Symptoms and treatment of pancreatitis in children

The view that pancreatitis is a disease exclusively of people of the older generation, those who abuse fatty foods and alcohol, is not justified. Little children, schoolchildren of different age categories, often endure this problem, but her parents are confused with something else. If you touch on such a topic as pancreatitis in children, symptoms and treatment of a problematic situation, then it should be said that a doctor's examination is the initial, the only correct solution to the problem. Only after the baby has passed all the necessary tests, will be examined, for him the appropriate course of treatment can be applied.

  • Pancreatitis, symptoms and signs, causes
  • Treatment of pancreatitis in children
  • Diet for a child with pancreatitis
  • The view of Dr. Komarovsky on the problem
  • Measures to prevent pancreatitis in children
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Pancreatitis, symptoms and signs, causes

Under the name of the disease lies a simple definition. The problem arises from the inflammatory processes of the pancreas, which deals with the production of insulin, the elements for the normalization of the digestive process. There is pancreatitis in children due to a number of such factors:

  • malnutrition, consumption of a large number of sweets, carbonated drinks;
  • unregulated schedule of eating, frequent overeating;
  • afterwards taking strong medications for a long period;
  • because of frequent food poisoning;
  • if there are congenital pathologies, abdominal injuries, excessive physical exertion;
  • food allergy, ascariasis, dysfunction of the gallbladder;
  • mumps, flu.

Note!Most often, the problem arises in children precisely because of overeating, eating very fatty foods. To prevent malfunctions in the pancreas, parents should revise the baby's diet, try to minimize the use of harmful products.

Symptoms and the first signs of pancreatitis in children manifest themselves as follows:

  • the complexion changes;
  • bloating is observed;
  • often there is nausea;
  • constipation or diarrhea occurs;
  • there is vomiting;
  • a white plaque may appear on the tongue;
  • weight loss.

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Depending on the stage of the disease, its localization, form, symptoms will manifest themselves. It is impossible to determine whether there is pancreatitis in a child.

Treatment of pancreatitis in children

The course of treatment of pediatric pancreatitis should be determined by a doctor. The disease does not require hospitalization, treat the baby, in a doctor-appointed way, parents can at home. To eliminate the problem, soft-effect drugs are used that normalize the choleretic process, the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Note!To achieve the desired effect, in the treatment of children should take medication, folk remedies, a special diet, the correct regime of the day. Agree the order of actions, parents can with an expert.

Applying medications, when treated at home, you should follow all the doctor's instructions, read the instructions, store the drugs in proper conditions. If used broths, infusions, parents should remember the following rules:

  • every day you need to prepare a fresh remedy;
  • do not exceed the permitted dosage;
  • broths should be stored in the refrigerator;
  • Before use, make sure that the ingredients of the medicinal broths do not cause allergies in children.

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Preparations for pancreatitis in childrenImportant!Learn more about the medical treatment of pancreatitis.

All medicinal substances must be used for a certain period of time. The course of treatment, a special diet, should be prescribed by a doctor.

Diet for a child with pancreatitis

Conservative treatment of the problem in the baby should be accompanied by adherence to a special diet. Diet for pancreatitis in children should be based on the following principles:

  • complete exclusion from the diet of the child of harmful food;
  • partial exclusion of fat in children's food;
  • Exclusion of too sweet, carbonated drinks;
  • regulation of the meal schedule, fractional eating;
  • the inclusion in the children's diet of a large number of vegetables and fruits, porridges, and soup.

For each child, the doctor will choose a diet individually, taking into account the course of the disease, the overall health of the small patient.

It is important!To significantly improve children's health, parents should constantly feed the child in a timely and high-quality manner. Allowing sweets, carbonated drinks parents can, but this should remain a rare occurrence.

The view of Dr. Komarovsky on the problem

Children's doctors note that pancreatitis is becoming common among small patients every year. This is due to the deterioration in the quality of life, over-saturated workers and training schedules. Dr. Komarovsky does not fully support his colleagues. The specialist believes that the percentage of children who actually have pancreatitis is small. He writes off everything for the doctors' desire to earn more money, and the parents, whose children complain about the above symptoms, advise the following:

The view of Dr. Komarovsky on the problemImportant!I wonder what kind of doctor treats pancreatitis? Read in our article.

  • Feed your baby often, in small portions;
  • do not allow frequent use of harmful foods for food;
  • exclude the possibility of overeating.

In his opinion, these are the main factors that lead to poor children's health. If parents can exclude them, there will be much fewer children who are credited with this diagnosis. Not understanding the root of the problem, parents should not go to the pharmacy, buy a child medicine. It is necessary to first understand the true source of the problem, and then deal with its treatment.

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Measures to prevent pancreatitis in children

Children's pancreatitis delivers discomfort, pain, worsens the level of activity of the baby, helps reduce his weight. Treat the problem if it is acute or chronic in nature for a long time. Acute pancreatitis in children causes especially many painful sensations that before it did not reach, it is necessary to use following advice:

  • the child's diet should always be well-coordinated;
  • a kid should be given a maximum of useful products and a minimum of harmful ones;
  • to exclude from life of children strong physical, psychological loads;
  • constantly monitor the overall health of the child.

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Prevention of pediatric pancreatitis should be carried out continuously. Well, if the child together with parents will lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

If the problem has already arisen, it is necessary to get rid of it with medicines, folk remedies. Symptoms that talk about pancreatitis often speak of problems of a different nature. Without a medical examination, the delivery of all tests, parents should not begin treatment of their baby. Pancreatitis is a serious problem that brings a lot of discomfort to the children's lives in order to completely get rid of it, parents and the doctor need to correctly determine the expected course of treatment. Proper prevention of the problem is given to children much easier than her treatment. The problem is eliminated through the use of medicines, adherence to a special diet. Depending on the degree of the problem, the duration of the course of treatment will depend.

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