Herpes on the lip - fast treatment at home

Many people periodically, especially during the cold and damp season, have herpes on the lip. It is an insidious virus that begins to immediately manifest itself against the background of a general decrease in immunity. How to properly treat herpes on the lips at home, often ask the question our readers.

  • Causes of herpes on the lips
  • Which doctor heals
  • Treatment of herpes on the lips at home
  • Use of natural biostimulants - folk remedies
  • Treatment with medicines
  • Ointment and gel
  • Herpes patch on the lips
  • What can I burn
  • Toothpaste
  • Features of treatment of herpes
  • In pregnancy
  • Children
  • On the labia
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Causes of herpes on the lips

The causes of the appearance of the herpes virus include:

  • somatic, chronic diseases;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • stressful situations, overstrain;
  • excessive physical exertion;
  • drugs, alcohol, nicotine;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • month.

In some cases, its appearance is affected by long exposure to sunlight, unlimited consumption of coffee. Herpes is easily transmitted by contact-household and sexual way.

Important!Read more about the causes of herpes on the lip and treatment.

Also, herpes on the lips can be transmitted through kisses and or other contact with a person. It is enough to get the virus on the mucous membrane or microtrauma, a crack on the skin, so that infection occurs. Even if the patient has already dried up the crusts, and you for some reason decided to touch or touch them, and then did not immediately wash your hands, they are left with the viruses that you distribute in all subjects and the body.

For prevention, you must follow simple rules of hygiene:

  • Do not contact patients with herpes;
  • use hygienic lipstick;
  • increase immunity;
  • avoid stress;
  • do not overcool.

Important!About the features of herpes on the lip during pregnancy read in our article.

Which doctor heals

The choice of a specialist depends on the area where the rash appeared. You can contact the therapist, he will give you a referral to a narrow specialist. If the rash appears on the skin, a dermatologist can prescribe the correct treatment. With herpetic eruptions on the genitals, women should be treated - to the gynecologist, men - to the urologist, andrologist. If the virus has infected the oral cavity, consultation of the dentist is necessary. The immunologist will help correctly select the necessary drugs to restore immunity.

Treatment of herpes on the lips at home

Home treatment for this type of cold on the lips should be carried out in a complex manner. Help strengthen broths, natural antiseptics and even some drugs. Do not just lubricate herpes with one, even the best composition and think that it will pass as quickly as possible, use several methods.

Use of natural biostimulants - folk remedies

For one day, herpes cure is quite possible provided that the therapy is started in the first 12 hours. During this period, symptoms are not yet sufficiently expressed, there are slight tingling and a slight swelling. If at this time to spread the skin with Gerpevir, Zovirax or Acyclovir, the symptoms will be lost in one day. It is also possible to use alcoholic lotions Corvalol, they are effective and leave no traces. Folk doctors say that you can get rid of herpes if you apply a hot spoon to your lips. However, this method is unsafe.

Juice of leaves of aloe

In this popular recipe it is recommended not just to apply aloe juice for lubrication, but to drink liquid. You need to drink for seven days on a small spoon. Squeeze the juice right before consumption, take a quarter of an hour before eating. Aloe juice perfectly strengthens immunity, and the disease after treatment for a long time does not manifest itself.

Important!With varicose veins and hemorrhoids, with pregnancy and kidney disease, the use of aloe juice is strictly prohibited.

Tincture of Echinacea

Herpes on the lips appears due to weakened immunity, so many ways of people's treatment are aimed at strengthening the protective functions of the body. Often for quick treatment, tincture of Echinacea purpurea is used. Her for a penny can be bought at the pharmacy. Take three times a day for a quarter of an hour before eating a small spoon. It is important that the last reception is not necessary for a time later than 18.00 pm. The course of treatment lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

Hydrogen peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide, you can eliminate only the symptoms of the disease, but not eradicate the virus from the inside. The sore should be treated with peroxide 2 times a day. Perform this procedure until the rash disappears completely. For the treatment of herpes on the labia, only 3% hydrogen peroxide can be used for a week.

Colloidal silver

If the formation on the lips appears frequently, then use colloidal silver for treatment. To drink it is necessary inside half of a teaspoon. Do this twice a day between meals, dissolving in 0.2 liters of ordinary cold water. The course of treatment should not last more than 10 days.

