Treatment of bronchitis in adults: folk remedies time-tested

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Carry out treatment of bronchitis at home in adults, perhaps the main thing to remember is that this disease is inflammatory, accompanied by a strong expectorant cough, an increase in body temperature to 38-40 degrees, a general weakness of the body, and sometimes tachycardia.

  • Symptoms of bronchitis in adults
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • How much is bronchitis treated in adults
  • What is dangerous (the effects of bronchitis)
  • Treatment of bronchitis by known methods
  • Is it possible to cure bronchitis without antibiotics?
  • Rubbing
  • Compresses
  • Inhalation for the treatment of bronchitis
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of obstructive bronchitis
  • Propolis
  • Badger fat
  • What else will help from the disease in this form
  • How to treat various types of bronchitis at home
  • Chronic
  • Acute bronchitis
  • Obstructive
  • Treatment of viral bronchitis
  • Bronchitis with asthmatic component
  • Prolonged bronchitis
  • Dry cough
  • Nutrition for bronchitis
  • What vitamins will help?
  • Therapeutic exercises with bronchitis
  • Medications for treatment
  • instagram viewer
  • Ceftriaxone
  • Sumamed
  • Amoxiclav
  • Azithromycin
  • Flemoxin
  • Nebulizer
  • Psychological attitude
  • Prevention of disease
  • Bathhouse
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With improper treatment, bronchitis can cause a number of complications that can affect the work of the respiratory system, cause loss of hearing, cause heart and stomach pain. That is why it is so important to pass the course of complete recovery of the body in a timely and effective way!

Symptoms of bronchitis in adults

In adults, bronchitis is accompanied by such symptoms:

  • frequent dry cough, interfering with sleep;
  • pain in the throat, pershenia, plaque;
  • weakness, loss of appetite.

Many cases of bronchitis without fever were recorded, with general weakness, pallor of the body and face. There may be no appetite, dry cough and perspiration in the larynx. The manifestation of bronchitis without temperature can mean the presence of chronic diseases that worsen during this period.

You can focus on several symptoms of allergic bronchitis:

  • closer to the night the manifestation of a persistent cough;
  • elevated temperature during the exacerbation of the disease;
  • when taking a certain food or contact with an animal (depending on the cause of the onset of the disease), coughing becomes worse;
  • runny nose, skin rash, conjunctivitis (in some cases);
  • Exhalation of air is accompanied by wheezing in the chest.

Symptoms of the disease

Bronchitis is divided into several species, each of them can be accompanied by a temperature or leak without it. Although, in general, they can be very similar to each other. Consider the signs of bronchitis without temperature:

  • the disease begins with a dry cough;
  • there is discomfort in the throat;
  • labored breathing;
  • Sometimes sputum is given (colorless or with a gray-yellow tinge).

Symptoms of bronchitis accompanied by fever are hoarseness, dry cough, fever lasts for a long time, general weakness, fatigue.

When an acute bronchitis occurs, there are such symptoms:

  • the temperature rises to 39 degrees;
  • the patient is shivering, weakness;
  • allocation of sweat;
  • dry cough becomes moist;
  • wheezing in the chest.

How much is bronchitis treated in adults

With proper treatment, bronchitis lasts no more than three weeks, although lately these terms have been extended. But other factors play an important role: whether the patient has started treatment in due time, the correctness of the selection of drugs, the observance of general recommendations (bed and drinking regimen, airing the room, getting rid of bad habits), how strong the human immune system is.

Bronchitis can occur without the accompaniment of temperature or with it. If the mark on the thermometer significantly exceeded 36.6 - this is quite normal phenomenon. Increased temperature indicates that the immune system resists the disease. Usually one week is enough to defeat the heat, so much is the temperature with bronchitis. But in some cases, the illness is healed, and the temperature does not drop - you need to see a doctor.

