Coughing at night

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He suffocates coughing. What to do???



I would not say that it looks like pneumonia. It looks like an obstructive bronchitis. Once strangling, it can be bronchospasm. Try Ascoril to have a drink. There is a composition of salbutamol-bronchodilator.
Another 5 days can be treated with antihistamine-klaritin. The apartment is ventilated, if the feather pillow is changed to a holofiber.


put a pillow higher... maybe this night will have to sleep sitting ...
if it is worse... call an ambulance... avoobsche.. for a doctor!


terpin code. Kodelak. Only observe the dosage, the side effect is the drowsiness of the decay


Radish with honey! 100% result.


Borey tea with milk, and the children's balance formula for [link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]


Milk boiled with garlic


Buy Flemoxin - the second name - Amoxicillin - will help (but it is advisable to consult a knowledgeable specialist beforehand - is there a lot of coughing?! If the cold is Flemoxi, if it's allergic, you need to look for another remedy.) A new generation medicine. Also let him drink warm milk with small sips and without any oil - at best - with honey! Get right!

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Svetlanka and Antoshka

Breast gathering, it is better to consult a doctor. Cough is a dangerous thing.

Tova Petrova

Be sure to immediately make an X-ray film, it's hot on pneumonia. But such seizures can be removed by filling the bathroom with hot steam and bringing the child there for 5-7 minutes. The bowl, wrap it around your head and do not let it cool. Health to your child!

but Pasaran

call the doctor and if there is let bromhexine il over the cooked potatoes let them breathe


A bit of the doctor momom breast and anointed, the heat will help a little.. It is more to drink warm. Tea is better.
Pillow higher. Let him sit sleeping. If the ambulance gets really bad. And so tomorrow you must see a doctor.


Dr. Mom in medicine (or cough medicine - that's what is called, is sold in powder with one-time sachets or bromhexine or broncholitin, but with a doctor it is very advisable to consult), dry heat, warm milk with butter and honey (on a teaspoonful and other), you can still pour sugar in a spoon and hold it over the candle until it darkens, then cool it and give your daughter a lick - sweet and coughing effectively. about a high pillow - a very practical advice.

Mishanya Popov

From wet to dry, this is normal. At me too the daughter, simply the throat is torn up and it becomes on a habit it is necessary to give an anti-angina sucking candy that saliva was allocated! Hold on... it's easier to be sick than your children.

Jonny Shaman

1. Milk with honey (preferably linden)
2. It depends on how old my daughter is. Trituration. There is such a liquid MENOVAZIN. Need a little. Pour into the palm and rub into the back to dry. 2-3 times is enough. It is done for the night. But it's a bit smelly. It is worth a penny and it helps well. By myself I know. If she does not suffer the smell, you can rub your feet. Too well helps
3. Well, the drops that drive out the rubbish out of the lungs.


Thank you for the question, the same trouble, but unfortunately we have not helped... (((((((

Ekaterina Isayeva

We have the same problem. A week before our sick girl (she was 2 years old), went to hospitals, as she coughed up to vomiting. Drank antibiotics and Lazolva, also homeopathic remedies (Tartuffudrel and Bronhalis-hel). Like everything helped.
And I advise you to see a doctor. Sometimes, except for medicines, nothing helps, drinking on a boom is somehow unreasonable.
I wish you get better soon!!!

radishkin's hope

Her daughter just pulled it out on herbs.


Brew the lime tea. Lipa pharmacy 1 pack for 200 grams of boiling water, insist and give in a warm form

Why does a suffocating cough appear in an adult?

In the cold season people start to cough more. Cough (pershenie) is a sign of various colds. A suffocating cough in an adult person is an unpleasant and inconvenient form of coughing.

What is a cough? This forced displacement of the air mass from the lungs. Air emitted with force cleans the respiratory tract from foreign bodies and mucus.

What are the types of cough?

By nature and duration of cough is divided into:

  1. Acute. Occurs due to colds or viral infections, it is accompanied by high fever, weakness and mucus discharge from the nose. Lasts such a cough no more than 2 weeks.
  2. Protracted. Delivers anxiety to the patient from 2 to 4 weeks.
  3. Recurrent (subacute). It manifests itself in the form of seizures and is repeated after 4 to 5 weeks. Witnesses the presence of bronchitis or bronchial asthma.
  4. Chronic. In most cases, there are people who abuse smoking, and those who, according to the specifics of the work, are in contact with chemical preparations or allergens. Before getting rid of the cause of the disease, the effect of treatment is difficult to achieve. This cough lasts more than 2 months.
Doctors also share a wet and dry appearance. Strangely enough, but sometimes cough is beneficial. Thanks to a wet cough from the human respiratory system, along with phlegm, microbes and foreign bodies are removed. Therefore, otherwise it is called productive.

