Cleaning the intestines at home - recipes for use

The human body does not have limitless possibilities. A couple of times a year everyone needs a thorough cleansing of the body in order to normalize the processes of his activity. For this, different methods are used, very often the intestines are cleaned at home using folk remedies. There are many inexpensive, affordable ways to get rid of toxic substances, but one means is not enough. A person should start to lead a healthy lifestyle, introduce active motor exercises into his daily practice, try to minimize the use of harmful drinks and food. Only such cleaning will be productive, high-quality, visible not only to the person himself, but to everyone who surrounds him.

  • Why a person needs to clean the intestines
  • Recipes of traditional medicine
  • Deep cleansing with enema with honey
  • Cleaning with drinks, food and herbs
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Why a person needs to clean the intestines

Each person allows himself a little harmful food, drinks, do not always get to keep a normal schedule of food intake, properly make up a diet. This has a significant impact on human health. That is why cleaning the intestines at home has become an integral part of every person's life.

If the human intestine is constantly overworked with heavy and harmful food, this leads to the consequences of the following character:

  • accumulation of toxins, slags, carcinogens, other harmful substances;
  • replacement of a healthy microflora with a pathogenic microflora;
  • decreased immunity, hemoglobin;
  • significant deterioration in the appearance - thin, brittle hair, weak nails, dull, dry skin;
  • general exhaustion of the body - there is no vitality, it is difficult to get up in the morning, it is very difficult to give motor activity.

Attention!The formation of unhealthy microflora in the intestine is considered an indicator that a person will have other, more serious problems. To combat this condition, it is necessary not only to use the means to cleanse the body, but to start eating right, to lead a more active way of life.

After 30 years, intestinal cleansing for a person should join the number of mandatory procedures. The person should rid of harmful substances the people's means, medicinal substances or special procedures.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Cleansing the intestines with folk remedies is affordable for everyone, an inexpensive way to help get rid of excess. To produce procedures of this nature used herbs, different options for diets, enemas. There are many productive ways by which a person can independently make a deep cleaning of the whole organism.

Deep cleansing with enema with honey

In hospitals, if it is necessary to clean the human body quickly from the products of its vital activity, enemas with special solutions are used. In folk practice, this technique is also very popular. For this purpose, a honey or herbal enema is used. To carry out the procedure using honey water it is necessary:

  • preheat a liter of water to a comfortable temperature regime;
  • add 2-3 tablespoons of honey and stir until completely dissolved;
  • prepare for the procedure, lie on one side;
  • Use the cleaning method for the intended purpose, to withstand no more than 30 minutes.

Note!Honey enema will not only cleanse the body of everything superfluous, but will nourish it with useful substances. This method of cleaning is very popular, because the effect of it is excellent. But do not forget that you do not need to use it more than once a month.


A good folk method of cleaning the stomach and intestines is an enema with the use of herbs. To do this procedure a person needs:

  • Take a collection prepared from equal parts of chamomile flowers, sage, St. John's wort;
  • add two tablespoons of dried herbs to a liter of boiling water;
  • leave for 30 minutes for infusion;
  • use the usual way, withstanding half an hour.

People, for whom cleaning the intestines with folk remedies is the only way to solve the problem, do not always have the desire to get rid of problems with the help of enemas. That is why a lot of recipes have been collected, which will suit every person, with his preferences and peculiarities.

Cleaning with drinks, food and herbs

In folk medicine methods that help to cleanse the intestine of a person without enema, there are quite a lot. The composition of these funds include certain foods, juices, water, mixed with various components, herbs.


Effective folk remedy for removing harmful substances from the body is beet. It can be used in the following form:

  • as a juice;
  • as a fresh salad;
  • as a beet kvass;
  • baked with other useful products.

Beetroot salad or juice is easiest to make. Incorporate this ingredient in your diet, a person will have to for several months, while adhering to the following rules:

  • to eat dishes from the beet immediately after their preparation;
  • Do not do large or too small portions;
  • combine with physical activity.

After using this product, the productive work of the digestive system begins, harmful substances are released, the condition of appearance and health improves.

Note!There are people who can not eat beets constantly in large quantities. It is because of this, before applying a particular method, a person should check the state of their health, consult with a specialist of a narrow profile.


Completely bring the intestines in order will help ordinary, baking soda. The use of this cheap product has been practiced for a long time, but doctors are not supporters of this method, considering that baking soda destroys the walls of the digestive organs. Fans of this method, ready to use it to make cleansing for weight loss, should follow such rules:

  • Add to the glass of water not more than one teaspoon of soda;
  • drink liquid in the morning;
  • after taking the drug for another half an hour is not;
  • before use, make sure there are no ulcers, other problems.

There are recipes that involve the use of soda, water and honey at the same time. Fans of this method argue that, in addition to the desired cleaning, a person will be able to replenish the stock of necessary elements, trace elements.

Collection of herbs

If the intestines are cleaned of parasites, a person should use herbs to achieve the desired effect. For such a process, St. John's wort, tansy, wormwood is perfect. If a person mixes raw materials in equal quantities, he can use it in this way:

  • take a spoonful of a mixture of herbs, place in a glass jar;
  • pour a glass of steep boiling water, insist a little;
  • strain, take before eating.

It is enough for an adult person to use a quarter of a glass of medicine three times a day.

Dried apricots, prunes, raisins

If a man or woman is looking for a laxative remedy, you should pay attention to this recipe:

  • mix prunes, dried apricots, raisins in equal quantities;
  • to pass through a meat grinder;
  • add to oatmeal or rice porridge.

This method is used to clean the colon, the toxins in which accumulate quickly.

Note!Any cleaning should be complex. This is constantly in their programs says Dr. Malakhov. His technique includes a separate, fractional diet, a productive mode of physical activity, spiritual, psychological purification.

Cleaning of the small intestine, stomach, liver, the body as a whole - a pledge of well-being, an attractive appearance. Folk techniques will help get rid of excess, without spending a lot of time, money. Such methods of removing toxins from the body will be useful, tasty, simple. If a person needs a deep cleansing. He should use enemas with honey and herbs for this. Each technique has its own specifics, so that everything goes well, a person must use specific rules. Only due to this, good indicators are achieved, which persist for a long period. Cleaning the body is a responsible process, a person must treat him with all seriousness.

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