How to clean blood vessels from cholesterol at home using folk methods

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The word "cholesterol" can be heard from doctors and leading television programs about health, as well as from other similar sources.

Most often, it is perceived as something frightening and alarming.

Should I think about the cholesterol content in the body? We will describe this below.

What is and what is dangerous
  • Cleaning the vessels with milk and tea
  • Herbal cleansing
  • Garlic, lemon and honey - heavy artillery
  • Some useful recipes for armament
  • Preventative measures that should be taken into account
  • Lower the level at home
  • What is and what is dangerous

    Cholesterol is fatty alcohol.

    He is in the body not only thanks to food, but also the work of some organs.

    Cholesterol produces:

    • adrenal glands,
    • organs of the reproductive system,
    • liver,
    • kidney.

    Lipoproteins are cholesterol compounds present in the human body. They can be high or low density.

    The first category of lipoproteins is useful for the human body, but the second is a dangerous compound.

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    If the level of low density cholesterol compounds, , plaques are formed. They are the ones that clog the blood vessels, which leads to early strokes and heart attacks.

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    Do you know that you have elevated cholesterol?

    Take urgent measures to ensure that the consequences are not deplorable. There are many methods of treatment, but one of the most effective and safe is the treatment with folk remedies.

    Cleaning the vessels with milk and tea

    Low-fat milk and tea are two products that excel in removing harmful substances from the vessels.

    The recipe will be especially relevant for those who suffer from excessive weight or from overloading the body due to the consumption of fatty foods in large quantities.

    The way to get rid of cholesterol with tea and milk can be called a diet, as it should be consumed within four days.

    During this time it is desirable to use only healthy, low-fat food in very small quantities.

    The recipe is simple:

    • pour milk into one-fourth cup,
    • fill the rest of the space with tea brew.
    • Use the medication every two and a half hours.

    There is another recipe, but besides milk and tea, you will also need a lemon.

    During the day you need to use:

    • liter of milk,
    • three ripe lemon,
    • half a liter of tea.

    While on such a cleansing diet, try to eat only vegetable food.

    Warning : if you are allergic to milk, or your health condition does not allow you to starve, do not use this liquid as a cure.

    Herbal cleansing

    Herbs are something without which the list of folk remedies will not be complete. They can help with almost any ailment, and elevated cholesterol is no exception.

    Below is a list of recipes where grasses are present:

    Mix :

    • for 100 grams of chamomile, yarrow and birch buds,
    • before bedtime, pour a large spoonful of the mixture with a liter of boiled water,
    • after thirty minutes drink a fifth of the infusion,
    • in the morning, warm up the remedy andtake half an hour before meals.

    Do the same with the remaining dry composition.

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    Take :

    • for one hundred grams of dry St. John's wort and birch buds ,
    • pour in a large spoonful a half a liter of boiling water in the morning, leave
    • for fifteen minutes and drink infusion during the day, preheating each serving.

    Tear off several clover heads so that it's about two hundred grams. Boil them in plain water for fifteen minutes, and then cool and consume the mixture all day.

    You can add a little sugar to the liquid.

    The herbs should be treated with caution in case you are pregnant. Some of them have a detrimental effect on the body with some peculiarities.

    Before making a folk remedy, go to the doctor to find out about the possibilities of using it.

    Garlic, lemon and honey - heavy artillery

    This trinity will be very useful for those who suffer from high cholesterol.

    Garlic has not only antimicrobial, but also thinning cholesterol plaques action.

    Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and breaks down fatty deposits. Honey is a mildly cleansing, but effective remedy.

    It would seem that because of the taste qualities of the components are incompatible, but with their help they produce intensively influenced folk remedies.

    Here are some examples of home remedies:

    • Take the five large lemons and five heads of garlic .

    Create a paste from the ingredients with a blender. Put the mixture in a three-liter jar and pour the treated water at room temperature.

    Keep the jar in the refrigerator for four days, and then use the infusion over half the glass before eating.

    If you have other health problems, take a couple of large tablespoons.

    • Take the three heads of garlic and six lemons.

    Grind them to a mushy condition, add three hundred grams of honey and place the ingredients in a three-liter jar with warm boiled water for ten days.

    Spoon two teaspoons of filtered infusion in a glass of warm water. Drink the liquid you need at least two times a day.

    You can get a good infusion if to garlic and lemon add horseradish .

    • Take two hundred grams of each ingredient, grind it well and pour half a glass of water.

    The mixture should be infused over a 24-hour period in the refrigerator.

    Consume it on a large spoon for half an hour before eating.

    To enhance the effect, seize the infusion of with a spoonful of flower honey .

    Remember that honey, garlic and lemon are strong allergens .

    If you have ever had an allergic reaction when using any of the products, it is advisable to refuse the product.

    With a lemon you need to be more careful than to those who have high acidity in the body.

    Several useful recipes for the

    armament In addition to the above popular tools, there are several more options for fighting excess cholesterol at home:

    Pull them out of their inner part and chop them. Keep the powder in the refrigerator under the closed lid.

    For twenty minutes before each meal, eat a large spoonful of chopped nuts, washed down with water and lemon juice.

    Eight dry bay leaves
    Add in an incomplete beaker of water and boil.

    It is recommended to consume the cooled mixture in small portions for three days.

    About 200 grams of rowan ash bark
    Boil in half a liter of water. Eat a large spoonful of decoction fifteen minutes before eating, along with berries of mountain ash.

    All components of the specified prescriptions act gently, therefore, these folk remedies should be abandoned only if there are individual contraindications.

    Preventive measures that should be taken into account

    In order not to treat the disease, it is necessary to explore ways of preventing it. In this case, they are incredibly simple.

    Some recommendations to help you maintain vascular health:

    Do not smoke
    Tobacco smoke that penetrates the body has a very negative effect on high-density lipoproteins, so only harmful cholesterol remains.

    Get rid of excess weight
    People with a large body weight have an excess of bad cholesterol, but a lack of useful.

    Move more
    The less you move, the higher the level of harmful cholesterol in your body.

    Treat thyroid diseases , if any. Two ailments, that is, elevated cholesterol and thyroid disease, are directly related.

    Try to use minimum fat food .It is it that saturates the body with harmful lipoprotein.

    Replace sunflower oil with olive .It will cost a little more, but it will affect your health better.

    Give up coffee and fast food
    These products also exacerbate the health of people with high cholesterol.

    Consume a maximum of products that remove toxins. These include:

    • cherry fruit,
    • blueberry,
    • bean,
    • carrot,
    • green tea,
    • artichoke,
    • walnut.

    Any fruit will also benefit.

    Reduce the level at home

    Home treatment methods have not lost relevance, despite the variety of pharmacy products.

    This once again confirms their effectiveness. In addition, they have three more important pluses - availability, ease of manufacture and low cost.

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