How to lose weight, which will help clean the stomach and sides in the home

Before you learn how to clean your belly and sides, you need to understand the reasons for the appearance of excess fat at the waist, abdomen, sides and hips. Hardly a fat person would never dream of becoming light, slim and active. Feel the ease of gait and joyful feelings.

Let's analyze the causes of the problem of excess weight and obesity in the abdomen and sides, and find effective quick ways how to clean it at home. To start again to please you a slender figure and the old wardrobe of your youth.


How to clean the stomach and sides: the causes of fat

Is it so safe for fat on the stomach and sides for health, it seems to their owners. Why do many fatties and do not know that the cause of their sick heart, diabetes, asthma were originally deposits on the stomach. There are many reasons for this problem, but the main part depends on such factors:

  1. overeating;
  2. consuming a lot of margarine;
  3. is a sedentary lifestyle;
  4. improper power supply;
  5. genetics.

Why does it appear first on the sides, the fat stably fixed on the stomach. And the answer is simple, with the appearance of fat, the level of female estrogen decreases, the hormone testosterone appears, which forms the stomach according to the male type.

The most harmful for a female figure are snacks in the form of coffee with a cake or a sandwich with tea. Any nutritionist will tell you that eating a drink is harmful, and for a figure such experiments are generally death. Do not have the opportunity to take the "right" food, take a salad, a piece of chicken or fish, an apple, a few pieces of dried fruits.

During stresses, the most dangerous for the figure hormones are released, and they all want to "eat".During a stressful situation, take a break in jogging, exercise in the gym, watching Indian drama or French comedy, but just do not "eat up" stress.

It is up to you to decide whether or not to give up harmful habits in the form of alcohol and nicotine, but they are also on the list of abusers on the abdomen and sides.

You know who sleeps a little, he eats a lot. All the world beauties sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to maintain their shape in shape.

In the human body, everything is interconnected, lack of sleep will lead to stress, as a result of which cortisone is produced, its large number will cause a failure in the level of hormones. Hormonal failure will cause fat on the abdomen.

Learn how to eliminate the causes, get the perfect stomach and sides.

How to clean the belly and sides at home: weight loss methods

We have accumulated fat on our stomachs and sides for years, but we want to get rid of this problem in a flash, but, alas, it does not work out, except to lie under the surgeon's knife. Although, in this case, after the operation, it will be necessary to monitor the reduction and maintenance in the tone of the abdomen and thighs, to fulfill certain rules of life.

Without proper nutrition, fat will return again and again. Therefore, it should be taken as a rule:

  1. never allow a feeling of hunger;
  2. abandon all hard diets;
  3. include in your diet more protein for muscle nutrition;
  4. do not completely reject "good" fats, otherwise the appearance will suffer;
  5. to minimize the amount of sugar and flour.

Independently at home, remove the stomach and sides at home can only very strong personality, if you do not treat yourself to such, then be sure to sign up for the gym. Believe me, very quickly you will find one-minded people, you will share with them the results and support each other, but at the same time daily perform a set of exercises that help get rid of fat folds.

This "killer" for the abdomen and sides will be a massage that is easy to master at home. You can choose any kind:

  1. plucked;
  2. canned;
  3. honey.

For the quickest achievement of the result after each massage session it is desirable to do wraps with food film that will act like a sauna.

In any surgical center, doctors are ready to help get rid of annoying fat on the abdomen and on the sides. This is certainly a fast and effective way, albeit painful and expensive, but after it you can not relax, so as not to lose results.

How to clean the belly and sides at home: a gradual weight loss

The problem of the abdomen - the apron excites, both expectant mothers and fat women, who dream of rapid weight loss, or who lose weight, but persistently draw their hanging "miracle" under the corsets.

Let's lose weight properly and effectively, but this does not always work out quickly.

It is compulsory for to refuse from diets , which promise the destruction of more than one kilogram per week. Disappointed? After all, how much will work if the month leaves only four kilograms, but, smile, they will go away forever, and in a year it will be 48! !!For one year of proper nutrition you will become easier on half a centner.