What is dangerous (the effects of bronchitis)

Complications of bronchitis in adults is the transition of the disease into a chronic and obstructive form, which lead to dangerous consequences. For adults, this disease is less dangerous than for children. The main effects of bronchitis:

  • obstructive bronchitis;
  • obstruction of the lungs;
  • emphysema of the lungs;
  • bronchiolitis;
  • respiratory insufficiency;
  • heart failure;
  • pulmonary hypertension.

Important!Read more about the symptoms and treatment of obstructive bronchitis in our article.

In the presence of residual cough, if it does not pass after a previous illness, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Such cases occur, at home for treatment use warm milk with the addition of soda and iodine or honey tincture on the radish. If possible, after the disease you need to rest: go to the resort, to the sanatorium.

Treatment of bronchitis by known methods

The main therapy includes taking medications, traditional medicine and physical therapy, for warming up and expectoration of mucus from the respiratory organs.

Is it possible to cure bronchitis without antibiotics?

To improve a person's condition with chronic bronchitis can folk remedies that help get rid of cough, runny nose, fever, hoarseness in the throat, relieve spasms in the intestinal region, normalize the stool. At home, it is effective to use the following treatment procedures:

  • rubbing;
  • compresses;
  • inhalation;
  • phytotherapy.

In the treatment of bronchitis, many herbs support the body and facilitate rapid recovery. If you read the composition of modern medicines for this disease, then you can find various herbal extracts: Echinacea, Eleutherococcus, ginseng, nettle broth, licorice root tincture.

To such bacterial immunocorrectors include drugs Bronhovaksom, Bronhomunal. They help to cope with allergic bronchitis, when ingested into potent allergens. What other drugs to treat bronchitis in adults you can use we already wrote.

But before spending money on expensive pharmacy medicines, it is worth trying to treat bronchitis in adults with folk remedies. To make an accurate diagnosis, you need to see a doctor and discuss traditional methods of treatment!


To carry out grinding, use camphor alcohol, essential oils, turpentine ointment, which in warmed-up form promote the improvement of blood supply in the respiratory organs.

To reduce the temperature in acute bronchitis should be wiped the patient with vinegar, in proportion to water 1: 5. For a diaphoretic action, drink a lot of liquid, tea with raspberries, decoctions of sage, lime blossom, elderberry.

To improve the overall well-being of the patient, you can do a light massage with fir or eucalyptus oil. The patient will breathe vapors, setting up the work of the respiratory system.


On the basis of folk remedies, you can make effective warming compresses by applying boiled potatoes in the skin, burdock oil, to the back and thorax area. Hold for 3-5 hours until the body improves.

After the completion of the procedure, the patient should drink a warm broth on the basis of chamomile, St. John's wort, root of badan, licorice, thyme. In addition to compresses, you can use cans, but not with acute bronchitis, with a large amount of sputum.

Inhalation for the treatment of bronchitis

The therapeutic effect of inhalations is very high, they can save from prolonged bronchitis, when a person is hard to remove mucus from the body. The main components of the procedure are antimicrobial and vasodilating agents.

The following types of inhalations are available:

  • with the addition of essential oils;
  • boiled potatoes with balsams;
  • grated garlic and onions.

The method of treating bronchitis by the folk method, inhalation, can not be called expensive. Inhalations are recommended for exacerbation of the disease, as well as for prevention. Only perform such procedures carefully.

Important!Completely refuse from inhalations should be for problems with the heart, lungs, with increased pressure.

You can do household inhalations over steam and over water. Children such procedures as a treatment are not suitable at all, because they can cause burns of the tender mucous membrane.

You can perform inhalation over alkaline warmed water, in which to add a few drops of anise or eucalyptus oil. The procedure is done several times a day for three minutes.

Folk remedies for the treatment of obstructive bronchitis

Thyme, as well as any essential oils based on this herb, with exacerbation help perfectly. If there was a bronchial obstruction, then not only the national doctor, but also the doctor from the clinic will advise thyme as a soothing and anaesthetising herb. Patients say that from the use of thyme, it becomes easier to breathe. Sputum expectorates better, the mucous is freed from unnecessary mucus.


