Allergy tablets: a list of the best and cheapest antihistamines

Allergy - the body's reaction to external irritants - allergens: household chemicals, medicines, pollen, household dust, infectious agents and many others.

Symptoms of itching, lacrimation, itching, runny nose, rashes on the skin are all manifestations of allergy. They do not always manage to remove from their lives the causes of allergies, for example, if your work is connected with filling out forms, cards, and you can not avoid allergic reactions to archival dust - you have to work! And here come to the aid of the best and effective pills against the allergy of the new generation, you can also buy cheaper drugs at the pharmacy.

Let us immediately with the reservation: before taking this or that medicine for allergies, consult a doctor!

Tablets from allergies: list and prices

  • First-generation anti-histamines
  • Second-generation antihistamines
  • Third-generation antihistamines
  • Tablets against allergies of the latest generation: list
  • Allergy treatment program
  • Allergy tablets: list and prices

    What are allergy tabletson the skin, from the cold and everything else is better? Consult with your doctor, try to find the medicine and dose for yourself. Carefully read the instructions for the use of a particular medicine, so as not to harm yourself. It is attached to each pack of drugs.

    So, I quote the list of antiallergic tablets:

    1. Diazolin;
    2. Zirtek;
    3. Zodak;
    4. Kestin;
    5. Ketotifen;
    6. Claritin;
    7. Loratadine;
    8. Lordestin;
    9. Tavegil;
    10. Telfast;
    11. Fenkarol;
    12. Cetirizine;
    13. Cetrin;
    14. Erius.

    Thanks to a wide choice of tablets against allergies, you can pick up any drug that is right for you. The average price of medicines from 200 to 600 rubles. A variety of antihistamines can be purchased as a cheap analog, and the best of the latest generation.

    Anti-histamines of the first generation

    Now doctors of this group are rarely appointed by doctors, but nevertheless they are used in practice, of course, they have obvious side effects - drowsiness and other:

    1. Diazolin - irritates the gastrointestinal tract. Price 69.00 руб.
    2. Dimedrol - affects the central nervous system. Price 75.00 rub.
    3. Diprazil - affects the activity of the nervous system.
    4. Peritol - increases appetite.
    5. Pipolphen - reduces peristalsis of the intestine.
    6. Suprastin, Chloropyramine - the safest of the 1 group. Price of 128.00 rub.
    7. Tavegil - allergic reactions to its ingredients occur. Price 159.00 руб.
    8. Fenkarol - low drug efficacy. The price is 376.00 rub.

    These drugs are currently used less often than drugs of 2nd and 3rd generation due to a number of side effects:

    1. arousal;
    2. constipation;
    3. decreased visual acuity;
    4. dry mouth;
    5. tachycardia;
    6. depression of the central nervous system: drowsiness, retardation of reaction, decreased concentration of attention.

    Suprastin and chloropamine are the only drugs of the 1st generation that continue to be popular, as it does not cause severe toxic effects on the heart muscle. But, there are even more effective drugs.

    Second-generation antihistamines

    The 2nd generation of drugs has been developed relatively recently. Their main advantage is the absence of a negative effect on the central nervous system, they do not cause drowsiness and inhibition.

    The most popular medicines are 2 generations:

    1. Histalong is an effective drug against chronic allergy, since it has an antihistamine effect up to 3 weeks.
    2. Claritin is a popular drug that is acceptable for elderly people and children from 1 year old. Acts quickly and continuously, without affecting the work of the heart and not having a sedative effect. Price 174.00 руб.
    3. Semprex is a medicine combining high antihistamine and minimal sedative effect.
    4. Trexil is one of the first medicines against the second generation allergy. Acts effectively, however, depresses the work of the cardiovascular system. The price of 97.45 rubles.
    5. Fenistil - tablets from allergies, not causing drowsiness and sedation. The price is 319.00 rub.

    Claritin is often prescribed for the treatment of children, since this drug is approved for use in the treatment of diseases in infants, has the smallest group of side effects.

    Third-generation antihistamines

    The best preparations of the 3rd generation are developed for an effective fight against allergies. They are the most perfect and help. They do not negatively affect the work of the heart, the central nervous system. As a matter of fact, being active metabolites of medicines of 2nd generation.

    List and prices:

    1. Telfast is a metabolite of terfenadine, does not interact with other medicines, is not metabolized in the body, does not cause drowsiness, does not interfere with psychomotor functions. It is considered the safest and most effective remedy for antihistamines. Such pills against allergies can not be given to children under six years old. Price 570.00 руб.
    2. Fexofenadine is an analogue of Telfast. Also has no effect on the brain and nervous system, does not interact with drugs and alcohol, is an effective and safe means. The price is 281.79 rubles.
    3. Cetirizine is especially effective for skin irritations. It is not metabolized in the body, quickly penetrates the skin, it removes dermatitis well. Can be used in children after two years. The price is 105.00 rub.
    4. Zirtek - practically has no side effect, the therapeutic effect comes in one to two hours after ingestion and lasts throughout the day. Since the substances are excreted by the kidneys, with renal failure and other problems, it is not advisable to use the drug. Price 199.00 руб.
    5. Cetrin - its use is possible for the treatment of allergies, both in adults and young children, starting from the age of 2 years. It is considered to be the safest and most effective means for relieving allergy symptoms. Does not depress the functions of the central nervous system and does not cause sedation. The price of 164.00 rub.

    Tablets against skin allergies, only a specialist doctor can select and prescribe. Because he takes into account the concomitant allergies of the disease.

    Tablets against the latest generation of allergies: the

    list There are not so many of them, but the result of the application can speak for itself:

    1. Zirtek prevents the development of severe forms of allergic reactions and it perfectly combats itching.
    2. Telfast can be used for a long time without compromising health. The drug lasts an hour after taking and reaches a maximum after six hours.
    3. Eryus blocks the peripheral receptors of histamine and removes a host of negative body reactions to allergens.

    Allergy treatment program

    For the treatment of an allergic reaction to the skin, it is necessary to adhere to the program of therapeutic measures:

    1. Exclusion of excessive physical and mental stress.
    2. Refusal from foods that can carry the risk of allergies: sweets, citrus and dairy products, coffee and chocolate.
    3. If possible, beware of the effects of irritating factors( hypothermia, overheating, overdrying, waterlogging).
    4. Partial or absolute elimination of the intake of allergens in the body.

    Use tablets against allergies makes sense when the effects of these allergenic factors are minimized, but if this is not done, you constantly have to increase the dose of pharmacological drugs, and the expected effect may not be obtained.