Of course, there will be a great temptation to "sit down" for a miracle - a diet, but do not take chances. Our cell is arranged very wisely, it persistently tolerates starvation, remembers this condition and, as soon as you "jump off" the diet, cell exchange pays for torture with a vengeance, returning the weight doubly. Do you need this?

Look at yourself in the mirror, and see your future reflection there, smile at him, you can shake hands with this beautiful woman and start the journey. Do not make a sacrifice of yourself, you are the winner! At you all to turn out, it is necessary to begin only! I started losing weight and exercising in the gym at 62, terribly afraid that the trainers would break down under me, and now I can easily run down the stairs. The main thing is to step over the opinions of others and to believe in yourself, the most beloved and beautiful!

When approaching questions about healthy food , you will not hear anything new.

You need to eat every 3 hours , for this evening, think over your menu. Do not be very fond of special cooking: cottage cheese, cheese, baked, boiled meat, vegetables in any form, fruit.

The main thing that there was no feeling of hunger, therefore the answer "I do not want to eat now" is not accepted. We ate a small portion of food and went away, the brain will be signaled about satiety in 20 minutes. After half an hour, drink coffee with dried fruits, by the way, they can replace sweets.

Do you know why we do not eat after 19.00?At this time, our pancreas "keeps packing", so that our food is free, it turns into fat. The choice is only for you, to eat or drink water, first you can chew dried fruits with yogurt, but in time you should abandon this bad habit.

About the correct intake of water is already written so much, so only emphasize -30 ml per 1 kg of weight - be sure during the day, 2/3 of the total volume should be drunk in the morning.

Unloading days works wonders, but if for you at first it seems a feat, then make yourself a mono-diet.5-6 times a day, eat the same product, be it fruit or fish, meat or cottage cheese.

If these rules are followed, the weight will go away very quickly, and what is formed in its place? That's right, bags. The skin of the arms and legs will hang, there will appear a hated stomach - an apron. Therefore, without physical exertion, it is simply impossible to solve this problem.

The cause of the saggy belly, popularly known as an apron, is visceral fat, which in a certain amount is necessary for the body, but with improper metabolism it accumulates in the abdomen.

These "killer aprons" are swimming, fast walking, biking, massage and breathing, helping to clean the stomach and sides at home.

A little surprise. According to the system of point impact on problem zones, one can find a point on the ear that responds to hunger, establish there a special clip and thus limit oneself to eating. To find a point should be treated with all seriousness, it can only be done by a specialist.

Exercises on how to clean your abdomen and sides at home

To achieve a lasting result, these exercises should be performed regularly, and in order not to be addictive, which is the main reason for failure in achieving victory over fat, the alternates charging for the hips in one day, for the abdomen- in another .

The hips of will be cleaned with the following complex.

We stand in front of the mirror, we place our feet on the width of the shoulders, arms spread out to the sides, palms looking down. We fix the legs and begin to move only the upper part of the trunk. We inhale, inflating the stomach, then on exhalation the upper part bends and stretches beyond the horizontally located hand, as far as possible. Come back - take a breath, and do the other way. Gradually adjust the number of slopes from each side to 15.

The following exercise requires skills, so we'll start it by standing near the wall. They crouched, hands clasped in the lock and placed on the left thigh, inhaling. Then we do everything slowly. Simultaneously we exhale, get up, hands raise through the right edge above the head, simultaneously with the raising of the knee. For a couple of seconds we fixed this position and come back, take a breath. It is enough to do up to 15 times on each side.

The favorite and easiest exercise "bicycle" can be performed lying in bed, the main thing is not to rush, maximally stretch and bend your legs. We do as much as we can and a little more.

How to remove a hanging stomach?

Now remove the belly of .

For this we need a spacious place on the floor, a warm mat or a folded blanket several times.

You need one minute to complete each exercise. At first we start to do everything slowly, but since time all exercises are carried out as quickly as possible.