For the treatment of bronchitis propolis is used in different ways (it all depends on the form and symptoms of the disease). Tincture is recommended for adults with acute and chronic illness:

  • 10 g of ground propolis, pour 100 ml of medical alcohol;
  • shake the bottle and put it away for 2 weeks in a dark place;
  • take 10 drops after eating.

A cake with a chronic and protracted form of the disease is prepared in this way: roll the propolis and put on the chest, the procedure carried out at night (in the absence of temperature and inflammation).

Badger fat

Badger fat is useful in its composition of substances: polyunsaturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acids, vitamins A, B and E. It should be noted that it is contraindicated to apply:

  • children up to three years;
  • in capsules - up to 12 years;
  • with dysfunction of the liver and bile ducts;
  • individual intolerance.

Treatment scheme for adults:

  • the first 2 weeks to a patient from 30 kg to 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day;
  • the next 2 weeks - the same dosage 2 times a day.

Children of preschool age are treated according to the same scheme, changing the dosage (1 tbsp. l. for 1 hour. l.). For children 3-6 years, the amount of badger fat is reduced to 1/2 hour. l., adhering to the standard scheme.

What else will help from the disease in this form

  1. Broth Mother-and-stepmother. It has an expectorant and antipyretic effect. For brewing, take two small spoons of the plant, and pour 0.2 liters of boiling water. Then simmer for a quarter of an hour, remove and insist for an hour. Take 50 ml three times a day before meals.
  2. The root is elecampane. It is also used as an excellent expectorant in the treatment of bronchitis. It takes a small spoon of crushed dry root. Pour 0.2 liters of boiling water and send for 10 minutes to a water bath. Let the infusion cool down, and you can take 50 ml, be sure to eat.
  3. Spores. When treating bronchitis in folk ways, the herb is recommended for the removal of inflammation, and as an expectorant. Two small spoons of chopped dry grass pour 250 ml of boiling water. On a water bath 10 minutes, insist for several hours. Take a large spoon, pre-strain. In a day you can take up to four spoons of infusion.

How to treat various types of bronchitis at home


Since the treatment of chronic bronchitis in the home is difficult, then traditional treatment is different. The most popular remedy is the yarrow. It will take 30 grams of grass to pour 100 ml of vodka. Then insist 2 weeks and take up to four times a day for three dozen drops.

Other folk ways:

  1. Boil the potatoes in their uniforms and make a mashed potatoes. When cooking, add three small spoons of soda. Spread the mashed potatoes in a towel, and put between the shoulder blades or in front of the chest area. Wrap the body area and keep the potatoes until it stops heating.
  2. Lamb fat will help cope with bouts of chronic bronchitis. They rub their back and chest, fat first pre-melt. The healing effect can be enhanced by wrapping the place where the fat is, with a plastic wrap. Relief should come after the first night of the use of such a folk remedy.
  3. Mix 250 ml of boiled milk with a tablespoon of badger fat and natural honey. Take in the morning.

Acute bronchitis

Many ask the question, how to treat acute bronchitis at home. As a rule, treatment should be supported by the rejection of bad habits and the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Therapy of acute bronchitis is carried out in a complex way with the use of medications:

  • remedies for coughing (Lazolvan, Herbion);
  • expectorants (Mukaltin, Ambroxol);
  • antibiotics (Azithromycin, Ceftriaxone, Biseptol);
  • probiotics (Linex, Yogurt);
  • drugs that have antipyretic properties (Ibuprofen, Fervex);
  • rinsing of the throat with solutions (soda);
  • antiseptic sprays (Ingalipt, Pharyngosept);
  • drugs that increase immunity and vitamins;
  • bronchodilators (neofilin).


Treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults is based on the use of several methods:

  • preparations for bronchial dilatation (Salbutamol);
  • drugs to stimulate the work of the bronchi (Tiotropium bromide);
  • drugs that promote expectoration, mucolytics (Mukaltin);
  • antibiotics (Amoxicillin, Erythromycin).

