How to quickly get rid of nits on long hair at home

Treatment for pediculosis is often not as simple as it seems at first glance. The difficult task is not getting rid of the parasites themselves, but removing the lice eggs, dead nits. Actually this is for head lice, after all, combing them is not easy because of the miniature size. If you do not take out the nits in time, they will soon become adults. The situation becomes more complicated by the fact that the female lays 300 eggs for her life. How to get rid of nits and not damage your long hair?

  • Mechanical method
  • Chemical treatment of hair
  • The popular way to get rid of nits
  • Safety of procedures
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Mechanical method

Quickly get rid of nits on long hair is not easy, so you need to be patient. The most effective is the mechanical method, which involves combing out. Our ancestors chose nits with their hands, but today there are many auxiliary tools designed specifically to combat parasites.

In pharmacies are sold scallops with frequent prongs. The distance between them is small, and with qualitative combing, no nits can stay in place. You can use the scallop, but usually the teeth are not so closely located, and some eggs go unnoticed.

It is important to know how to properly comb your hair, so as not to miss any nits. To do this, you need to divide them into thin strands and hold them with a scallop on each, moving from the roots of the hair down.

It is difficult to deal with this independently, because when combing out, it is necessary to carefully look at locks, especially the root area.

The length of the procedure depends on the length and thickness of the hair. On average, it takes from two to five to six hours. To fix the result, combing must be repeated every day for a week. Despite the inconvenience and duration, the mechanical way to remove nits from the head has the advantages:

  • is the most effective;
  • there are no contraindications;
  • there are no side effects;
  • can be used in the fight against parasites in the child.

Advice! Nits are fastened to the hair very tightly, so before starting combing you can treat the entire length with special means. They have a softening effect and eliminate the glue of parasites.

Chemical treatment of hair

Some decide to get rid of pediculosis chemically. After all, not everyone can spend a few hours per combing every day. Pharmacies offer a wide range of drugs that have an anti-pediculosis effect. All of them are intended for external use - treatment of scalp, hair.

It is impossible to get rid of lice for 1 day with anti-pediculosis medications, regular use is required. Some doctors dispute their effectiveness, because such funds are aimed at the destruction of adult parasites. Under the influence of toxic substances, the nervous and respiratory systems of lice are destroyed, insects perish. But, although the drugs for pediculosis inactivate the nits, they do not remove them from the hair. Cope with this can only combing out.

Doctors recommend using chemotherapy drugs simultaneously with mechanical removal. This provides a comprehensive action: the destruction of parasites by chemical means and combing the nits with a scallop.

Popular anti-pediculosis drugs are:

  • Para-plus - aerosol;
  • Pedilen - a solution that is applied to the roots of hair;
  • Nyx - cream;
  • Reed is a shampoo.

Important! One-time use of any tool will not bring results! The main condition for effective treatment is to carry out the treatment as many times per day as indicated in the instructions.

The popular way to get rid of nits

Remove nits from hair at home can be done with the help of folk recipes. As with the use of drugs, their effectiveness must be supplemented by combing. Popular folk remedies are:

  1. Vinegar. It is dissolved in water in a proportion of 1: 2, applied to the hair, a bag is put on top. After 15 minutes, the solution is rinsed, the hair is washed with clean water. For treatment it is necessary to use only 9% vinegar.
  2. Cranberry juice. Apply to the hair before combing. The juice helps dissolve the sticky substance with which the nits are attached to the hair, facilitates their removal.
  3. Kerosene. Our grandmothers used larvae and nits to apply kerosene without hesitation. Despite the danger of such treatment, the method remains popular. The substance is applied to the head and held for 1 hour, then washed off. In children, the use of kerosene often causes burns due to increased sensitivity of the skin.

Traditional methods of combating lice and nits are used only in complex treatment. The proposed remedies really destroy the parasites, soften the nitic shell, but after them, still needing combing.

Important! Choosing what to fight with nits in your hair, you need to consider the individual characteristics of the body. First of all, it is necessary to exclude a possible allergic reaction!

Safety of procedures

The safest method is mechanical. Any misuse of a chemical or folk remedy will lead to serious problems:

  • burns scalp;
  • loss of hair, deterioration of their condition;
  • an unpleasant odor that persists even after washing your head;
  • discoloration of hair;
  • allergic reaction.

To avoid these negative consequences when removing nits, you need to comply with safety measures:

  • when handling hair wear gloves;
  • strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions for each drug;
  • rinse thoroughly with clean water;
  • Before using a chemical medicine or a folk remedy, conduct a sensitivity test.

Advice! For safe treatment, you must first consult with a dermatologist. His recommendations will help you choose the right tool.

Thus, the most effective measure to combat nits in the hair will be the combination of mechanical and chemical methods. Instead of medicines, you can use folk remedies. When using them, it is necessary to remember the safety measures and the importance of regular procedures.