Useful properties and contraindications for dried apricots for men and women for pregnancy

Dried apricot is a dried apricot, in which there is no bone. To get 1 kg of the product, you need about 4 kg of fresh fruit.

The favorable effect of apricots, of which make dried apricots and apricots, has long been noticed by residents of the southern regions. The apricot removes nuclei, heavy metals, strengthens the heart. Below, we will tell you how useful dried apricots are.

  • The unique composition of
  • The daily composition and dosage of
  • The useful properties of
  • What to choose
  • How to store
  • Traditional methods
  • Therapeutic food
  • Effective cosmetics
  • Home preparation
  • Contraindications for use

Calorie in 100 grams of dried apricots - 200-220 kcal.

Energy value of the product:

Component Content, in grams
Fats 0.5
Proteins 3
Carbohydrates 50-55

The unique composition of

The product provides irreplaceable help for the body in the form of prevention and treatment of various diseases and pathologies.

The unique action of dried apricot is due to the rich composition of the components necessary for human health:

  • fructose;
  • vitamin A - 12% of the daily requirement of 100 grams;
  • glucose;
  • Vitamin PP;
  • cellulose;
  • vitamin C;
  • pectins;
  • vitamin B2;
  • organic acids;
  • vitamin B1;
  • calcium - 15 mg;
  • iron - 8% of daily rate;
  • potassium - 20% of the norm per day;
  • vitamin B5 - 6-7% of the daily norm;
  • manganese - 0.09 mg;
  • cobalt;
  • copper - 14% of the daily norm in 100 grams;
  • vitamin B6 - 5% in 100 grams of the norm per day;
  • phosphorus - 38 mg;
  • iodine.
In 100 grams of dried apricots contains 70 grams of water, dietary fiber - about 4 grams, which is 20% of the norm for an adult, ash content - 1 gram.

Useful properties

Thanks to a wide range of useful components in the composition of dried apricots, it has many essential and useful properties for the human body:

  1. Has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system due to the high content of potassium.
  2. Drinking dried apricots in food helps to cleanse the human body of toxins and salts of heavy metals due to the presence of dried fruits in pectins.
  3. Useful product in the regular menu as a prophylaxis of the development of endocrine diseases.
  4. Has a tonic effect on the body.
  5. It is useful to use dried apricot for children with beriberi.
  6. When included in the diet of the product, the growth of cancer cells in the body is significantly reduced.
  7. Carotene in the composition helps to prevent visual impairment.
  8. Dried apricots are indispensable in the treatment of anemia and anemia.
  9. Experts recommend eating dried fruit to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  10. The product helps to reduce the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood.
  11. Dried apricot allows you to gently get rid of constipation, improving the activity of the intestines, due to the large amount of fiber in the composition.
  12. With frequent use of dried apricots helps increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

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The inclusion of dried apricots in the daily menu is recommended to restore strength and energy after the illness, as well as for the normal operation of the digestive system.

Daily dosage and dosage of

To get good for the body, it is enough to eat 3 to 5 pieces of dried apricots on a regular basis during the day. The maximum daily dose is about 100-150 grams.

5 pieces of apricots in dried form for a person is enough to meet the daily requirement of the body in iron, potassium, B group vitamins and carotene.

To maximize the useful use of dried apricot is not recommended to subject it to significant heat treatment.

Important! If the recommended amount of the product is exceeded, digestive disorders can occur.

What to choose

Appearance of natural dried apricot - shriveled and nondescript.

Remember! If the product attractively glitters, then it was treated with paraffin or sulfur.

To give preference to better dried apricots of medium size, not too hard, clean and free from stains on the surface.
Dark color of dried apricots indicates the ingress of moisture when drying fruit.

Natural dried apricots have a faded gray or brown tint, when processed with chemicals, the product acquires a bright orange color.

A quality product has a sweet and sour or sweet taste. Unnatural aftertaste of dried apricots, especially wine, indicates a violation of the technology of fruit processing or use of substandard apricots, which can cause poisoning.

Important! If you crush in the hands of dried apricots, on the palms should not remain traces of the coloring segment.

At home for the presence of dyes, the product is tested in this way: dried apricots are thrown into the cold temperature for 10 minutes. Normally, the liquid should not change color during this time.

Storage rules

The best storage capacity for dried apricots is a hermetic container, for example a can of glass with a lid, previously washed and dried.

To prevent the occurrence of mold on dried apricots, store the product in a dry place at a temperature of about 15 degrees.