Effective folk remedy for obstructive bronchitis:

  1. 200 g of calendula berries, 200 g of natural honey and 100 g of water mixed in an enameled container, put the cook until the water evaporates.
  2. Allow the mixture to cool and transfer to a glass jar.

Kalina on honey is adopted according to the scheme:

  • I day - 1 hour. l. each hour;
  • II and III day - 1 hour. l. with an interval of 3 hours.

Treatment of viral bronchitis

In the treatment of viral bronchitis in adults, different methods are used:

  • immunostimulants and vitamins;
  • antibiotics (if the temperature of 38 degrees is kept for three days);
  • adherence to bed rest;
  • abundant drink, means for lowering the temperature;
  • preparations for the production of sputum;
  • therapeutic exercises, diet, inhalation.

Traditional medicine against viral bronchitis:

  • finely chop or roll in a meat grinder 100 g raisins, pour 200 ml boiling water, put on fire;
  • boil 10 minutes, strain and drink during the course of the day.

Bronchitis with asthmatic component

In this case, treatment for each patient is selected individually, it will necessarily be comprehensive:

  • antibiotic (with infection);
  • adhere to proper nutrition;
  • ventilate the room in which the patient spends time, do not contact animals;
  • the intake of antihistamines, the administration of the allergen in minimal amounts (if necessary);
  • anti-inflammatory drugs, inhalation;
  • therapeutic massage, breathing exercises.

You can use folk remedies based on herbs, but you should consider that they can cause an allergic reaction, like honey, mentioned in many recipes.

Prolonged bronchitis

Treatment of protracted bronchitis should be dealt with by a gynecologist. Independently to choose preparations it is dangerous to health, as the viral and allergic forms of the disease are not treated with antibiotics, and in order to identify bacteria it is necessary to pass tests. Doctors adhere to a single scheme for the treatment of a neglected form, which sets the tasks:

  • normalize the temperature;
  • get rid of cough, anesthetize;
  • to withdraw phlegm.

At home, use traditional medicine. It is necessary to make a fresh banana mashed potatoes and add to it sugar with water, you can eat in unlimited quantities.

Dry cough

The result of the treatment of dry cough with bronchitis in adults depends not only on medicines, but also on compliance with general principles: regularly ventilate the room, drink more liquid, apply absorbable candy, do inhalation. Drugs for curing the disease are selected based on the nature of the cough:

  • Sinecod, Stoptussin (long and paroxysmal);
  • ACTS, Ambroxol (for liquefaction of sputum);
  • Solutan (expectorant).

Antibiotics, antiviral and hormonal drugs are prescribed depending on the cause of the disease.

Nutrition for bronchitis

The amount of calories consumed with bronchitis should be 2500-3000. In this diet, it is recommended to include:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • chicken, pork and veal boiled meat;
  • sea ​​fish;
  • dairy products;
  • honey, drink more tea with raspberries and lemon;
  • vegetable broth;
  • porridge (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal - better on a milk basis).
  • more fluid.

Exclude sweets, chocolate products, muffins, salty foods from the ration. Also, products containing cholesterol, fatty, sharp and smoked foods, alcohol, spices and beverages containing coffee and cocoa are not recommended.

What vitamins will help?

Very good folk medicine, with bronchitis in any form, refers to herbs that contain a lot of vitamin C. Pay attention to the rose hips, which can be brewed and drunk like tea (but the temperature for brewing should be 70 degrees of heat, so as not to kill the useful properties of the plant).

Also take extra nicotinic acid B3 for the treatment of bronchitis. You can use it in the form of tablets, or eat more liver, fish, chicken meat, carrots and sprouted wheat grains. Acids are abundant in chamomile, mint, nettle and parsley.

Therapeutic exercises with bronchitis

The patient should not spend a long time in bed, as various complications can develop, including heart failure and pneumonia. It is necessary to do simple breathing exercises.

The complex includes:

  • imitation by hands "cutting wood";
  • circular rotation of hands;
  • torso of the trunk in different directions;
  • a deep breath and a slow exhalation;
  • easy walking in place.

