We treat male phimosis at home - simple rules

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Phimosis is a disease that affects only men. All because the disease manifests itself in the narrowing of the foreskin. The causes of this disease are diverse. In the article, we will consider options for treating phimosis at home, if it appeared in a man.

  • Causes and Symptoms - What You Need to Know
  • Phimosis and paraphimosis in men - what is the difference
  • Which doctor heals
  • Effects
  • Is it possible to treat a disease without circumcision?
  • What ointments to use
  • The method of stretching the very flesh
  • What folk remedies to use
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Causes and Symptoms - What You Need to Know

The frequent cause of phimosis in adult males is trauma. In addition, you need to isolate infections, bruises or burns, the presence of inflammatory processes. Will phimosis go by itself? Hardly, at least, without consequences. So you need to know how you can deal with this pathology yourself at home.

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Characteristic symptoms in phimosis are the following:

  • with erection there are minor problems with the opening of the penis head (at the initial stage);
  • the penis head during an erection is not exposed at all or this process occurs with the big difficulty (the second stage);
  • in the erect condition, the opening of the top of the genital organ is accompanied by sharp pain, bleeding (the third stage);
  • pain with urination and at rest, problems with potency, fever, lymph nodes in the inguinal zone (last stage).

Important!Extreme flesh, alone and without consequences, is restored exclusively in children under three years of age. At an older age, it takes effort to recover.

Phimosis and paraphimosis in men - what is the difference

Phimosis is the narrowing of the foreskin opening, at which the head of the male organ can not open. Its cause is scarring or chronic inflammation. It can be a residual phenomenon from childhood or independently formed in a mature. Most often with this disease the sexual organ needs a circumcision procedure - partially or completely. In some cases, treatment with corticosteroids and ointments is avoided.

With paraphimosis, the ring of the foreskin is narrowed behind the head of the penis and its infringement. It occurs because of negligent attitude to the health of the reproductive organs and untimely appeal to specialists with difficulty in opening the top of the penis. Treatment is carried out conservatively or surgically. Circumcision (dissection) occurs under local anesthesia.

Which doctor heals

To consult on the difficulty of opening the head of the penis, you need to contact the andrologist or urologist. After the delivery of certain tests, if necessary, the attending physician can refer the patient for an additional examination (possibly, treatment) to the surgeon. It is important not to delay and understand, the earlier the patient to address his problem, the more likely he is to help.


Unwillingness to treat this disease in time can lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • balanoposthitis;
  • difficulties in sexual life;
  • cancer of the penis;
  • paraphimosis;
  • infection of the urinary canal and bladder;
  • general weakness, fever;
  • gangrene of the penis.

For the male sex, the disease itself and the untimely treatment of the disease are dangerous.

Is it possible to treat a disease without circumcision?

In the initial stages, phimosis can give men minimal discomfort and often they can cope with it. But without proper treatment, the disease will progress. The pain will be strong, you will have to stop active sex life. Fortunately, you can cure phimosis without circumcision. But it is important that the disease is not in a neglected form.

What ointments to use

In the pharmacy you can buy corticosteroid ointments specifically for the treatment of the described pathology. Ointments are sold without a prescription for home treatment, but it is better to consult a doctor, not a pharmacist, which ointment to take.

Important!Children corticosteroid ointments are not suitable. But here for sexually mature men this is one of the best home methods, how you can quickly cure phimosis.

The application will be simple enough. Twice a day you need to gently apply ointment on problem areas. It should not lie down in a dense layer, and the general course of treatment should not exceed three months.

The effectiveness of the ointment is that it stops inflammation, increases the elasticity of tissues. As a result, their ability to stretch increases. Combined drugs of this group have not only hormonal, but also additional antibacterial action.

Important!If there is inflammation on the glans penis or in the foreskin, it is better to use a combination of ointments.

The method of stretching the very flesh

Treatment of phimosis in men at home is performed by the procedure of stretching the foreskin. This is done manually or with the help of special tools. Adult men are recommended for instrumental stretching, but manual treatment is suitable for adolescents and children.

During treatment by stretching, you must completely abandon sexual contact with a partner in order to avoid paraphimosis. It is important to carry out the procedure with clean hands, cut the nails short.

How to do stretching correctly:

  • Before the procedure, for a quarter of an hour, you must take sedentary baths;
  • To reduce the feeling of discomfort, you can use moisturizing creams or ointments (not medicinal);
  • fingers are inserted into the foreskin in different directions, during 15 minutes to do stretching movements;
  • when the procedure is completed, you need to protect yourself from possible inflammation, micro-injury. For this folk recipes, given below, will do.

What folk remedies to use

When the goal is to cure phimosis in men at home, do not ignore the variety of folk recipes. Help decoctions of herbs that have bactericidal, as well as anti-inflammatory effect. Most often, chamomile and turn are prescribed, barley grain, blackberry leaves and strawberries, calendula can be used. In addition to the described actions, these herbs will help get rid of such bright symptoms of phimosis, like itching and burning.

For taking baths, you can not just pour water, but make broths. Use any of the herbs listed above. On a tablespoon of dry herbs take 250 ml of boiling water. Pour the grass and cool for an hour, filter.

You can cook a barley broth. In this case, a quarter of a glass of barley grains washed, pour 0.5 liters of water and insist for half a day. Then boil and cool. You can use a decoction for washing the flesh.

If the condition does not improve or worsen, be sure to contact phimosis with specialists. With bright symptoms, urgent hospitalization is possible.