What happens to the body when you quit smoking? All the truth!

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Smoking is a pernicious habit that can be placed on a par with narcotics and alcoholism. Nicotine takes part in the processes of metabolism, so getting rid of harmful addiction is difficult, but it is necessary to do this in order to maintain health. What happens to the body when you quit smoking? Are the consequences always positive?

  • The positive and negative consequences of quitting smoking
  • First Changes
  • Changes in the body by day
  • What happens to the body during the year
  • What happens in the body of a woman
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The positive and negative consequences of quitting smoking

After rejection of cigarettes, changes begin to occur in all body systems, all toxic substances, slags are gradually being eliminated, oxygen deficiency in tissues disappears. A full recovery of the body after prolonged nicotine dependence will take several years, but the person will feel better after 7-10 days.

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Former smokers gradually regulate blood circulation and pressure, vessels are restored. Getting rid of the addiction, you can significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular, oncological pathologies, avoid premature aging and death.

Respiratory organs suffer most from poisonous tar when smoking. What happens to the lungs after getting rid of addiction? The lungs restore their function, the vital capacity of the lungs increases. Bronchi cleared, dyspnea disappears, the sense of smell improves, the teeth improve, the bad breath disappears.

What happens in the body of a man? In addition to general improvement in well-being, the reproductive system begins to work better. Nicotine destroys a huge number of spermatozoa, or makes them weak, unviable. Smoking is one of the main factors of male infertility and impotence.

What negative changes occur in the body:

  • temporarily reduced immunity - former smokers are susceptible to colds, they often have stomatitis, ulcers in the mouth;
  • the psychoemotional condition worsens, depressions, nightmares, quick temper, irritability appear - this is due to the deficiency of the hormone of joy of dopamine, which entered the body after every cigarette smoked;
  • dizziness, attacks of severe headache, slow heartbeat;
  • dermatological problems in the form of acne and eruptions;
  • sore throat, rhinitis, cough without other signs of colds;
  • a constant feeling of hunger, spasms in the stomach.

Important! Sharp weight gain - this problem often occurs when a person quits smoking. Against the backdrop of negative experiences and stress, people begin to absorb a lot of harmful and high-calorie food. It is necessary to make a correct diet so that one addiction does not develop into another addiction.

First Changes

The body has an amazing ability to recover, positive changes begin to occur even a few hours without nicotine. To strengthen the motivation, you can keep a diary of smoking quit, where to celebrate all the sensations and emotions that arise in the process of abandoning the addiction. In the diary you can see the entire path passed by the clock, improvements - this will help not to break, refrain from smoking a cigarette in particularly difficult moments.

During the first day, changes in the blood composition begin, the level of nicotine and carbon dioxide decreases, and the concentration of oxygen increases.

Important! By the end of the first day without nicotine, carbon dioxide completely exits the body.

There may be weakness, worsening of appetite, problems with sleep start. The desire to smoke often occurs - you can get rid of it only with the help of willpower, you can distract yourself to household chores, walking, sports.

Changes in the body by day

After the first day, the euphoria of the right decision is passed, the condition may worsen.

Table of changes by day for the first week

Day Feel What happens in the body
1 Anxiety is moderate, sleep quality worsens, appetite may be completely absent The oxygen starvation disappears, the transport function of erythrocytes improves
2 Irritability, sharp mood swings, there is a craving for products with strong odors. Begins shortness of breath, coughing and pain in the abdomen, increasing frequency of urination. Insomnia, itchy skin The mucous membrane of the digestive system begins to recover. Strongly felt nicotine starvation
3 There is a pronounced withdrawal syndrome, nervousness, bad sleep, accompanied by nightmares The mucosal and ciliate epithelium of the bronchi is restored. The content of dopamine (a hormone of joy) in the blood decreases. The blood supply to the brain and heart improves, the vascular tone is normalized, the amount of mucus decreases in the stomach
4 To stop attacks of irritability it is possible only by means of medicines, a dream superficial. Blood pressure may rise, there may be noise in the ears, a small swelling of some parts of the body. Coughing attacks become stronger, The lungs and bronchi continue to recover. Peristalsis worsens - constipation can begin
5 On this day most often there are failures. Improves taste and smell. When you cough, the mucus has a dark color. The oral mucosa begins to regenerate, respiratory organs are restored at deeper levels
6 The mood is unstable. The tremor of the upper extremities begins, nausea, sweating increases. Constant thirst, frequent urge to urinate. When you cough in the mucus, there are blood impurities The functions of the digestive system are restored
7 There is a strong feeling of hunger, skin begins to peel off Restructuring of the body is complete, the stage of active recovery begins

