Useful properties and contra-indications of berries and blueberry leaves

Blueberries are bluish-black, tasty and healthy, contain many vitamins and elements necessary for the body. Bilberry grows in mixed and pine forests, berries appear in July.

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  • Why is blueberry good for the body?
  • Nutritional value and caloric value of
  • Is there any harm and contraindications?
  • Ways of using in folk medicine

Why is blueberry good for the body?

Blueberries have antioxidant qualities, affect malignant neoplasms and do not allow them to develop. When you use berries to a very old age, you can keep a good memory.

The vitamins included in the berries strengthen the immune system, so they are successfully used to prevent colds. Blueberries are a natural antibiotic, berries and leaf infusions are used to treat throat diseases, with coughing.

Decoction and juice from berries are used to treat pathologies associated with the digestive system. To treat constipation, fresh berries are needed, in order to treat diarrhea, they are dried.

Blueberries contain substances that exert a disinfectant on the stomach. This prevents the appearance of decay processes, improves the composition of the intestinal microflora. With the help of blueberries it is possible to restore the menstrual cycle, the preparations made on its basis successfully cope with diseases of the urinary organs.

In diseases of joints, gall bladder, liver, blueberries have an anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to lower the blood sugar level, improve the work of organs in diabetes. The use of blueberries increases immunity, prevents the emergence of pathologies associated with the cardiovascular system.

Antioxidants prevent premature aging, enhance metabolic processes, strengthen the nervous system. Bilberry contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the body, especially effective on the digestive system.

The blueberry can not restore vision, but it strengthens the retina, improves its nutrition, accelerates the renewal. It reduces eye fatigue, strengthens visual acuity. Carotenoids strengthen the eye blood circulation, improve night vision. It is especially useful to consume blueberries to people whose activities are associated with high visual loads.

The anticoagulants included in the blueberry slow the blood clotting. The juice of berries is capable of destroying pathogens that cause dysentery and typhoid fever.

The low calorie content of berries allows you to get a large amount of essential vitamins and minerals, which is important for losing weight.

Bilberry leaves contain:

  • carotenoids necessary for the formation of bones, teeth;
  • arbutin is a glycoside, which has an antiseptic effect;
  • essential oil contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids;
  • vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant;
  • flavonoids have a mild diuretic effect;
  • triterpene acids have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects;
  • tannins have a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminate the harmful effects of microorganisms.

Leaves are widely used in the treatment of skin diseases.

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Nutritional value and caloric content

In 100 g of blueberries - 44 kcal. In 100 g of product nutritional value,( g):

Carbohydrates 7.6
Fats 0,4
Proteins 1,1
Fiber food 3,1
Organic acids 1,2
Water 86
Di and monosaccharides 7,6
Ash 0,4

Minerals content,( mg):

Calcium 16
Magnesium 6
Sodium 6
Potassium 51
Phosphorus 13
Iron 0,7

Vitamin content( mg):

PP 0,3
B1 0,01
B2 0,02
With 40
E 1.4

Are there any harm and contraindications?

The use of blueberries for treatment is contraindicated in:

  • pancreatic diseases in the acute stage;
  • oxalaturia( excretion of oxalic acid salts with urine);
  • intolerance.

People prone to constipation are not recommended to abuse berries. Women during pregnancy and lactation before applying blueberries for medical purposes should consult a doctor.

In ecologically unfavorable places in berries harmful substances accumulate, therefore it is necessary to be cautious about blueberries, which are sold by random people.

Methods of application in folk medicine

As folk remedies, berries, blueberry leaves are used to treat diseases and for the purpose of prevention. More benefit in fresh berries, in the process of freezing, some of the nutrients are lost, after heat treatment, they remain even less.

Problem to be solved Method of application
Bronchitis, sore throat, flu, acute respiratory infections Brewed berries( 1 tbsp.) Boil with boiling water( 1 st.), Aged for an hour. They drink 1/3 a day every day.x 3 times with a small amount of honey. The infusion diluted with water( 1: 2) is used to rinse the throat.
Skin diseases( lichen, psoriasis, eczema, necrotic ulcers, burns) Pour berries( 100 g) with hot water( 1 stack), heat for 5 minutes.on a slow fire, cool. The berries are kneaded, the napkins soaked in the resulting mixture are applied to the affected areas daily x 3 times. The course is 2 weeks.
Diarrhea Use fresh berries, a decoction of blueberry leaves. Dry leaves( 1 tbsp.) Are poured with boiling water( 1 stack.), Insist half an hour, drink ½ cup every day. X 4 times.
Inflammatory process in the genitals Dry leaves( 1 tbsp.) Boil with boiling water, for 10 min.boil, stand for 1 hour, after filtering used for douches, baths. It is recommended to take an infusion of bilberry berries at the same time.
Joint Diseases A pack of mashed berries( 100 g), wrapped in a napkin, is applied to the diseased areas overnight. Course up to 3 weeks.
Low gastric secretion Fresh berries( 3 tablespoons) are poured in water( 1/2 cup.), For 20 minutes.cook, add red wine( 250 ml), stand on the fire for 20 minutes. Drink daily 1 tbsp.l.x 3 times.
Strengthening the immunity Every day, eat blueberry berries( 15 pcs.) Or use them for making unsweetened drinks.
Overweight Daily consumption of berries increases metabolic processes in the body, promotes fat burning, lowers cholesterol and sugar.

In the process of making jams, pies, berries lose a number of useful properties. Blueberry berries, its leaves and shoots are used not only in folk, but also in traditional medicine.

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