As for the second type, the dry suffocating cough is absolutely not effective, since with it, sputum is not released at all or formed in a minimal volume. It causes irritation and traumatizes the larynx and bronchi, exhausts the patient, disturbing a restful sleep and bringing psychological and physical inconveniences into his life. That is why the treatment of dry cough is based on its transformation into moist.For the prompt release of the patient from a bothersome cough, it is necessary to find out the reasons for its occurrence.This depends on treatment, which will be concentrated either on mitigating and suppressing the disease, or on dilution and removal of sputum.

Why does a cough appear?

Dry suffocating cough may appear due to mechanical causes, in case of some diseases, as a result of regular smoking (smoker's cough).

For mechanical reasons, damage to the mucous throat by foreign bodies (bread crumbs, pieces of hard food, midge) or irritation with allergens (dust and gases) is attributed to mechanical reasons.

The use of medicines will not have any effect. The improvement will occur only when the stimulus is removed. This cough accompanies people working for a long time at the enterprises of metallurgical, coke chemical and chemical industries, miners.

Most often, a suffocating cough indicates that the patient has one of the most dangerous diseases:

  1. Whooping cough: a suffocating dry cough in a child, occurring with profuse tearing and discoloration of saliva, sometimes resulting in vomiting.
  2. Tuberculosis: it may be signaled by an intense cough with little or no blood sputum.
  3. Laryngitis: accompanied by a debilitating dry cough and a slight outflow of mucus. During the illness, the fever does not decrease without the use of special medicines.
  4. Pharyngitis: cough that occurs as a result of incessant persecution in the throat.
  5. Pneumonia: cough, which is accompanied by severe pain from the inflamed lung. Dry cough with the course of the disease turns into wet.
  6. Bronchial asthma: severe attacks of cough, choking, accompanied by pain in the chest. Sputum is poor, viscous, vitreous, or completely absent.
  7. Heart failure: with her sparse foamy sputum released during the process, it is painted pink.
  8. Oncological diseases: cough is intense, painful, tearing. This cough is a symptom of a cancerous tumor in the lungs.

Persecution in a smoker has a debilitating and suffocating character, caused by irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat with nicotine resins and smoke. May be accompanied by poor expectoration of mucus. To get rid of such a cough is possible only by stopping smoking.

Pregnant women - a separate risk group due to the weakening of the immunity associated with the carrying of the baby. Cough often occurs with acute respiratory infections. During coughing, a woman experiences pain associated with the tension of the abdominal muscles. The use of medications during treatment is undesirable, so as not to cause pathology in the development of the child.

How and what to treat the disease?

For the effectiveness of treatment, it is extremely important to identify the causes that caused the disease, and to put the correct diagnosis. Dry cough is often accompanied by fever, runny nose, loss of strength, shortness of breath and choking. Therapy of the disease can be medicated, with the help of inhalations, folk remedies or complex.

Pharmacological methods include the use of drugs that suppress and relieve cough, creating favorable conditions for the regeneration of the mucous throat and the conversion of dry cough to wet. Usually, they use Codeine, Glaucine and other drugs based on them. You can use lollipops and syrups against coughing (Lazolvan, Herbion, etc.) - they soften the mucous.

A good effect is the use of inhalation. They help to cure an annoying cough. One of the simplest methods of inhalation are steam procedures using alkaline mineral waters ("Borjomi "Essentuki "Narzan") or a solution of baking soda, as well as broths of medicinal herbs and essential oils. For the treatment of small patients this method is unacceptable due to the high temperature of the liquid. The best way to relieve a fit of suffocation for any adult and child can be inhalation with a nebulizer.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of decoctions of various herbs with expectorant and anti-inflammatory action (Ledum, elephant, mother-and-stepmother), warm milk with the addition of soda, a mixture of butter and honey, juice from a mixture of honey with a black radish or aloe. Drink herbal medicinal herbs to calm the cough reflex should be 3 - 4 times a day. You can use potato broth for inhalations.

Complex treatment of the disease consists in combining the above methods.

Why does dry night cough?

