Linen lice in the house - how to get rid of them

In houses, apartments, different parasites can live, the vital activity of which harms a person. Some mistakenly believe that maintaining a clean room eliminates the threat of malicious insects. A vivid example of this, parasites living in a dwelling without the knowledge of a person are linen lice.

  • Features of life
  • Where do linen lice come from?
  • Than dangerous
  • Remedy
  • Purchased funds and special services
  • Prevention
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Features of life

Linen lice, which are also called clothes or clothes, have their own peculiarities in the structure of the body. To deal with parasites, it is important to know what adults look like, because they have a lot of "competitors". For example, on a habitat on linen lice bed bugs are very similar.

Lingerie louse is the largest in the genus, the size of an adult reaches 5 millimeters. This is more than head or pubic, also causing harm to humans. Another distinctive feature is the long antennae. The abdomen of the parasite is brown, unlike the head and pubic lice.

It is important to determine the difference in clothing lice, because they can be seen in the same places as their "relatives". These parasites feed on human blood, so, despite the fact that their habitat is the bed linens, clothing, it can be seen in humans. They pierce the skin, suck blood, but do it at night.

Important! Lingerie lice multiply quickly, the female lays about 400 eggs for her life (on average 30-40 days)! Therefore, when the vital activity of parasites is detected for the first time, one must immediately take up their destruction.

Where do linen lice come from?

Lice prefer dirty clothes, linen, which was worn, but did not wash in time. However, compliance with hygiene rules can not insure against the appearance of pests. Where do linen lice come from in homes where perfect purity reigns?

There are several options for possible infection:

  1. Buying new things. Especially it concerns shops of type second-hand. Even trying on a new thing in an elite store, you can not be sure that it was not previously used by an infected person.
  2. Public transport. It is easier to get infected in a flea market when you have to get in touch with people closely. Nits of linen lice or parasites themselves can hide in folds of clothing, seams, pockets. With prolonged contact, they can move from clothing to clothing.
  3. Hotels. Accommodation in such establishments always carries the risk of infection with various parasitic diseases. To protect yourself, it is recommended to take your own bed linen, bathrobes, towels on any trip.

Advice! Washing things does not always help to get rid of parasites and the clothes on the clothing of nested nits, which will soon become adults! When buying items on sales, in second-hand, it is recommended to wash several times at high temperatures.

Than dangerous

Linen lice are especially dangerous because they are bloodsucking parasites. From bites of adults on the skin are clearly marked traces. It is noteworthy that a person does not immediately feel what happened. The insect pierces the skin with a thin proboscis, which is almost not felt, inside gets a substance similar in its effect on the analgesic. Only when it begins to be absorbed into the blood, there is a strong itching.

The fact that lice bite a person is dangerous not only by the appearance of itching and painful sensations. There is a risk of contracting serious infectious diseases, for example, typhus, which can be transmitted by parasites. In other words, if a person brings linen lice from his home on home, at night they will get out to refresh themselves with blood. If the former "owner" was infected with infectious diseases, they will be transferred to a new one.


To get rid of lingerie lice at home without the help of specialists, it is necessary to recognize in time the traces of vital activity of parasites. After you were convinced of the presence of these parasites, you must quickly take action to fight:

  • conduct a thorough inspection of bed linen, all clothes in the closet, it is usually possible to detect lice with the naked eye;
  • to disinfect contaminated things;
  • with a large number of bites on the body, contact a dermatologist who will prescribe the treatment;
  • after removal of parasites, follow preventive measures.

You can carry out disinfection in various ways. The most effective is the boiling of all clothes and bed linen available in the house, it is advisable to use a chlorine solution. After this washing, clothes should be dried on the street, preferably a few days. Then it needs to be patted using the steaming function.

Another way to disinfect things is to freeze them for a few days, then wash them at high temperature, dry them, iron them with steam. This method is good to use in the cold season, when you can not dry clothes washed on the street.

An important role is played by disinfection of the body! For her, you can use anti-pediculosis medications. For appointment, it is recommended to contact a dermatologist.

Advice! If, when inspecting things on linens or other clothes, an especially large accumulation of parasites was found, it is best to discard it!

Purchased funds and special services

If lice are found late, when there are many places of parasite accumulation and delayed nits, it is difficult to do on their own. The easiest way to apply a chemical, which allows you to quickly get rid of insects:

  • powders, dusts, which must be scattered in cabinets with clothes and in crevices of upholstered furniture;
  • Solutions sprayed with spray guns in places of lice accumulation;
  • sprays, aerosols, which, unlike solutions, do not need to be cooked;
  • pencils for processing cabinets and upholstered furniture.

These funds have drawbacks, so that they can usually be used to leave the house or apartment for 2-3 days, and together with pets that not everyone can afford. In addition, the effectiveness of some of them is questionable. For example, using pencils, you will not be able to get rid of all parasites - they will simply bypass dangerous places.

Therefore, if you can not cope with linen lice on your own, the best option is to apply to special services that conduct disinfection at home. Although this will be accompanied by some domestic difficulties, it is usually sufficient to air the premises after the procedure. Most services guarantee a positive result after the first treatment.

Important! The independent use of any chemical means requires compliance with the safety measures specified in the instructions!


To prevent infection with linen lice, the following rules are recommended:

  1. Regularly inspect clothing and bed linen.
  2. Clothing that is used when traveling to public places should be washed frequently and at high temperatures.
  3. Several times a month, a general cleaning of all rooms in the house or apartment should be carried out.
  4. You need to buy clothes in proven places, and things purchased in second hand must be washed several times at high temperatures.
  5. It is necessary to refuse to wear someone else's clothes.

It is important for every person to know how to detect and recognize linen lice to protect themselves and their families from danger. Conducting an inspection of rooms is necessary in conditions of perfect purity, because no one is immune from parasites. And to quickly withdraw them, you can use home remedies, drugs available for sale or call specialists.