Infusion of arnica

To a large spoonful of dry flowers arnica poured 0.25 liters of boiling water. Infuse 120 minutes, then drain. Infuse grease wounds every two hours. The plant helps to remove symptoms, promotes early healing.

Aspen leaves

If it turns out in a clean area to collect aspen leaves, they will help get rid of colds on the lips. It is required to pass them through a meat grinder, lay the flesh in bandages and squeeze out the juice. The obtained juice to lubricate the wound up to three times a day. Healing will come quickly.

Eggs protein

It is better to take a protein of domestic chicken eggs. In the store product is simply not enough useful components that are actively fighting with herpes. Separate the protein, whip into foam and several times a day to lubricate herpes. By the way, if there is no possibility to get chicken eggs, then it is better to use the protein of purchased quail eggs.

Sea buckthorn or amaranth oil

Sea-buckthorn or amaranth oil is sold in pharmacies. They can lubricate the formation up to seven times a day. This is a simple and affordable folk way.

Tea tree oil

According to the results of many studies it was confirmed that tea tree oil has antiseptic, antiviral, antimicrobial properties and is capable of destroying fungi and parasites. It is used in herpes, but not in its pure form, so as not to create a burn. Tea tree oil is combined with fir, melissa, soybean oil. Mode of application: 3-4 times a day until complete cure.

Calendula and zinc ointment

In this case, you need to moisten the rashes on the lip five times a day with an alcohol tincture of calendula. After a couple of minutes lubricate the formation of zinc ointment.

Tablets Validol

These inexpensive pills are taken to prevent heart disease, but with herpes will also help. The tablet should be grinded into powder and sprinkled with lips in the area of ​​herpes formation. Place the second tablet under the tongue until completely dissolved. According to the reviews, inflammation should take place within a few days. The procedure should be done in the morning and in the evening. Doctors dispute the effectiveness of Validol in the therapy of herpes.


One of the effective methods of traditional medicine to combat herpes is garlic. It is important that its juice gets on the bubbles. Pre-cleaned clove of garlic, cut into 2 parts and rubbed into the diseased area. When tingling occurs, you can not immediately wash off the juice, you must leave it for a while. The procedure should be carried out 3-4 times a day.

Swamp saber

This herb has increased resistance to herpes. You need to collect fresh grass sabelnik, grind to the state of gruel. Then apply several times a day.

Tincture of marigold and gum

This method of folk treatment of eruptions on the lips is recommended in case they are disturbed too often. You need to find resin in the woods on the pines, put it in a jar and fill with alcoholic tincture of calendula (buy in a pharmacy). Ten days to insist, shaking. Then lubricate the wound.

Laundry soap

When a person feels that herpes will pop out on her lips, you need to take a laundry soap. Wash the area on the lip where itching is felt. Do not wipe, but just get a paper towel. On the affected area, put baby powder, do this three times a day.

Try to choose such methods, which are easier to implement, and which can be treated with a full course.

Treatment with medicines

To get rid of the bubbles on the lips, use various drugs: ointments, creams, gels and pills. For more effective treatment with neglected forms, it is necessary to apply topical agent and take the drug orally. The most common of medical pharmacies:

  • Valaciclovir (destroys viral cells from the inside);
  • Famvir (has a quick action against the pathogenic herpes virus);
  • Zovirax-ointment (does not damage healthy cells);
  • Panavir-gel (an antiviral drug on a plant basis);
  • Acyclovir (blocks the synthesis of the viral DNA chain).

Tablets when ingested into the body are distributed over all areas, so they have a strong effect, but they have more contraindications. The modern market of antiherpetic drugs is quite large.


Acyclovir successfully eliminates the disease and its symptoms. Produced in two forms:

  1. Pills. Before use, consult a physician and inform him of other medications taken (if any). Also it is necessary to indicate chronic diseases, since the medicine has contraindications. Tablets are more effective than ointments. They are used not only for treatment, but also for prevention.
  2. Ointment. It is important to use at the first symptoms of herpes manifestations. Before applying, the patient should be treated with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Apply the ointment with a cosmetic stick so as not to spread the virus. The procedure should be performed every 3-4 hours.

Tetracycline ointment

Ointment is a bacteriostatic antibiotic. Used to prevent and treat secondary bacterial infection. Apply to the affected area with a thin layer 4 times a day, while capturing 1 cm of healthy skin around the resulting cold. If the vesicle burst and the wound forms, avoid getting the drug into this area. When treating the first symptoms, the result will be visible the next day, if the disease is more protracted, it will take 3-4 days.

