Prophylaxis of prostatitis in the home

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland, which, according to statistics, is one of the most common urological problems with which men turn to a doctor. It is believed that almost every second man over fifty years old has signs of this disease or a high probability of its development. However, there are several methods for effective prevention of prostatitis in men at home, which help prevent the development of this disease.

  • Primary prevention
  • Prophylaxis after prostatitis
  • Prevention of folk remedies
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Prevention of prostatitis is necessary for all older men, but it should be noted that there are certain risk groups that are particularly recommended to take measures to prevent this disease. They include the following groups:

  1. People with a sedentary lifestyle, spending a lot of time sitting because of work. Prophylaxis of prostatitis in men in the office is especially important, since in this case the risk of developing the disease can increase to 90%.
  2. Drivers. This group is also considered a risk group, the constant shaking from being on the road also affects the onset of the inflammatory process in the prostate.
  3. People working in low temperature, high humidity, with the risk of subcooling.

Overcooling, stagnation and circulatory disorders in the pelvic region are the main causes of the inflammatory disease of the prostate gland. Different methods of prevention will help to avoid this.

Depending on whether there is already an acute variant of prostatitis, or prevention is required for an absolutely healthy person, there are two main types of preventive techniques:

  • primary prevention, if prostatitis and other diseases of the pelvic organs have not been met before;
  • secondary prophylaxis, if an acute prostatitis was transferred, there is chronic prostatitis, in which it is necessary to prevent exacerbations and the development of complications.

Depending on this method of prevention can be completely different. It is worthwhile to consider the most effective methods to choose the most suitable option.

Important!Do not immediately resort to the use of various drugs that are designed to protect against the development of inflammatory diseases of the prostate.

Primary prevention

In preventive techniques, which are absolutely healthy for the main man, there is nothing complicated. Beginning to adhere to them is from the age of thirty, they become almost mandatory in men 55 years old. Primary prevention usually consists of the following:

  1. Healthy lifestyle. It is worth remembering that the development of this disease is sufficiently influenced by the presence of various bad habits, smoking and frequent use of alcohol.
  2. A healthy balanced diet. Continuous consumption of vitamins with food or as supplements significantly reduces the risk of this disease.
  3. Regular exercise, sports. Different types of physical activity prevent the occurrence of stagnation in the pelvic organs, so for men involved in sports, the risk of developing prostatitis is usually much lower.
  4. Normal level of sexual activity. It is worth noting that sexual intercourse or masturbation sufficiently help to prevent the occurrence of stagnation in the organs of the genitourinary system, serve as a prophylaxis for the appearance of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland.

Absolutely healthy people do not usually need additional prevention methods. Also, with the achievement of 35 to 40 years, it is advisable to periodically check with a urologist to monitor any changes and notice the onset of the inflammatory process at the earliest stage.

Prophylaxis after prostatitis

If an acute illness has already occurred, it is important not to allow its transition into a chronic form. Prophylaxis of chronic prostatitis usually includes the following methods, it is better to combine them to achieve the best result:

  1. Exercises. Kegel exercises are usually used, despite the fact that it was developed to improve muscle tone in women, it also helps with various diseases in men. Before the beginning of exercises it is important to correctly determine the pelvic muscles, which will need to be properly strained and relaxed in the process. The easiest way to do this is during the process of urination, these are the muscles that regulate this process. Also, various exercises exercise therapy aimed at improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  2. Massage. This method is aimed at stimulating the prostate, there are several types of massage, each of them is sufficiently effective. You can massage the perineal area between the scrotum and the anal opening. Transrectal massage is also used.
  3. Medications. Usually, various drugs are used that help prevent the re-emergence of the infection that provokes the disease. Polyoxidonium, Prostatilen, Cordyceps and their analogues are usually used. Also, various types of rectal suppositories are used, which practically do not have contraindications, for example, Vitaprost.
  4. Supplements. These tablets are not official medicines, they can be used only in combination with conservative methods. Usually, Prostamol Uno, Lycoprofit, Prostagut and others are used.

Important!Do not start taking medication without first consulting a doctor.

If it is impossible to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, when working in the office or at home, you should periodically be distracted by charging, recommend making different flies with your feet, a little bit like to disperse blood. If despite the preventive methods there are symptoms of the disease, you need to contact the urologist as soon as possible.

Prevention of folk remedies

Folk methods should be used together with conservative means, otherwise they will not have a really pronounced effect. One of the most effective folk remedies that can be used as a primary prevention is pumpkin seeds. It is advised to eat a small handful of seeds per day, a high content of zinc and other useful elements well helps against prostatitis.

Also useful is honey with walnuts. It is necessary to crush walnuts and mix them with honey in the same proportions. Honey should be taken in the best quality. A day should eat a few spoons of the mixture. Do not make such a tool in reserve, so that it was really effective, it is better to make a fresh product every day.

In addition, against dried prostatitis dried fruits are useful: dried apricots, prunes. They can be ground in a blender with walnuts and eat a few spoons a day. This tool helps protect against prostatitis and has a general strengthening effect on the body as a whole.

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