  • We lie on the floor, knees are tightened under the ass, feet are firmly pressed against the floor surface, hands are laid behind the head. With our feet and hands we try to lift the upper part of the trunk. The pelvis is pressed against the floor.
  • Lying on the floor, legs bent and raised, trying to elbow one side to get the knee of the other, twisting in the waist.
  • Firmly press yourself to the floor with your whole body, lift straight legs at right angles and start drawing circles on the move and counterclockwise.
  • This exercise requires the preparation of some skill. We lay on one side, legs bend at the knees, we put our hands behind the head and try to make the head and knee bends towards each other. Then in a minute we change the side.
  • We continue to lie on our side, our legs are straight, our emphasis is on the elbow. We lift the straight leg as high as possible and lower it, make the mahi first with one foot, then the other.

All exercises are simple, accessible for any age, so only your desire and regularity very quickly will sound about losing weight on your skirt.

How to clean the belly and sides of a man at home

The "beer" belly of men turned 20 years old, if in the last century they were already satisfied with adult uncles, now at 25 years a young guy, already overgrown with belly, surprises no one.

Before we start to lose weight and decide how to clean the stomach and sides at home, let's try to find out what is the cause of the appearance of fatty deposits below the waist.

  • The first and most pleasant, favorite reason is overeating or, roughly speaking, gluttony, which takes power over a person and makes him his slave. In this case, there is only one way out, to show who is the master in the house, you or gluttony.
  • Equally beloved by men, "cervical disease" also leads to the appearance of a tummy that begins to grow into a belly. Therefore, everything will depend on how much you love yourself or your belly, here already who will win.
  • With age, the muscles of the abdomen are weakened and, if there is no habit, constantly engage in sports, fat is stored on the stomach and sides in the first place, do not succumb to years, show that your passport is blatantly lying.

The higher the testosterone level in the male body, the more slender it is. And in the full body of a male, male testosterone is converted to female estrogen, which contributes to the deposition of fat on the stomach, reduces the level of the male hormone.

Having realized all this, it is necessary to set a goal in the form of a flat, tight belly, to give up bad habits and start realizing your dream.

If a man is very fat, then he should start with a certain diet, or rather proper nutrition and simple physical activities, which include walking up to 5-10 km daily, refusal of the lift, slow running, cycling, swimming. The main thing is to begin.

To build muscle, you need protein, and this meat, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, true, the restriction in sauces and condiments. But for flour, alcohol, and especially beer will have to taboo.

Every man who wants to lose weight, you should take as a rule to eat salads from fresh vegetables, so called "panicles" that work to cleanse the body. Prepare it is easy. Take everything that is in the house: beets, carrots, cabbage, onions, a little garlic, greens and rub on a large grater, seasoning with lemon juice( apple or ordinary vinegar) and vegetable oil. If desired, you can salt. Eat in unlimited quantities with porridges, meat, fish. Forget about fried potatoes, chips, and snacks near the TV.Sweet tea with a biscuit, a roll, and cakes under the cake will also have to be left if your plans are real, and not just "air locks."Before you start, really appreciate all the "losses".

Learn to drink plain water, refusing forever from tonics and sugary drinks.

It's no secret that men have willpower is much weaker than women, so they just need a gym and a good coach for losing weight.

If you want, you can find on the Internet complexes of exercise, helping to clean the belly and sides of the house.

To begin training in the gym is not immediately with the lifting of the bar. Be sure to warm up the muscles on the treadmill, exercise bike or orbitreke, you can do approaches to these cardio exercises between exercises. By the way, most of all calories go right here.

To visit the gym enough to allocate 3 days a week, 1.0 -1.5 hours, distribute days for the hands, feet and press, so that there is no addiction, and the body did not fail.

There must be exercises, each of which is performed 15 times for 3 approaches, but for starters, 4 to 5 are enough:

  1. of the press on the mat, in the rack, the bar, with dumbbells and the bar;
  2. all kinds of laths, standing on the palm resting on the hands, lying, while running "running", jumping from side to side;
  3. hanging on your hands to lift your legs;
  4. lying on his back, fixing his legs, lifting his torso.

In a couple of days you will have a second wind, the belt will be fastened to the hole less, walking will become easier, youth will slowly return. Just start and go, you're a man!

Exercises for abdominal muscles: a training program - 10 minutes a day

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