Dry cough at night is a common symptom of internal diseases. Clinical observations have established that a night cough in an adult is not always provoked diseases of the respiratory system, sometimes it can be a violation in the work of the heart and gastrointestinal tract.

The causes of night swelling may be different:

  • horizontal position during sleep (the lungs in this position are less active and unable to properly clean the respiratory system of accumulated mucus);
  • dry and cold air in the room during sleep, irritating the mucous larynx, causes shortness of breath.

Nevertheless, one should not forget that a night dry cough can be a sign of pertussis or bronchial asthma.

What are the preventive measures?

The strength and duration of seizures can be reduced, and sometimes prevent their onset, often ventilating In the winter, sleeping rooms, making the apartment wet cleaning, increasing the humidity with the help of humidifiers. To minimize the possibility of catching a second cold, you need to wash your hands more often (you can with antibacterial soap), avoid communicate with coughing people, use gauze masks, drink vitamin complexes, give up smoking, drink more liquid.

In the diet with suffocating cough should include liquid milk porridge, mashed potatoes on milk.

It is recommended to eat grapes and drink grape juice with honey (has a healing and soothing effect).

Coffee from the diet should be deleted, replacing it with a barley drink with chicory and milk.


Remove from the menu spicy food, sweets and sweet drinks. If there are no medical contraindications, you can starve for 2 - 3 days, using only pure water.

Cough does not allow to sleep: what to do at night with a strong dry cough

As you know, coughing is an absolutely natural reaction of the human body, aimed at cleansing the bronchi.

This symptom is of several kinds, depending on the cause.

It happens that cough only occurs at night, exhausts and does not give a normal rest.

Causes of night cough

If a person coughs only at night, this is due to the fact that he stays in a stationary horizontal position for a long time and is unable to cough normally. However, this is not all causes of discomfort.

At night, absolutely all physiological processes in the body are significantly inhibited. Slouching of mucus, blood supply in the nose and pharynx not so quickly, and sputum, provoking an attack of cough, accumulates in the throat.

The same process takes place in the lungs: lying down, the person is getting phlegm, and the blood supply in them slows down.

It is important to remember, whatever the cough, it is not a disease, but only a certain symptom. In this case, the cough can be wet (productive) and dry (unproductive).

When a cough does not allow sleeping, the reasons can be covered in such diseases:

  1. whooping cough;
  2. bronchitis (acute, chronic);
  3. viral infection;
  4. bronchial asthma.

Asthmatics have coughing attacks lasting. They can last more than an hour and seriously intensify at night. This symptom is accompanied by abundant sputum secretion, a powerful pain syndrome behind the thorax and in the abdominal cavity.

A strong non-productive cough in a dream often happens in viral infections, when the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx swells. The patient's breathing is disturbed, which provokes congestion of a large amount of bronchial secretions. As a result, thanks to a reflex cough, excretions are removed from the body.

There is also an inextricable link between night cough and bronchitis. At the very beginning of the pathological process, the person cough is rare and dry, but as the bronchitis develops, the symptom is accompanied by the release of mucus. The peculiarity of bronchial inflammation is that the coughs disturb the patient until the moment of recovery, and completely cough only after 1-2 weeks.

If coughing attacks do not allow you to sleep, this may be a symptom of whooping cough. When the disease is evacuated a lot of bronchial secretions. A characteristic feature of whooping cough is that the patient will notice spasms:

  • muscles of the abdominal cavity;
  • larynx.

Often the cough becomes barking and ends with a vomiting attack.

Many believe that whooping cough is a childish disease, but this is far from the case. People of different age categories are suffering more and more often.

Other reasons

Doctors know many cases when night coughing happens without other symptoms. Often, patients do not attach much importance to this problem and do not seek the help of medics. Visits to the doctor are postponed for as long as the disease is not aggravated.

There is an opinion that a strong dry cough at night is a sign of serious damage to the bronchi and lungs. However, this is not the whole list of diseases in which a person suffers from painful spasms.

Causes of nocturnal cough without fever:

  1. frequent smoking;
  2. pulmonary tuberculosis;
  3. allergic reaction;
  4. oncology;
  5. heart failure;
  6. esophagitis.

Strangely enough, cough at night is often associated with a violation of the digestive tract, and the stomach in particular. This is a disease such as esophagitis. Even in an absolutely healthy person, the acid content of the stomach can sometimes be thrown back into the esophagus and pharynx.

In this case, a person will notice an increase in the level of acidity and severe heartburn in the lower part of the esophagus, where one of the cough centers is located. Such attacks occur only at night, when a person is in a horizontal position.

