Hangover: how to quickly get rid of at home

Hangover - a general uncomfortable state after excessive intake of alcoholic beverages. In order to quickly get rid of a hangover at home and folk remedies, carefully read this article, select recipes for yourself and follow the recommendations. You will certainly and very soon feel much better, you will have severe symptoms and unpleasant hangover symptoms in the form of

nausea, sometimes with vomiting;anxiety;severe headache with dizziness, dry mouth and strong thirst, a feeling of heat and chills, general weakness, increased blood pressure. A hangover is usually felt in the morning, after a plentiful evening feast and may even be the cause of absenteeism at work due to the pronounced dizziness.


Causes and factors

Some authors believe that a hangover is a regular condition that occurs after a largebemsya drunk alcoholic beverages. This is partly true. And after all a hang-over can be and after a small dose of alcohol if alcoholic drink poor-quality - a surrogate of alcohol. The severity of hangover symptoms can also depend on the general condition of the body, the quality of the snack, the company of drinkers.

The presence and severity of a hangover is caused by the following factors and causes:

  1. Alcohol poisoning of the body. When alcohol is split, toxins appear in the body, which cause a poisoning effect. In this regard, especially unfavorable are such drinks: rum, whiskey, vermouth, tequila. They strain the liver very much.
  2. Dehydration of the body. A hangover causes dehydration of the body, but not an insufficient amount of liquid, but its disrupted distribution.
  3. Violation of the rhythm of the brain cells. Acetaldehyde - a product of the splitting of alcohol, very straining the nervous system and nerve cells. Some cells die. External stimuli - sounds, light - excite the nervous system, causing feelings of anxiety, fear, self-destruction. There is a sense of guilt and shame - "adrenaline grief".
  4. The fight against a hangover, with a post alcoholic toxins forces the body to spend a large amount of useful substances - vitamins, trace elements, biologically active substances. The organism is forced to restore the disturbed acid-base balance and so on.

How to get rid of a hangover quickly and at home without alcohol?

The withdrawal of symptoms of a hangover and its treatment should take into account the mechanism of alcohol influence on the human body. The following principles are important:

Detoxification: medicines and home recipes

Intoxication of the body is the main cause of a hangover. The toxic substances can be eliminated by washing the stomach and setting the enema. Neutralization of poisons can also be done with activated charcoal or lignin. The lignin preparations include "Polyphepan", "Liferan", "Lignosorb".In the instructions for use, dosages and methods of administration are indicated for these preparations.

The human body has a natural ability to get rid of toxins, but it can also help with drugs from a hangover. The following remedies will help improve the condition after a hangover:

  1. Succinic acid. It takes 1 tablet every hour. The daily dose of no more than 6 tablets.
  2. Alcohol tincture of Eleutherococcus. It takes 20-40 drops in a small amount of water before meals in the morning and afternoon, to raise the general tone of the body.
  3. Squeezed juice from two lemons. It is diluted with water 1: 1, natural honey is added.
  4. Kvass and sour-milk products are a good remedy for hangovers. Cucumber, cabbage or tomato brine, with a hangover, normalizes the water-salt balance in the body. Very well helps bath, contrast shower, steam room for detoxification of the body and accelerate the excretion of alcohol breakdown products. A hot shower will help to remove anxiety and general discomfort.

Removing dehydration

What can help with a hangover? How to eliminate dehydration? In order to harmoniously distribute liquid media in the body, you need to drink brine( tomato, cucumber, cabbage) or oat broth, even just mineral water - this will help make up salt electrolytes in the body. Then, simultaneously take water and a diuretic.

Abundant drink

The mineral water will help to get out of the hangover. Add the juice of lemon to it. By the way, a brew from dried apples( dried fruit), rose hips, too, will improve the condition with a hangover. Abundant drink and vitamin C - this is a good remedy for withdrawal from a hangover.

On a hangover very much pulls on a brine, and any, what will be near at hand - from a tomato, cucumbers, cabbage. Cooking salt has the property of detaining fluid in the body. Cure kefir, kvass, milk, sour milk will help to cure a hangover.

Normalization of the nervous system

After completing the withdrawal of toxic substances and normalizing the distribution of fluid in the body, you need to restore the nervous system. What to drink from a hangover? Best of all - glycine in tablets. The tablet is put under the tongue and every hour you can take a pill. Up to 5 times a day.

It is very desirable to eat with a hangover ear, jellied fish, chill.

Piracetam tablets also help a lot to normalize the brain work with a hangover.2 tablets 0.2 mg.should be taken 3 times a day. A great help with a hangover to the entire body will help drugs: Pantogam, Panangin, Pikamilon, Mexidol. Of course, one of the tablets is chosen, not all at the same time!

Natural products - fermented milk, milk, non-alcoholic beer can relieve a hangover. There are tablets from a hangover - look in pharmacies. The agent "Enterosgel" actively removes toxins from the body."Enterosgel" take after the feast and in the morning for 3 tbsp.spoons, washed down with mineral non-carbonated water.

