Development of strong-willed personality traits

We immediately point out that development of strong-willed qualities of a person's personality is the most necessary condition for the emergence of a person as a real MAN in the full and real sense of the word.

By the way, taken, in itself, morality, is a quality absolutely necessary for any person and very desirable. But morality itself, of course, needs a willful addition. In the affirmation of the energy manifestations of the developed volitional qualities of the person's personality.


Educating and developing the will

Educating the will is the education of strong-willed qualities of a person's personality, moral qualities, ability to keep his attention to the chosen activity as long as possible.

This is a whole complex of personal qualities. Highlight the following:

  1. Exposure.
  2. Patience.
  3. Self-control.
  4. Perseverance and perseverance in achieving this goal.

There are different views on the issues of education of the will. But, it is necessary to approach this question not unilaterally, when only a moral component is formed or when emphasis is only on volitional effort. Even, the education of the will is not only the development of the strong-willed qualities of man.

Similarly, the will can not be imagined only as a material entity. Will is a complex. The will is the mind, the body, and the energy.

Especially it is necessary to learn how to keep the point for a long time to focus on the chosen goal. You need to constantly train your attention. This is the main condition in the education of the will. This can be characterized as the actual fulfillment of what was planned. It can also be noted: perhaps the maximum concentration of consciousness on what we are currently doing.

One of the misconceptions that can be in the mind of a person is an understanding of the process of education of the will, like the teaching of something to want or not want. Then, instead of developing willpower, one simply learns to suppress their desires. This leads to an increase in neuropsychic tension, chronic stress. Believe me, if a person can sit on a diet for a long time, starve, etc., this can not always lead to positive results. Man's desires must be correctly understood and analyzed. Any person inside has a whole desire bank. They should be properly considered and, let's say, safely discharged and removed from the body. This is a big topic, which will be discussed in detail in a detailed way. In the meantime. ..

If a person is exposed to some bad habits, then at all it does not necessarily have a weak will initially. Sometimes it even happens that the more pronounced the attachment of a person to something, the more he has developed will. Maybe because God does not give the test? In strong-willed people and obstacles will be more serious in life.

Education of the will is the conscious management of one's actions, which, in the future, are called not simple actions, but conscious actions.

To develop the will it is necessary not abstractly, not divorced from reality. That is, when we sit in the corner and pretend that we develop the will, it will not be brought up. We must be sincere in relation to ourselves. If there is no desire. There is no dust. Aspirations, especially no. Then you need to distract yourself and do something really useful for the household.

Education and development of the will is extremely necessary for fighting alcoholism.

Naturally, different people show different degrees of will power. Someone sets goals and goes to them without stumbling. Someone - stops at some obstacle. And there are people who in life are loosened and irresponsible.

In order for the will to work and develop, it is necessary to have barriers and obstacles of any kind. Will appears and manifests itself when difficulties arise on the way to the set goal. Difficulties can be external, for example, the physical properties of things, opposing others from others. Internal obstacles are fatigue, illness, relationships. Will creates effort and tone to overcome obstacles.

Will is self-control of a person. The will is educated and develops with the person.

Will is what you need to regulate your motivations, drives, behavior. It is necessary to change the way of life of any person, especially, suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse.

What kind of volitional qualities develop in a person's personality?

Some psychologists and educators argue that those professions and sports that are distinguished by their extreme and low level of safety, develop and develop the qualities of will in the person's personality. What, as though, through the dullness of the feeling of fear, will and will train. But, in scientific studies this has not been confirmed.

Probably, it will be much more correct and more useful to start the upbringing and development of the will and its qualities with the help of various psycho-regulating trainings - from simple suggestion to physical exercises, from simple private techniques to more complex ones. Combining, or synthesizing various methods of general development of personality. Stopping and choosing for yourself something that is most essential and suitable.

Education of the will is not an easy process, but at the same time, it is feasible for any person.

Raising the confidence of

Teachers and psychologists in the senior school classes sought students to increase and consolidate the feeling of confidence in the following ways( we are talking about studying the students of complex physical exercises):

  1. Gradual increase in the complexities that needed to be overcome.
  2. Analysis of exercises, splitting into separate fragments of complex exercises, as well as performing them in more simple conditions or with outside help.
  3. Studying separately special elements of exercises, as well as preparatory exercises and techniques, which create a confident mood when performing the basic exercise.
  4. When learning the elements of exercises used insurance.
  5. Inclusion of key elements of increased complexity from exercises to competitions.
  6. Psychological support of students and sharpening their attention exclusively on the aspect of their victory and their necessarily successful outcome in performing complex exercises.

Forming the determination and perseverance of

This quality, as persistence, is evolving by the fact that we learn to bring to completion quite feasible tasks in our lives. And it's good when she starts to be brought up before school. We need to learn not to give up, when there are obstacles on our way to our goal. The developed quality is purposefulness.

Development of such strong-willed personality begins with how we carry out family assignments, tasks in schools, institutes, at work.

Of course, our spiritual work on ourselves should not go through increases in neuropsychic tension and result in overexertion and stress. But in everyday routine it is necessary to find positive aspects, cultivate optimism, treat everything simpler and, if possible, with humor. Look to the future with optimism.

Goals are always better to do more specifically. Of course, in life sometimes there are uncertainties. Uncertainties should not oppress, on the contrary - stimulate new solutions to emerging problems.

A person who develops strong-willed qualities of his personality must have a sense of duty and responsibility. Otherwise, he can turn into a persistent and purposeful egoist.

Education of discipline

It is clear that without self-discipline the strong-willed qualities of an individual can be educated on. You can do the following:

  1. Strive for adequate self-esteem.
  2. Do not go into self-flagellation if something went wrong in life.
  3. Accept yourself as we are and, at the same time, strive to be even better.
  4. Do not give such promises, which will not be fulfilled. And if the promise is given, then it must be fulfilled.
  5. In time to go to work, to a meeting, to school, etc.

Development of independence

In order to develop this strong-willed personality, the following conditions are necessary. Of course, independence as a person's quality does not exist in itself, but as applied to any activity. Then the following will be needed here:

  1. Accumulation of skills and knowledge for any business to be independent in its implementation.
  2. A teacher is desirable for studying any activity, but such that it does not interfere with the development of the student's initiative.
  3. And - interest in the work performed.

Developing the determination of

Determination comes from a sense of self-reliance. When we have already had difficult situations, when we had to deal with such problems, when we are cheerful and physically prepared( in terms of simply maintaining the flexibility of our joints in the morning in the form of morning exercises), our inner resolve will not take long. All this is very important for overcoming any illness and fighting alcoholism.

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