Important! When you quit smoking abruptly, the chance for goodbye to pernicious addiction increases significantly. On the third day at the cellular level, there is a decrease in the need for nicotine, which will not happen with a gradual rejection of the harmful habit.

After 2 weeks, the bronchi completely heal, there is a complete update of platelets, the condition of the walls of the vessels improves. Coughing attacks become less frequent, but in heavy smokers sputum will go away for a long time. The color of the skin improves, the yellowness disappears from the fingers.

What happens to the body during the year

By the end of the fourth week, the body's recovery begins at the cellular level, but it is exactly a month later that the probability of a breakdown is very high.

How the body is updated by months

Month Changes in the body
1 Epithelial cells are renewed, the synthesis of cells without nicotine and tobacco combustion products begins
2 The cells of the epidermis are renewed, the dryness of the skin disappears, the gray and yellow complexion disappears, the vessels continue to be renewed. The craving for smoking is minimal, but there are not enough rituals that were associated with smoking a cigarette
3 The complete restoration of the vessels begins, their tone improves. Physical craving for nicotine is practically non-existent, psychological dependence is decreasing. Sleep is normalized, dizziness and attacks of headache are almost not disturbed, the appetite remains slightly elevated
4 Skin cells are completely renewed, a healthy blush appears, dermatological problems disappear. Normalization of enzymes production by digestive organs, nutrients are absorbed better, the stool is normalized
5 Only at this point the liver begins to regenerate. The recovery of the lungs continues, mucus is almost absent in the cough
6 The blood is completely cleared, the laboratory indicators come back to normal. The recovery of liver cells continues. It becomes easier to breathe, completely short of breath
7 The perception of tastes and smells increases, olfactory and taste receptors are completely restored
8 Cough and mucus almost absent
9 Another turning point, when a person can break down
10 The condition of the vocal cords improves, the hoarseness in the voice disappears
11 You can start active strength training
12 It can be safely said that the addiction is over. The risk of heart attack is reduced by 50%, stroke by 30%, the likelihood of developing liver cancer, lungs - by 85%.

Important! In the first 3 months of quitting smoking, you can not take strong drugs, only light sedatives are allowed.

What happens in the body of a woman

The number of women smokers increases every year, but the process of getting rid of their addiction is more difficult for them. For women, smoking helps to cope with stress, life troubles. In the female brain, there are more receptors that react to the hormone of joy. Smoking women can be difficult to become pregnant, the probability of developing pathologies in the fetus, difficult births is great.

Changes in the female body:

  • the complexion improves, the flabbiness of the skin disappears, the synthesis of elastin and collagen normalizes, the probability of premature aging decreases;
  • the probability of appearance of pigment spots decreases, couperose disappears;
  • restored gum tissue, improves the color of tooth enamel;
  • disappears yellowness on the fingers;
  • stops the process of hair loss - it's smoking women who suffer from early baldness;
  • cellulite becomes less noticeable;

If you quit smoking can start constipation, often develop respiratory diseases, there is excess weight.

Important! Women can not begin to get rid of nicotine addiction during menstruation - this can lead to a rapid increase in weight.

Quitting smoking is a difficult but very important step towards a long and healthy life. No need to worry anymore, that there is no cigarettes next morning, an unpleasant smell from clothes and hair disappears, the complexion improves. Do not worry about shortness of breath, it's easier to do sports and physical work. Savings can be spent on more pleasant and useful things.