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Another safe storage place for dried apricots is a plastic container placed in a freezer. In this case, after defrosting, the product does not lose useful properties and properties and restores the appearance.

Important! It is forbidden to use bags of cloth, paper and polyethylene for storing dried apricots.

Folk methods

Thanks to a wide range of medicinal properties, dried apricots have been used for many decades to prepare folk recipes that help cope with various diseases.

For maximum benefit, it is recommended that the specified dosage of ingredients, the rules for taking medicines and storage methods be strictly observed.

For constipation of

To improve the condition, one should use dried apricots separately or pass through a meat grinder in combination with a fig and prune.

To take a delicious remedy for the treatment of constipation( about castor oil as a laxative is written here), several times a day for 1 tablespoon.

To raise the immunity and purify the body

To prepare a healing agent, you must twist prunes, dried apricots and walnuts in a ratio of 2: 2: 1.

In the received useful weight it is possible to add some table spoons of honey and to take means in the evening and morning time on 1 table spoon.

Store the mixture recommended in the refrigerator.

Raising hemoglobin

Walnuts, cranberries, dried apricots and prunes must be passed through a meat grinder and mixed with honey and lemon juice in an equal proportion - 1 glass of each component.

It is recommended to consume the product after eating in the morning and evening for 1 tablespoon.

For the normalization of the cardiac activity of

, 3 washed lemon and 200 grams of raisins, prunes, walnuts, dried apricots, hips and hawthorn should be twisted in a meat grinder.

The resulting composition is mixed with 150 grams of honey. The components are thoroughly mixed and placed for 10 days in the refrigerator.

The product should be applied before meals in the morning for 1 tablespoon.

Therapeutic food

In the field of cooking, the product is most often used to make tasty and healthy desserts.

Bakery products based on dried apricot are popular. Combinations with other dried fruits - raisins, dates and prunes, and combinations of dried apricots with nuts bring special benefits.

The product is well combined with cereal crops, especially with porridges.

In the Uzbek national cuisine dried apricots are used in cooking pilaf.
Lovers of the original taste like side dishes, meat, fish dishes and salads with the addition of dried apricots.

It is popular to use dried fruits for making delicious jams and jams.

Before use, dried apricots should be rinsed under cold water or soaked in water for 1-2 hours.

Recipe for compote

500 grams of dried apricots are washed, left for swelling in warm water in a volume of 4 liters, which is used for further cooking of the drink.

Add sugar to the liquid to taste, bring to a boil and cook for 5-7 minutes.

It is recommended to insist compote of dried apricots, preferably for 8-12 hours.

The drink is useful and appropriate after a bath, in extreme heat and after physical training. Compote can help in getting rid of toxemia during pregnancy.

Effective cosmetics

Useful properties of dried apricot are known and common in cosmetology.

Dried apricots are used to prepare effective anti-aging and toning masks for the hair and face.

Recipe for mask for skin

Dried apricots must be crushed thoroughly to a consistency of puree, add to the resulting mass 2 teaspoons of milk powder. The agent is applied evenly to the skin of the face for 15-20 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm temperature water.

Homemade preparation

To prepare dried apricots at home, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose large, ripe and fresh apricot fruits.
  2. Thoroughly rinse and remove bones.
  3. Subcooked water bring to a boil and hold over it in a colander for 15 minutes harvested fruit.
  4. To absorb the liquid, apricots are recommended to be spread out on a dry cloth.
  5. Next, the berries are left exposed to sunlight on the baking tray for 6-7 days, removing at night time in the room to protect against rain, or for 10 hours keep apricots in the oven, heated to a temperature of 65 degrees.

Home made apricots can be stored for up to 2 years.

Contraindications to the use of

Despite the many unique beneficial properties that make apricots and dishes based on it irreplaceable for health and well-being, there are certain contraindications to the use of food:

  1. Individual intolerance to dried apricots.
  2. Presence of a predisposition to allergic reactions in humans. Allergy from dried apricots is usually manifested in the form of puffiness and an itchy skin rash.
  3. Chronic diseases of the intestine and stomach.
  4. Diabetes mellitus in history due to the risk of an attack of hypoglycemia due to high concentration in the product of fructose and glucose. Glycemic index of dried apricots - 30.
  5. Bloating and diarrhea.

Caution is necessary to apply the product at a lowered arterial pressure.

Dried apricots - a unique and delicious product, rich in many useful components. Dried apricots will become a guarantee of health and well-being only if the product is correctly selected, cooked, consumed, allowed daily dosages and stored.

How useful apricots for the human body, you learn during watching a video.

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