It is quite easy for a patient to detect heartburn. If he seeks medical help, the gastroenterologist advises to adhere to a special diet. It is important in this case to sharply limit or completely exclude from the food some cooking dishes, which can cause the failure of the esophageal flap. This category includes products:

  • carbonated water, lemonade;
  • cocoa, chocolate;
  • coffee.

In addition, heartburn and night cough can cause food, which included menthol, peppermint.

The doctor will prescribe medications that reduce high acidity in the stomach: Omeprazole, Omega. Already after a couple of days, coughing attacks will go to a decline, and the patient will be able to sleep normally at night.

When a strong barking cough does not allow you to rest, its cause may be a posterior rhinitis. Another name for this condition is rhinopharyngitis. When the disease inflames the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, begins to be sore in the throat, cough. This painful symptom can not be eliminated without medication.

With rhinopharynitis, the rhinitis does not occur, but in the throat cavity there is still a small amount of viscous mucus, which can not be fully crooked and blows. Most likely, the doctor will recommend treatment:

  1. with the washing of the nose (with oil and saline solutions);
  2. abundant warm drink;
  3. antihistamines;
  4. vasoconstrictive and antibacterial sprays.

Not the last role is given to airing, frequent wet cleaning in the room.

When is the doctor urgently needed?

A cough that does not allow to sleep at night can be a cardiac etiology. Such an ailment is called cardiac bronchitis.

If the patient's condition improves only in a sitting position, this should be seen as a signal to visit a doctor. It should be understood that one can not get rid of such a symptom without curing its underlying cause.

There are other situations when you should immediately seek medical help:

  • night attacks last more than 7 days;
  • with a cough, the body temperature rises and lasts for more than 3 days;
  • develop shortness of breath, pain in the chest during breathing;
  • Dense sputum of green color or with veins of blood is allocated;
  • cough accompanied by attacks of suffocation;
  • the patient suffers from chills, excessive sweating;
  • there is a loss of weight, general weakness, apathy.

What do we have to do?

Along with the treatment of the causes of night cough, the patient must take measures to improve his state of health. It is useful to constantly moisten the air in a room where the patient is most often. If the air is overdried and warm, this causes the mucous membranes to dry out in the nasopharynx, a strong cough all night.

Especially relevant this recommendation will be in the autumn-winter period, when heating works, and the house is dry and very hot. To improve the climatic conditions in the room you can use special devices to humidify the air.

As an option, you can put a wet towel on the battery or put a basin of cold water near it.

Prevent night attacks, not giving sleep, will help a profuse drink. As a rule, it is recommended to drink at least two liters of liquid per day. A sufficient number of drinks will help:

  1. increase the amount of mucus;
  2. dilute sputum and quickly withdraw it.

However, drinking water is not recommended for the night, as this can provoke the release of excessive amounts of phlegm, which can be drowned.

Excellent will cope with a night cough inhalation, if done before bedtime. As a basis, you can take alkaline mineral water, honey with milk, infusion or decoction of medicinal plants. Inhalations are simply irreplaceable and are especially useful for dry coughing. The procedure will allow:

  1. moisten the mucous membranes;
  2. to eliminate perspiration in the throat.

When productive cough should be used soda solution, do inhalations, both in the day and in the evening.

If the development of coughing attacks at night is associated with exposure to an allergen, before taking rest it is recommended to take antihistamines: Tavegil, Fenistil, Claritin, Suprastin, Loratadin. These medications are needed to eliminate puffiness of the respiratory tract, prevent the occurrence of spasms.

According to doctors, if you follow such simple advice, after some time the patient will forget about sudden coughing attacks, which prevents sleep. In conclusion, we recommend a video in this article about what to do with a cough.

Cough in adults at night - causes of seizures

Coughing in an adult, arising only at night, when the body is in a horizontal position, is a very serious symptom, indicating the development of serious diseases. For the appearance of such a reflex action, there must be strong bases. Therefore, it is very important to correctly establish the causes that caused the onset of a severe dry and sudden cough.

It is necessary to understand that not only the disease accompanying this symptom is dangerous, but the very strong dry night cough is fraught with many unpleasant moments. So, one of the serious consequences that can cut a person in a dream can be reflex attacks, leading to apnea (short-term loss of consciousness). Here it is impossible not to mention the process of coughing itself, which can be accompanied by suffocation, nausea, and severe shortness of breath.

