Berry mulberry: benefit and harm to human health

Mulberry is an amazing tree, which is covered every year with a lot of berries.

Fruits have a peculiar, oblong form.

Consist of small drupes, painted in a variety of colors - from white to cherry and black.

The valuable properties of berries are not tired to say people in all countries of the world, because the prevalence of this tree has made it a favorite and popular among many peoples.

Contents of the article:
  • Contents of the article:
  • Contents and benefits of
  • Contents and benefits of
  • How silk is treated
  • What diseases and pathologies treats
  • The healing properties of
  • What is useful in the bark of
  • To whom is contraindicated
  • Precautions
  • Tasty and useful recipes

General information

In the shade of a sprawling tree,and relax in the hot summer season, and enjoy a sweet, rich taste of berries.

It is interesting that the white mulberry has a lighter bark, the leaves and fruits of white, pink, tender red, and the black mulberry is covered with a dark brown bark, and fruits violet, cherry, black berries.

Which fruit tastes better? The lighter the berries, the sweeter they are.

Silk can be found not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and other countries.

The tree is ancient, for 4 thousand years the Chinese engaged in its cultivation for the cultivation of silkworms.

The birthplace of white mulberry is the east of China, and the black one is South-West Asia. Many legends are associated with this amazing tree.

One of them, Jesus Christ in seclusion, often rested in the shadow of his branches. Now mulberry can be found on Jericho.

Another legend says that the Chinese princess Xing Li Shi, sitting under the mulberry with a cup of fragrant tea, suddenly found that a liquid silkworm fell from the top.

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In front of the astonished woman, he began to unfold, loosening silk threads. Their bright gleam in the sunlight delighted the young princess.

In the East, even today mulberry is called the tree of life.

Residents of local cities and villages believe that it has magical properties and make of bark and wood amulets and amulets to protect against evil forces.

In North Cyprus, people are happy to participate in the annual festival dedicated to the silkworm. Silkworm is a long-liver. It fructules up to 500 years. Every year, it takes off as many kilograms of berries.

It is made from molasses, boiling the juice of the berry on a slow fire( Beckmes - this is the name of the product in the Caucasus).

Sweet flesh is used for filling dough products. From the fruits you get pleasant to the taste of alcoholic drinks - wine and stew.

Dry berries are pounded, and flour is produced.

They make delicious candied fruits.

Fruits are also used for medical and cosmetic purposes.

The spectrum of application of mulberry is wide, because it contains a large number of valuable substances.

Contents and benefits of

Berries are the source:

  • of vitamins A, B, K, C;
  • acids - folic, pantothenic;
  • large amounts of potassium( up to 210 mg.) And other substances: zinc, phosphorus, copper, selenium, sodium, etc.

And this list of useful components does not end there.

Silkworm by right occupies a leading position, along with black currant, in a unique composition.

Its leaves are used in the manufacture of medicinal potions and cosmetics.

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They contain nicotinic acid, riboflamin, thiamin and other "magic" ingredients, which allow the wounds to heal quickly, edema and tumors disappear, the body becomes younger and stronger.

And this - with a small caloric content of juicy fruits - the energy value of 100 g of pulp is 52 kcal.

Where does silk come from

A flowing, light, delicate fabric would not have appeared if there were no silkworm and its forage - the leaves of mulberry.

During a short life the insect passes through several stages of transformation. It grows by leaps and bounds, hatching from tiny eggs and rapidly gaining weight.

Mulberry leaves silkworms chews non-stop, resting from the main occupation only during the skinning off period, when it becomes cramped.

Moult occurs 4 times. Having reached a solid size, the larva prepares for pupation.

D To do this she needs to build a house on the branches of mulberry.

For construction uses a silk thread, produced by the gland located under the lower lip of an insect.

Twisting his head in different directions, the larva sweeps a brilliant cocoon of silk thread with a hollow space inside, where she then climbs and peacefully falls asleep.

To make a house for herself, she has to release from 800 to 3 thread. The butterfly hatching from the cocoon, after laying eggs, perishes in 10-20 days.

Part of the doll houses is used to make raw materials for the future silk cloth. The remaining insects will lay eggs, from which new-born silkworms will appear.

And the cycle will repeat. If there were no mulberry, the caterpillars had nothing to eat.

Although gardeners complain that the silkworm harms apple and other bushes in their areas, a cocoon consisting of a long silk thread is obtained when the insects eat exactly the leaves of mulberry.