Contraindicated apply: with low leukocytes in the blood, fungal infections, individual intolerance components, impaired liver function, stomach ulcer.

Fenistil Pencivir

At the heart of the medication is penciclovir, which helps fight the herpes. Local action, analogue Famvira, has an antiviral effect, reduces itching, pain and other signs of the disease. It is used every 2 hours for four days.


This ointment will cure bacterial infection with advanced form of herpes. Levomecol is used to form an abscess on the skin. The drug works only on the right parts. Relief of symptoms is felt after an hour. But the drug must be applied correctly. If you are taking antibiotics, then it is better to coordinate it with your doctor, since the parallel taking of drugs leads to candidiasis.


Viferon is available in the form of candles. Assign them mainly with genital herpes and rectal form. The drug has an antiviral effect and promotes immunity. It is allowed to apply even to newborns, premature infants and future mothers during the second and third trimester. Contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy.


If treatment with Corvalol begins immediately, without waiting for the emergence of foci of inflammation, the disease will go into a latent form. At cauterization of the formed jazvochek process of convalescence and healing will be accelerated. With the help of Corvalol make lotions, soak the cotton wool in the preparation and hold for a few seconds. The procedure should be performed every 3 hours.

Ointment and gel

A wide assortment of ointments has been developed for the treatment of herpes sores. The most popular are:

  • Zovirax (based on Acyclovir);
  • Vivorax (it is forbidden to use during the period of bearing a child and breast-feeding);
  • Fenistil-Pencivir (contraindicated in children under 12 years of age, future and nursing mothers).

The most effective preparations in the form of gel:

  • Viru-Merz serol (based on Tromantadine, not addictive);
  • Panavir (the composition includes hexose glycoside, increases immunity, fights the virus);
  • Herpenex (reduces edema, relieves pain, accelerates healing);
  • Infagel (stimulates immunity, suppresses the virus).

Herpes patch on the lips

There are antiherpetic patches (Compeed). If applied at the initial signs of the disease (light tingling, twitching, redness), then they are able to prevent further occurrence of herpes. The patch has several positive properties:

  • makes the wound invisible to others;
  • retains aesthetic appearance;
  • reduces symptoms;
  • does not allow infection;
  • promotes healing.

What can I burn

Common and active cauterizing agents are tincture of propolis, calendula, valocordin, corvalol. They are safer than using iodine. But it is worth remembering that all alcohol tinctures relieve the symptoms, but do not remove the virus from the body.


Pasta with herpes is used in two ways.

  1. Apply a thin layer on the affected area and leave it to dry. Smear the rash until the paste disappears with it.
  2. Within a day, smear the sore every 2 hours (apply the paste for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water).

It should be borne in mind that these methods are not absolutely safe, since they can cause an allergic reaction.

Features of treatment of herpes

In pregnancy

Since during this period, many drugs are contraindicated for women, you can use folk remedies that are safer:

  • do lotions Corvalolum;
  • the center of inflammation lubricate with toothpaste Forest balsam;
  • grease with oil (sea buckthorn or dog rose).

Self-medication still do not want to, you need to seek advice from a doctor. Often prescribe to pregnant Zoviraks. Do not take any antiviral tablets without consulting your doctor.


Treatment of herpes in children should be comprehensive: the destruction of the virus, strengthening immunity, adherence to strict instructions for the use of drugs. The sooner you start using the ointment, the better and faster the result. In traditional medicine, most commonly prescribed: Acyclovir, Valaciclovir, Penciclovir, Famciclovir.

Therapy with the use of antiviral ointments is delayed up to 5 days. The drug should be applied a thin layer on the affected area every 3-4 hours. For immunotherapy, such drugs are suitable: Cycloferon, Viferon.

On the labia

For the treatment of herpes in the intimate zone use antiviral and antiherpetic drugs in ointments and tablets (Acyclovir, Gerpevir, Zovirax). Tablets are distributed in the body, destroy the virus and block its development. Ointments are used to get rid of unpleasant symptoms (itching, burning, pain). In the complex, they show a pronounced effect. Be sure to support the treatment with immunomodulators. At the first symptoms of herpes in the intimate zone, consult a specialist, the treatment course is determined by the doctor.

Folk healers at genital herpes recommend taking a bath with soda or salt. The tea tree oil has a positive effect. Be healthy!