in pancreatitis. On the first day of an exacerbation of a pancreatitis the hunger, a cold warmer( a bubble with ice) and a confinement are shown.

It should be understood that the pain syndrome depends on the treatment of the underlying disease, and pain is just a symptom. For its removal prescribe antispasmodics( no-shpa, papaverine), analgesics( baralgin, spazgan).

Remember that before you start treatment, you need to read the instructions of the drug. For example, No-shp can drink no more than 2 tablets 3 times a day.

To remove the pain syndrome in medicine, the following methods are used:

With , the renal colic of is made by Novocain blockade of .With inflammatory liver diseases and chronic cholecystitis , in the absence of stones, the tubing is shown.

Tyubazh do so. A total of 7-10 procedures every 3 days. The patient drinks 200-250 ml of heated mineral water( Arzni, Essentuki, Jermuk).The water should be left open for 1 hour to get out the gas. You can add xylitol, magnesia, about 1 tablespoon. Then the patient is laid on his right side, on a hot water bottle with warm water. The procedure lasts 1 hour, spend it in the morning on an empty stomach.

Is it possible to relieve pain on your own?

If you know the cause of the pain syndrome, you can try to apply some methods, of course with a reservation.

Pain in chronic cholecystitis is removed reflexively by by pressing , which can be carried out by yourself. You need to lie on your back and gently press gently into the area of ​​the bile duct( 2 cm below the sternum).Slowly push, until the pain is too strong, then hold the pressure, after 1-2 minutes the sensation of pain decreases and you need to press again. So do until the pain disappears completely. Then this manipulation is carried out in the area of ​​the gallbladder( the angle of the intersection of the rectus abdominis and the right rib).Of course, you need to be careful and if the soreness does not decrease, but intensifies to stop the procedure.

When the right side hurts under the rib in front, you can relieve the pain by attaching the heating pad to the .A warm water bottle will help with liver diseases and chronic cholecystitis if there are no stones. With calculous cholecystitis apply a cold warmer .Pain in chronic pancreatitis decreases from a hot water bottle with ice.

Remember that with any acute pain with an indeterminate diagnosis, a warm or hot water bottle is contraindicated! You can use an ice pack if it does not cause pain or discomfort.

Is it possible to use folk remedies when the right side hurts under the rib in front

Folk medicine offers the means to reduce the pain syndrome in chronic diseases. These include medicinal herbs containing an alkaloid, which has antispasmodic properties( mint, chamomile, fennel, anise, St. John's wort).Tea or a decoction of them helps with chronic cholecystitis, improves the outflow of bile. Cholagogue effect is also found in oregano, immortelle, corn stigmas.

Discomfort in cholecystitis removes potato broth. Potatoes with peel are boiled and pounded with water. Take 3 times a day for a tablespoon. Hepatic pain is treated with honey with cinnamon or with lemon and olive oil.

In addition to the pain relievers, there are many medicinal herbs that are used to treat diseases and improve the general condition of the body. But before using, consult a doctor. Be healthy!

What hurts in the right hypochondrium?

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The cause of pain in the right upper quadrant may be cholelithiasis, duodenitis( inflammation of the duodenum) or pneumonia( pneumonia).What are the risks of these diseases, how to diagnose them and how to treat them?

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