Is it possible to eat Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes mellitus

Jerusalem artichoke or ground pear is a plant used to prepare various dishes. It is known that tubers of this plant are extremely useful in diabetes mellitus. It is worth knowing how to use Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes, why it is so useful in this disease, how to cook it properly.

  • Is it possible to eat Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes?
  • What is useful for Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes?
  • Contraindications
  • How to take with diabetes during pregnancy?
  • How to eat Jerusalem artichoke?
  • The opinion of the doctor.
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Ground pear is actually a close relative of sunflower, it is used not only in cooking, but also, for example, in some industries. In terms of chemical composition, this root crop is very close to potatoes, it contains a huge number of amino acids, vitamins, other essential elements.

Is it possible to eat Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes?

Jerusalem artichoke can be included in the diet with this endocrine pathology, it is often advised to use it in case of a disease. Due to the large content of useful elements, the root helps to improve the health of people with diabetes. In addition, this root vegetable contains a lot of fructose, which helps to restore normal metabolism.

Therefore, eating Jerusalem artichoke with diabetes is very useful. This root crop with endocrine pathology will serve as an excellent source of all necessary nutrients for the normal functioning of the body.

What is useful for Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes?

It is worth considering the benefit and harm of Jerusalem artichoke in diabetes mellitus of both types. This root crop as a whole is an extremely useful product even for a healthy person because of the number of essential amino acids, vitamins, other microelements necessary for the body to work properly. Jerusalem artichoke is a dietary product, it can be eaten with serious restrictions on nutrition.

  1. Most importantly - this product includes inulin, which helps improve the condition with type 2 diabetes. Eating an earthen pear helps to improve metabolism and the condition as a whole.
  2. Root crop helps to fight with constipation, restores normal work of the gastrointestinal tract. Do not be afraid of the high content of fructose in this product, it is digested slowly enough, so the sugar in the circulatory system comes gradually.
  3. In this case, this root is virtually harmless. The only thing when it can do harm, is with constant use in large quantities. The main thing is to eat it in necessary quantities, but not to overeat.

It is worth remembering that, despite the richness of this root vegetable with various useful elements, the diet, nevertheless, needs to be balanced, to include in it a variety of products from the list of allowed.

Other recommendations for use are various metabolic disorders, digestive tract disorders, in addition, Jerusalem artichoke is extremely useful for preventive use. Such foods in the diet are extremely healthy food, they help to avoid many problems in the future. Also Jerusalem artichoke is useful for various diets, both curative and aimed simply at reducing weight. This root vegetable contains a fairly small amount of carbohydrates.

Important! At the moment, doctors advise to include in the diet for diabetes earthen pear, in fact, it is recommended to prevent various metabolic disorders in the body, even healthy people.


There are practically no contraindications to the use of this root crop. The only time that Jerusalem artichoke is completely banned is with individual root intolerance. In other cases, it can be safely consumed in reasonable quantities.

How to take with diabetes during pregnancy?

According to the use of Jerusalem artichoke in pregnancy there are no restrictions, it can be safely eat in the same quantities. This root does not affect the condition of the unborn child, so with its presence in the diet it will be easier to cope with the bearing during the entire period of pregnancy.

Important! When preparing Jerusalem artichoke it is worth remembering that when cutting with metal knives and other kitchen accessories made of metal, this root crop loses some of its useful properties.

How to eat Jerusalem artichoke?

It is worth knowing how best to cook this root. It can be eaten raw and cooked. In any case, before use, you need to peel the root, wash thoroughly.

  1. Sometimes it is advised simply to drink raw juice of this plant. It is advisable to drink half the glass of Jerusalem artichoke juice half an hour before meals.
  2. In addition to the juice, it is allowed to eat carefully cleared root vegetable slices also half an hour before a meal. In its raw form, the effect of root vegetables on the digestive tract, its work, will be most intense.
  3. Jerusalem artichoke can be cooked like ordinary potatoes, baked, wrapped in foil, it is not desirable to use it in raw form with increased sensitivity of the digestive tract. It is best not to add any spices, seasonings to root vegetables cooked in this way.

It is worth paying attention to the following recipes. In such combinations, Jerusalem artichoke will be most useful in diabetes mellitus:

  1. Pancakes based on Jerusalem artichoke. You need to take about 600 grams of Jerusalem artichoke, a little less raw carrots. You need to grate them on a grater, mix with two raw eggs, a spoonful of flour. You can add a little olive oil and greens. From the finished mixture you need to form small fritters, fry on a minimum amount of oil until cooked.
  2. Baked Jerusalem artichoke. Root should be cut into cubes, preferably not very small, put on foil on a baking sheet. From above it can be sprinkled with a small amount of low-fat cheese or pour low-fat sour cream. To taste, you can add a little greens, salt, sprinkle with oil. Bake this dish until golden brown, used as a garnish.

This is the most useful, delicious recipes based on Jerusalem artichoke. This root is useful for diabetics, it is necessary to pay attention to it with such endocrine pathology. The main thing is to maintain your diet in a balanced way, in diabetics, especially the second type, the right diet is important. Only the transition to a healthy diet will help to completely get rid of this pathology.

In general, Jerusalem artichoke can be called an excellent product for diabetics, doctors everywhere recommend it for use in diabetes mellitus. This root is very useful for health.

The opinion of the doctor.

Insulin and inulin are often confused with each other due to the consonance of names. Meanwhile, these are two completely different substances, both in terms of the chemical structure and properties, and the mechanism of action on the body of a diabetic. Insulin is a peptide - a substance of protein nature, produced by the pancreas and regulates the glucose content in the blood and tissue cells. Inulin is a polysaccharide of plant origin. In addition to Jerusalem artichoke, inulin is found in chicory, burdock, agave, dandelion and many other plants. Inulin is very useful for people suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent type), because eating foods containing inulin reduces insulin resistance of cells, increases their absorption of glucose, reduces absorption of it in the intestines, stimulates the formation of glycogen from the glucose in the liver, thereby reducing its concentration in the blood. In addition, inulin normalizes not only carbohydrate, but also lipid metabolism, and this leads to a decrease in body weight in diabetics, which also has a beneficial effect on the course of the disease and the patients' well-being.