Causes of a night cough in an adult

If the reflex act is only present at night, then the following factors may be the cause of its development:

  • Extremely overdried air in the room. It irritates the mucosa of the respiratory tract, which leads to a coughing attack only at night in an adult. In this case, getting rid of the obsessive reflex act is quite simple. In the evenings, it is necessary to switch on the humidifier in the bedroom. When you go to sleep, you can turn it off.
  • Involuntary action, which appears only in the prone position, may indicate the development of pathology in the work of the cardiovascular system. In addition to this symptom, there is severe shortness of breath, even with minor physical exertion. In severe cases, the nasolabial triangle becomes blue.
  • Negative effects of allergens, which can end in an adult with a violent and sudden attack of coughing with suffocation. Also, loss of consciousness due to lack of oxygen is possible. Such reflex actions are observed in people suffering from asthma. The reason for the night involuntary action is the influence of stimuli, for example, such as pollen plants, got into the room from an open window, or the smallest particles of household dust from the fountain pillows.
  • Chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, in particular bronchitis and inflammation of the pleura. In this case, a strong cough is observed not only at night, but also during the bright time of the day when the person is not lying.
  • Pathology in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Cough only at night in adults is an important symptom that requires very serious attention on the part of doctors and the patient himself. A person must necessarily undergo a full medical examination to exclude the presence of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract.

Causes of a child's night cough and methods of dealing with it

Perhaps, many parents know the feeling of excitement and anxiety caused by attacks of a night dry cough in the child. Some mothers in a panic, not knowing how to help their baby, begin to give him antibiotics, but these rash actions only aggravating his condition. Night cough in a child can occur for many reasons, knowing which, you can alleviate his condition and avoid dangerous consequences after taking certain medications.

Why does the condition worsen at night?

The emergence of cough in a child at night, experts explain that in a recumbent calm position The mucus produced in the nasopharynx during the period of a cold is not possible to resolve. Thus, mucus, completely clogging the nasal passages, often becomes the cause of reflex night cough in children. Exactly this process occurs in the lungs: sputum can not normally be removed to the surface of the respiratory tract, causing a suffocating coughing attack.

At night, a cool air, unusual for a baby, can provoke a cough, so it is advisable to avoid sudden changes in air temperature in the room where the child sleeps. In addition, that cold air has an irritant effect on the mucous membranes of the larynx, it can cause a cold disease.Such a process most often occurs in the autumn-winter period. It is for this reason that a child's cough can manifest only at night.

Probably, many parents noticed that their child coughs not so much, as at night. This circumstance is explained by the fact that when lying down, it is not so easy to clear the throat, so the baby has to cough more intensively to overcome the coughing attack.

Causes of night coughing attacks

If the child is disturbed by a cough at night for several days, it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the reasons for this condition

Causes of cough in children at night can be many, but most often this phenomenon is caused by the development of the following diseases:

  • viral infection;
  • sinusitis and rhinitis in chronic form cause bouts of dry, debilitating cough;
  • with pharyngitis, as a result of the constant presence of feelings of perspiration and tingling in the throat;
  • whooping cough;
  • gastroesophageal reflux;
  • adenoiditis.

The identification of the causes of a night cough in a child will allow for proper treatment, which makes it possible to avoid the development of many complications that are dangerous for the health and even the lives of children. If such a phenomenon occurs at night during several days, parents should contact the pediatrician.

How to make sleep calm?

For a baby it is important that a medical examination be conducted as early as possible. If a specialist causes a suffocating night cough as a viral infection, the parents themselves are able to alleviate the condition of their child. For this it is sufficient to take the following measures:
  1. Before going to bed give a warm drink - milk or herbal tea. Drinking will moisturize and soften the mucous membranes, as well as increase the production of sputum.
  2. Reduce the temperature of the air in the house. To do this is necessary in the heating season, because at this time in almost all apartments the air becomes dry and suffocating, causing coughing attacks.
  3. In the case when an allergy has joined the virus infection, the use of antihistamines will help improve the baby's sleep.
  4. The use of antihistamines, inhalation and rubbing of the breast is contraindicated in breast infants under 6 months of age. Therefore, to prevent stagnation of mucus in the nose and lungs, you should try to change the position of the baby more frequently during a night's sleep.

If after treatment of a night cough in a child prescribed by a pediatrician, there are no improvements, parents should turn to to the pulmonologist for the purpose of carrying out the research - taking the blood, bronchoscopy, x-ray analysis and applying other modern methods diagnostics.

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