What diseases and pathologies treats

The fruits of the tree have a pronounced curative effect when:

  • hypokalemia( a large amount of potassium in the fruit fills its deficiency in the body);
  • dyspnea and other diseases of the pulmonary system;
  • cardiovascular pathologies;
  • skin diseases and focal inflammations of the skin;
  • digestive disorders and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - enterocolitis, gastritis, etc.;
  • disorders of the nervous system, etc.

Pulp, leaves, bark used for cooking broths, tinctures, ointments.

Fruits are used in pure or thermally processed form. The pulp contains a large amount of fiber, has an easy laxative effect on the intestines, stimulates its peristalsis.

Cosmetic masks make a real miracle with the skin of the face and body, similar to the effect of oil from apricot bones - it becomes soft, velvety, silky.

Wrinkles are smoothed, as after the application of grape oil( useful properties and contraindications), and the skin becomes elastic and smooth.

A handful of white berries, which are regularly used before bedtime, have an effect similar to an antidepressant.

A person suffering from nervous system disorders and persistent insomnia, in a few days will forget about these problems.

Leaflets of the tree successfully treat bronchitis, pneumonia, severe conditions with angina.

With throat diseases, daily rinses are performed.

Diabetics people crush dry leaves into powder and sprinkle them with food.

Ointments and ointments prepared from leaves, treated skin tuberculosis, eczema and other skin diseases.

What is useful in the bark

The bark and roots of the plant are good for bronchial asthma and inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract. Crushing the bark into powder, you can make an ointment from bruises.

For this, the crushed bark is mixed with 750 g of vegetable oil and allowed to stand for several days.

To whom is contraindicated

Berries contain a large amount of sugar.

In diabetes mellitus, their excessive amount of worsens the condition of the patient.

Hypertension is not recommended to use mulberry, as it contains substances that can cause a sharp jump in pressure in hot summer days.

But the leaves and tree bark, on the contrary, can help in the fight against these diseases.


Some substances in fruits are so concentrated that they cause an unexpected reaction of the body. Therefore it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • to consume berries in food separately from other products;
    do not drink them with water;
    thoroughly clean fruits from dirt and dust;
    to introduce them into the daily diet gradually, day by day, increasing the number of fruits.
  • berries can cause an allergic reaction, so the person who first tries them on the palate should start with a few fruits.
    If, after a few hours, there was no shortness of breath, there was no rash on the skin, the temperature did not rise - there is no allergy to mulberry.
  • is the other extreme;a person, trying to eat fruits, can devastate a bucket or a full basin in one sitting.
    Digestive disorders in this case can not be avoided.
  • immature fruits have astringent properties - they will help with diarrhea.
    Mature - have diuretic properties.
    Perezrelye berries can easily cope with constipation.

Delicious and healthy recipes

From the fruit prepare a fragrant jam and tender jelly.

Recipe for jam.

  • Collect 1 kg.berries,
  • is cleaned,
  • is thoroughly washed,
  • is poured 1 kg.of granulated sugar.

To give the sourdough the product will need a juice of 1 lemon.

When berries are allowed to juice, the capacity is put on the fire.

After boiling remove the foam from the surface.

Boil the jam over low heat for 10 minutes. Let him cool down.

And the next day again bring to a boiling state and flavor with lemon juice. Vitamin product is ready.

Jelly .
For 1 serving of a jelly-like product requires 1 glass of peeled and washed berries, half a glass of granulated sugar, a little gelatin.

As in the previous case, you need 1 lemon juice. Fruits must be carefully grinded( through a sieve or kneaded by a tolstalk), and sand is covered in them.

Dissolve gelatin in a small amount of cold water. Boil 2.5 cups of water in a saucepan, pour the dissolved gelatin powder into the boiling liquid.

When the mixture becomes homogeneous, add berries and pour lemon juice into it. Mix.

Transfer to another container. Leave to cool until warm. Place in the refrigerator until completely cooled.

Whatever products and medicines are prepared from mulberry, you need to know the measure.

The tree is amazing because its ingredients are useful for human health. But to rely on one of its natural strengths, is stupid with severe pathologies and diseases.

But as an auxiliary method of treatment it is suitable in many pathological cases.

It is also necessary to remember that any action takes place with a good heart and in good spirits. Then a positive result will be achieved.

Look at the video, what are the berries of mulberry and how they can be stored.