Getting rid of papillomas in an intimate place at home

Many men and women face such a common disease as papillomas in intimate places. Papilloma is a benign neoplasm protruding above the surface, there may be one or more and deliver a lot of trouble. The disease significantly worsens the usefulness of sexual life and leads to an oppressed moral state. Before you learn how to get rid of the papilloma, you need to know the reasons for its occurrence.

  • The causes of the appearance of papillomas in intimate places
  • Symptoms
  • Papillomas of the genital organs in women
  • Papillomas in men
  • Treatment of HPV in intimate places at home
  • Cauterization in the clinic
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Prevention
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The causes of the appearance of papillomas in intimate places

One of the main reasons for the appearance in the intimate zone of papillomas is infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). Let us consider in more detail some of the causes of this disease:

  • multiple sexual intercourse. With a one-time contact with an infected person, it becomes almost impossible to get infected, but with multiple sexual contacts, the papilloma virus easily enters the body and begins its action;
  • non-observance of hygiene rules. If the family has a person with this disease, you can not use one towel. The papilloma virus can survive on wet clothes for a long time;
  • in the risk group are people with weakened immunity, women who often gave birth, pregnant women, people who have suffered various diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis).

The incubation period of the virus is quite long, it is from 4 weeks to 5 months. At the end of this period, the disease begins to act. In the skin epithelium, a number of changes occur, the infected cells begin to divide and appear in the form of growths on the skin.


Among the symptoms of infection with the virus can be identified such manifestations:

  • the appearance of growths on the genitals (the so-called hanging papilloma in an intimate place). In men, papillomas are the so-called warts appear close to the glans penis and near the scrotum. In women, the affected areas are the labia, the vagina and the cervix;
  • Patients, regardless of gender, may develop growths around the anus;
  • papillomas can cause bleeding, as prone to frequent damage, for example, during sexual acts;
  • often there is a burning sensation and pain. More often such symptoms appear in women after the act with a partner.

Neoplasms can easily be seen with the naked eye. They are palpable tactile.

Important!If you find yourself in the papilloma, you should see a doctor.

Women should be examined by a gynecologist, men seek help from a urologist. Patients with growths in the anus should be directed to the proctologist.

See what are the papillomas on the female organs (photo).

Papillomas of the genital organs in women

Papillomas on the female organs (condyloma) are caused by a group of viruses (more than 70 species), which, when interacting with each other, affect the skin and mucous membranes. The main symptom of such an infection is the proliferation of tissue and the appearance of outgrowths in the form of warts, genital warts, flat and filiform papillomas.

For a woman, the appearance of papillomas in intimate places is a number of inconveniences (for the treatment of papillomas in women read in our article):

  • painful intercourse;
  • in some cases, there is an unpleasant odor;
  • bleeding. Because of very thin walls, the growths are subject to frequent mechanical damage;
  • the risk of cancer.

Most of the growths are benign, but in 5% of cases they degenerate into malignant tumors. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely cure the body of human papillomavirus (HPV). You can only increase the resistance of the disease by increasing immunity. So do not think that the disease will pass by yourself.

Important!Scientists have proved that it is against the background of the appearance of papillomas in a large number of women developing cervical cancer.

Papillomas in men

The appearance of papillomas in intimate areas in men is a frequent phenomenon. The adolescents appear close to the head of the penis, on its body and scrotum. For men, this disease brings no less discomfort. During intercourse, the body of the wart is often injured, bleeding and pain may occur.

The growth of benign growths in malignant tumors is also characteristic of representatives of the stronger sex. Timely appeal to a specialist will help to avoid many negative consequences.

Treatment of HPV in intimate places at home

In order to switch to the treatment of papillomas at home, you need to undergo a full examination and consultation of a qualified doctor. The stages of the survey are as follows:

  1. Inspection at the gynecologist, urologist.
  2. Analysis for determining the number of HPV, as well as various sexual diseases.
  3. Cytological examination.
  4. Histological examination.

After conducting all necessary tests, the doctor prescribes treatment that can be carried out at home.

  1. Special ointments like, Iviquimod, can also be prescribed, also, Podophilox is an excellent remedy.
  2. Patients with papillomatosis are assigned trichloroacetic acid. It is used in tandem with the preparation Solkoderm. It is applied to the built-up edge with a plastic or glass spatula. Often, one application is sufficient to cauterize the papilloma.

Remember!Drugs and ointments can be prescribed exclusively by a doctor, it will help to avoid complications such as itching, swelling, skin irritation.

Cauterization in the clinic

If papillomas appeared in an intimate place, then often the coughing method is used to treat new growths caused by the HPV virus (human papilloma virus). To such methods belong:

  1. Cryodestruction is the "freezing" of the built-up liquid nitrogen. The method is almost painless, but its disadvantage is that it is possible to treat papillomas only in prominent places.
  2. Electrotherapy - moxibustion with conventional current. Also used in the open places of the genital organs.
  3. Laser removal is a very common technique. The big plus of this technique is that you can burn a wart, regardless of the depth of the find.

Treatment with folk remedies

Before you engage in self-treatment of the papilloma in the intimate zone and use any of the methods, you need to consult your doctor. Sometimes the combination of drugs and folk methods give very good results. The folk methods of treatment include the following:

  • to handle the growths of freshly squeezed potato juice. The procedure should be repeated daily for a month;
  • apply fir oil several times a day;
  • take the tincture of Echinacea. This will strengthen the body, help in the fight against the virus;
  • ammonia is applied to cotton wool and applied to the affected areas several times a day;
  • washing with celandine infusion. For 1 liter of water, add a spoonful of herb celandine, boil, let it brew. Wash 2-3 times a day;
  • cauterize the papilloma with fresh celandine herb juice.

Important!On the natural components often there is an allergy. Be careful.


In order not to fall ill, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • monitor the maintenance of the body's immune forces;
  • observance of hygiene at home and in public places;
  • be legible in sexual relations;
  • visit the doctor regularly;
  • eat right, exclude bad habits.

These simple manipulations will help you avoid this very unpleasant disease. Treat your body carefully and stay healthy!