A small red rash on the face and hands of the child

Almost every mother, once, but meets with such a phenomenon as a rash on the face of a child. Do not be scared - in some cases, it can go by yourself.

Usually, the rash is not dangerous, and it passes when the child turns a month or two. Most of the rashes appear due to the hormonal rearrangement of the child's body.

Contents of the article:
  • Possible causes of
  • Infectious lesions
  • Traditional therapies
  • At home
  • Recommendations for future mothers

Possible causes of

  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • infectious diseases;
  • neurological diseases;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • allergic reaction;
  • temperature change.

In the first month of life, a rash is observed in many babies - this is a consequence of hormonal failure due to the need to adapt sharply to new conditions.

If the reddish-pink rash , which appears on rough cheeks, is covered with small scales, and the child complains of itching, the situation is not so cloudless.

Most likely, the baby has an allergy due to malnutrition or drug treatment. In such a situation, care should be taken to restore intestinal function and correct nutrition.

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Small, pinkish rashes with characteristic convexity, not worrying the child - this is a sweating due to overheating. Normalize the temperature of , pay more attention to the hygiene of the baby, so that the baby sweats less, and the sweating will disappear without a trace.

Another, fortunately, rare cause of rashes - is Ritter's disease .Rashes, mainly at the mouth, but can spread further along the body. In this case, the rash manifests itself in the form of vesicles with a turbid liquid inside.

When the bubbles pass, in those areas where they were, the skin peels off with uneven stripes. The reason for such a disease is infection, or allergies, and with it, folk remedies can not cope with .We need strict medical supervision.

Infectious lesions


The temperature first appears, and after 3-4 days - a rash, lymph nodes increase. The rashes do not last long.


As in the previous case: first the temperature, and after 5 days - a bright rash of large sizes.


First there are spots, then they turn into bubbles, which, bursting, form pustules. After healing, the pustules become crusted.

Roseola( in children under 2 years old)

The causative agent is the herpes virus. The temperature rises for 3 days, then the body of the baby is covered with a rash for 5 days.

Traditional treatments for

Adequate treatment should be given according to the cause of the rash. For example, in the case of an allergic rash, it is sufficient to eliminate the allergen and take antihistamines.

Infectious rash should be treated with antiviral agents. Consult a doctor if the rash does not go away or is accompanied by anxiety symptoms.

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At home

If the baby has sweating, then choose the means to dry the skin. baths with a turn and camomile will show themselves well.

Herbal baths not only successfully combat allergic reactions - they also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

The recommended water temperature is 37 degrees, the recommended duration is 5 procedures, every other day, 10 minutes each. After bathing, you do not need to rinse your baby's skin with clean water - just pat it with a towel.

Perhaps, this is the best national tool for efficiency.

When the is hot, the air baths will benefit: lay your naked baby more often on a diaper so that the skin is breathing.

Do not forget to cut the child's nails so that he can not scratch the pimples and infect the wound.

Maintain the recommended temperature in the children's room - 20-22 degrees at a humidity level of not more than 70%.

Regularly undergo examinations in a polyclinic, even if the baby is absolutely healthy. It is better to be safe to protect the crumb.

There are many recipes in folk medicine that effectively combat allergic reactions in children, but the choice of a specific prescription should be made taking into account the individual tolerance of the baby to all the ingredients.

Any means is better to first discuss with a specialist and choose with him a treatment regimen. The most famous tinctures:

  • mixture of cocklebur with water,
  • burdock roots and dandelions with water,
  • yarrow with water.

Recommendations for future mothers

Increasingly, children develop food allergies due to lack of awareness of moms. It has long been proven that you should not smoke during pregnancy and eat irrationally.

Otherwise, the risk of allergic reactions in children will increase.

Breastfeeding should pay even more attention to their diet than during pregnancy.

If you exclude from use all forbidden products, the risk of developing allergies, together with a rash in the child will be minimized.

Being more informed, now you will not be frightened when the child suddenly has a rash. If it is not accompanied by anxiety symptoms, you can do it on your own, without the intervention of a doctor. Be healthy.

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