Water procedures: simple recommendations and tips

  1. Cold shower. Cold water makes the whole body shake, it activates blood circulation and nervous system, as well as immunity. But do not catch cold! One minute a cold shower will suffice. Then you need to move to warm up the body.
  2. When the head hurts from a hangover, you can make a cold compress. Place a few ice cubes in a bag and attach the packet to the head. Excess heat will be removed, the vessels will narrow somewhat from the cold and the pain will become quieter.
  3. Hot tub. Hot water( by sensation - but not to burn) many times accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body. You can add essential oils - lavender and rosemary. Duration of the bath for well-being, but not more than 15-20 minutes. Hot water removes nervousness, relaxes.
  4. Sauna will help you quickly remove the hangover. A couple of times for 5 minutes of visits to the steam room will help to remove almost all toxins from the body.
  5. A contrasting, or alternating shower overcomes a strong hangover. Warm and cool water is first combined alternately for 1 minute, then the contrast of water increases to the tolerably hot and cold water.

Gymnastics for a hangover

How to quickly cope with a hangover at home can help even some physical exercises. Movements should be smooth. From exercises choose those that are designed to improve muscle stretching. Oxygen exchange will improve, cheerfulness and energy will appear.

Gymnastics for the eyes helps to defeat this ailment. Movement of eyeballs are carried out at the beginning - upwards - downwards, then - left - right, and then we finish gymnastics in circular movements of eyes clockwise and against it. The number of movements in each direction is 15 to 30 times, without turning the head.

Breathing exercises can remove very severe symptoms of revelry. You need to lie down, relax, close your eyes and breathe for a while faster, deeper and more often than usual. If, dizzy and there was a noise in your ears, - to pause. Exercises in the breath can be done after water procedures.

A hearty breakfast

A good hearty breakfast with a hot liquid dish can, like a hand to remove discomfort in the stomach, create a feeling of satiety and comfort. Make the scrambled eggs with greens and bacon. Fresh greens will give vitamins, and eggs with bacon will give a portion of energy. If it really comes to a head with a hangover - eat cabbage with a pickle. Digestion and metabolism are activated and will remove toxins after alcohol poisoning. On the page Ten products that help get rid of the hangover, we will continue this topic.

Folk remedies and prescriptions from a hangover

Overcome a hangover can tea with melissa and mint. Toxins are much faster to be eliminated from the body. A similar effect can have a green tea, a decoction of chamomile. You can prepare a cocktail of tomato juice. Smash and stir a fresh egg and pour it into a glass with tomato juice. Brine and mix. Drink with a volley.

To quickly remove a hangover at home, chop the pieces of bark from the willow. Willow bark is sold at the pharmacy.

The most popular folk remedies for treating a hangover are cabbage juice, pickle, kvass. They help to normalize the water-salt balance, disturbed by the products of alcohol breakdown.

Recommendations against hangover

For hangover headaches, tea, infusion or decoction of dandelion, peppermint, rosemary, and milk thistle helps. But peppermint is best prepared according to the following recipe: 1 tbsp.spoon of mint leaves pour half a liter of boiling water, infuse 2 hours wrapped. This dose is enough for several receptions and will help relax and calm the body of the patient. Mint infusion is taken in half a cup every half hour.

Very healthful - milk drink "Matzoni".In the Caucasus they know how to cure this misfortune. Drink "Matzoni" replaces other means to cure the effects of binge drinking.

Cardamom seeds help you to get out of the hangover quickly. You need to chew and swallow 2 seeds 2 or 3 times a day. The same effect will be chewing and swallowing seeds of cumin in the amount of one quarter teaspoon.

Treatment of hangover syndrome at home is then possible when alcohol intoxication is not very severe. Remember, if the patient's condition does not improve after using several of the above methods and means of removing the consequences, you will have to resort to medical care. In severe condition, an intravenous dropper will help.

How to avoid a hangover

The most effective means is not to drink alcohol, in any case, do not drink more than your measure. Although with regard to surrogates of alcohol - there any dose will cause an eerie condition. Question: "Can you give yourself a vow not to drink or drink in moderation?

If you do not intend to lead a sober way of life, then, at any rate, take some advice in order to avoid a heavy hangover.

Basic principles you can read on the page When there is no hangover.

Try not to take alcohol on an empty stomach. Slightly eat before a feast, stir several tablets of activated charcoal and drink.

To prevent unpleasant consequences of a binge at the time of a feast saturated with alcoholic beverages, eat foods with a high content of carbohydrates: pasta, rice, potatoes. They have absorbent properties. And fish and meat will slow the absorption of alcohol and improve metabolism. Alcohol loads the liver and pancreas work, so do not lean on greasy food.

Any sweet dish, including compotes, lemonades make the hangover very heavy, since the sweet makes the absorption of alcohol more intense. And it's better not to drink some sweet liquor.

Many would like to know how not to be sick with a hangover. For this, take portions of alcoholic beverages during breaks, communicate with friends, dance more, move. After all, drinking is not an end in itself.

Do not interfere with alcoholic beverages. If you drink vodka - do not drink beer, wine. If you drink only vodka and that, the hangover will not be as heavy as it is even from just drinking wine, cocktails and champagne.

How to survive a hangover

If you can stay at home, do the above procedures and go to bed. Enough sleep will help you a lot. If you need to go to work - take a hot shower, eat hot soup, drink coffee, tea or a pill from a hangover. On the How to deal with the hangover and survive after drinking, we will continue to develop this topic and recommendations.