How to quit smoking yourself if there is no willpower - just proven ways

Many smokers know firsthand about an annoying cough. It arises because of the harmful substances that have accumulated in the lungs of the smoker. With each inhalation with smoke, more than 4,000 harmful and dangerous substances (tar, nicotine, cyanide, carbon, etc.) enter the body. At this point, the pulse is increasing. It is normalized in a twenty-minute interval.

  • Advantages in quitting smoking
  • How to quit smoking without willpower
  • Overcoming the psychological barrier
  • Additional help
  • Folk remedies
  • Yogurt
  • Nails
  • Oats
  • Tincture
  • Broth
  • Rinse your mouth
  • Bird cherry
  • Infusion of eucalyptus
  • Should you quit smoking abruptly or gradually?
  • How to get rid of bad habits forever
  • Proven ways
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Advantages in quitting smoking

To give up smoking:

  • prolongs life by 10 years;
  • stabilizes intimate life and sleep;
  • strengthens bones;
  • the best effect is taking pills in the treatment of a disease;
  • reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease;
  • reduces the likelihood of early baldness;
  • improves the smell of the mouth.

Important!Decided to give up smoking because friends or relatives insist, but do not want, then you will not be able to achieve the result. Because the dependence on nicotine entering the lungs while tightening has already been developed.

How to quit smoking without willpower

Will help to quit smoking on your own, if there is no willpower, a friend interested that you do not smoke. Start the weaning from addiction based on his support.

To better organize the weaning, follow these conventions:

  • set the start day and tell the friend when you are about to start.
  • ask for mutual understanding of this action by acquaintances.

This will not stop at the very beginning of the journey. Staying for three days without tobacco, you can lose the irresistible craving for addiction and continue the course of recovery.

By easing this process, on the first day, leave the cigarettes at home or give it to a friend. Have near the workplace a glass of water, chewing gum.

Overcoming the psychological barrier

Pursuing a feeling of uncertainty about the possibility of failing without bringing the solution started can be eliminated by buying ice cream, this will distract from anxiety.

Important!Inform friends about the victories over the problem. Positive feedback will help.

  1. During the first time, avoid meetings, big parties and lunches in the fresh air, where you usually smoke. Remember throughout the day that you are "non-smoker".
  2. After the end of the first month, and the rest of your life, do not think how pleasant it is to drag out after a hearty dinner, such thoughts can easily be pacified. Life as a non-smoking person, will be full and, you will not be tormented by the fact that you want to drag out.
  3. Try to read articles with tips, about stopping smoking. From them you can get the idea, for which you want to start a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Psychologists advise to present the problem in the form of small objects (stone, button, coin). This will help to present her insignificant in comparison with you. So you can gain power over the situation.

Important!Reward yourself for small victories. If you expect moments when you can break, then such a simple way will help to hold back.

Additional help

You may have to give up other activities, such as drinking alcohol or coffee. You need to avoid the moments after which you could take the pack in hand. From this you should be protected, until you feel enough confidence.

  1. Do not be upset that you stopped smoking. Saved money on tobacco products, you can spend on your attractiveness.
  2. Take with yourself something useful - for example, carrots. And you can restrain without damage to your health, and even with advantage.
  3. You can not overcome an addiction - do not lie about it to yourself or your friends. You will need additional help.
  4. Use special plasters, herbal supplements, chewing gum with nicotine.
  5. In order not to get off the path started, look at the pictures depicting the victims of lung cancer, read the memories of their relatives.

Do not lose touch with friends supporting you, always have their phone numbers.

Folk remedies

Psychological dependence on smoking will help to overcome the prescriptions with the use of folk remedies. Their use will facilitate the process of weaning.

At first, do not drink alcohol, and increase the use of lactic acid foods and vegetables.


At home, use a simple way - pop a cigarette into fruit yogurt. After drying, try to smoke it. Most likely, it will disgust you, and you will not want to take the next one out of the pack.


This method is more likely to disgust even at the thought of it, but it is worth trying. Cut off the nails from the toes. Cut the cut pieces into the tobacco roll. Smoke her. An unpleasant aftertaste, combined with tobacco, will cause you disgust, which will last for a long time. If you decide to smoke a regular cigarette, you will feel disgusted.


Tincture of unpeeled oats will help dull the desire to smoke.

  1. For this, it is necessary to pour 1 cup of grains with a liter of boiling water.
  2. When the mixture is infused, heat on the stove without letting it boil.
  3. After cooling, the product must be filtered and stored in the refrigerator.

With a rush to tighten, drink 3 tablespoons of the drug. In a week your desire to smoke will not pester you, you will gradually get out of pernicious passion.