Do not overwork yourself, but to maintain the body in excellent physical form it is always necessary, of course, if you do not have high temperature and other contraindications to the movement exercises.

Medications for treatment


Ceftriaxone is an antibiotic that belongs to a series of cephalosporins. The drug group III generation is often used for bronchitis. Ceftriaxone is used to treat adults and children. In the standard scheme, the drug is administered intramuscularly:

  • adults - no more than 2 g per day;
  • children - the dosage varies from body weight.

Contraindicated in case of an allergic reaction to the drug. Side effects can cause a wrong reception of an antibiotic: nausea, vomiting, allergies, jaundice, problems with blood coagulability.


Sumamed is a preparation of the macrolide group, it is well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and is tolerated by the patient's body. Antibiotic take for three days for 500 mg per reception (1 hour before meals or 2 hours after meals). Before prescribing the drug, sputum is tested for bacterial sensitivity.


Antibiotic Amoxiclav is prescribed for the treatment of bronchitis in the detection of certain bacteria: streptococci, echinococcus, listeria, shigella, moraxella, bordadella, gardnerella, klebsiella. The dosage is determined by the doctor, starting from the body weight:

  • light and medium severity of the disease (1 tablet 500/125 mg) twice a day;
  • severe form of bronchitis (1 tablet 850/125 mg) 2 times a day.


If the disease provoked: pneumococcus, hemophilic rod, marchella, mycoplasma, chlamydia, legionella prescribe Azithromycin. This antibiotic group of macrolides, the course of treatment with this drug should not exceed 5 days. The scheme of taking an antibiotic for bronchitis.

  1. Adults: I day - single dose of 500 mg; from II to V day - once a day 250 mg.
  2. Children: I day - daily dose of 10 mg per 1 kg of weight in one session; II-V days - 1 time per day for 5 mg per 10 kg of weight.

For better action, Azithromycin is recommended to be used in parallel with antimicrobials and immunomodulators.


Flemoxin, like all antibiotics take on the doctor's prescription. The drug is used for the therapy of bronchitis with:

  • elevated temperature (above 38 degrees for three days);
  • intoxication of the body;
  • problems with breathing;
  • leukocytosis;
  • shifted left leykoformula;
  • Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, moraxel catarrhs.

Often, the medicine is used for chronic bronchitis. Dosage is selected individually for each patient, taking into account the age, stage of the disease and the presence of chronic diseases.


When using a nebulizer during a bronchitis use drugs:

  • Berotek, Atrovent (bronchodilators);
  • Lazolvan (for liquefaction and excretion of sputum);
  • Furacilin (antiseptic);
  • Pulmicort (hormonal preparations);
  • Rotokan (vegetable).

It is also recommended to use mineral waters: Borjomi, Essentuki, Nabeglavi.

Psychological attitude

In the treatment of any disease, positive thoughts and a humorous mood will help you become healthier faster, and the belief in prompt healing will raise even the most seriously ill people. After all, it gives the brain a strong push to fight viruses and other ailments.

What do we have to do? Read positive books, meditate, pronounce well-known affirmations for healing the soul and body, smile, be in a good mood, do not lose heart. The disease will very soon pass, and then interesting, exciting and happy days will be waiting for you. Take care of yourself and keep the body in a fighting spirit!

Prevention of disease

In order not to admit the disease with bronchitis it is necessary not to supercool, to wear things that correspond to weather conditions. If there are bad habits (smoking), then it is recommended to quit. Perform breathing exercises (inflate balls), ventilate the room more often and do a wet cleaning.


Bath is an excellent way to prevent bronchitis or recuperation after a chronic form of the disease. You can go to steam after seven days after bronchitis, but not all. It is forbidden to visit the bath at a body temperature above 37 degrees, if there is shortness of breath during physical exertion, a pulse above 90 bpm, and also at a pressure above 140/90.

These are the main methods of treatment. Before deciding to try out any remedy, we strongly recommend that you discuss with your doctor. Yes, folk treatment is effective, but self-medication often leads to sad consequences.