Spirituous tincture of green oats acts as a means to help us get out of smoking. His green mass chop in a blender and mix with vodka in the proportion of 1x10. After a couple of days, start taking 20 drops a few times a day (up to 7-8 times). Already after a week, an unhealthy habit will remain in the past.


A decoction of oats and marigolds is a proven recipe for getting rid of nicotine addiction. To prepare 100 grams of dried oats grains, pour in a saucepan with three liters of water, boil on low heat for about an hour. Then add 1/3 of a glass of calendula flowers and boil for 5 minutes. Cool the broth strain. Drink half a glass three times a day.

Rinse your mouth

It is noticed that rinsing the oral cavity reduces the desire to smoke, or causes disgust from tobacco smoke.

Recipe 1. Pour a glass of boiled water milled the roots of the mountaineer snake (1 tbsp. a spoon). Boil for a couple of minutes, let it brew for an hour. Strain and rinse your mouth when you want to smoke. This contributes to the development of aversion to tobacco.

Recipe 2. Before you take a cigarette, rinse your mouth with an aqueous solution of silver or copper sulfate. Try to smoke, you will feel an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Recipe 3. The simplest in terms of preparation of the rinse aid composition is 2 teaspoons of soda for 200 g of water.

Bird cherry

For a long time used the means for weaning from smoking - chewing twigs of bird cherry. Do not chew a long time. This can cause vomiting. After chewing for about a minute, spit the cake. After 15 days you will feel the effect.

Some people are helped by chewing a couple of pieces of dried pineapple, smeared with honey.

Infusion of eucalyptus

Remove stress when parting with smoking will help cooked infusion: 2 h. l. Eucalyptus leaves fill with 250 ml of boiling water. After an hour, strain. Add to the facility 1 tbsp. a spoonful of glycerin and bee honey. Take in 1 hour of Art. spoon. Take it for 1 month.

Develop an aversion to the long-term habit, eating before eating 100 ml of a decoction prepared from 100 g of a mixture in equal proportions of oats, millet, rye and barley in 1 liter. water. Boil 10 minutes and let it brew in the thermos for 20 hours.

Should you quit smoking abruptly or gradually?

There are different opinions on how to quit smoking - dramatically or gradually, until the total withdrawal from nicotine addiction.

A graceful period for smokers with a long history, and elderly, is considered a gradual weaning. Nicotine, entering the body with smoke, gradually occupies a significant place in the process of metabolism.

The body, with the developed need of smokers to relieve stress with cigarettes, can not cope without this recharge. To give brain activity to adjust to work without nicotine, it is necessary for some time. To simplify the removal of negative emotions, go in for sports or visit the pool. A positive action can have and simply walking in the fresh air.

A long way to get out of the way is complicated, it requires quite a lot of desire and willpower. The number of cigarettes smoked should become smaller, until complete failure.

Opponents of the smooth process argue that a sharp rejection of long-term dependence contributes to rapid adaptation to a healthy lifestyle. Saves a person from hesitating in the decision. They recommend restraining only the first time, and then it will be easier not to break.

Important!Stress from sudden termination in people with a long history of habits can cause negative emotional and physical consequences.

How to get rid of bad habits forever

If you do not know how to quit smoking forever at home, then use the method of our grandfathers. This method was used in the old days, when they used cigarettes. Bitter smokers were added to tobacco powder from a dried and wiped shell of boiled cancer. The smoke of the composition, getting into the body, caused nausea, and a complete refusal to smoke.

Quite often the refusal of tobacco came when chewing crushed horseradish leaves with plantain. The juice of plants got into the body, and the cake spit out. The chewing gum was chewed several times a day. The desire to smoke fell away.

Proven ways

The problems that arise in the fight against smoking have long been known. The best result is achieved with an independent decision of the smoker. Achieve 20% of those who wish. A huge part, consisting of 80%, returns to the old one. It is not necessary to hope for 100% that the proposed means can work miracles. It will be necessary to apply willpower. Let's look at how to quit smoking only in proven ways.

Remember!With nicotine, from burning tobacco, substances harmful to health enter the body.

A smoker should know that he is poisoning his relatives with tobacco smoke. There are various ways and methods to get rid of: hypnosis, medicines, electronic cigarettes, folk remedies, they will only work with a personally taken decision.

  1. The best way is to set a plan to not smoke for 7 days. Then allow 1 cigarette. The next 7 days - do not smoke again. So you can deceive your psyche.
  2. Take the sheet and write down the date when you plan to smoke. With each burst open the pack will see the written date. This will help to cope with the difficulties of the transition period and will keep from smoking the deadline you set. After a couple of periods, you will forget the day planned as bonus smoking.

During this time, there will be positive moments: you will begin to smell fresh, collect pocket money, saved on buying tobacco products. During the week of a healthy lifestyle, the desire to smoke decreases. Not only the psychological process, but also the physiological process comes into operation.