Benefits of beeswax with varicose veins, creams and ointments based on it

Even the ancients knew about the benefits of honey, pollen, propolis. These amazing gifts of nature prolong life, nourish the body, restore its functions.

No less useful and wax, which is used for varicose veins, it is made of convenient to use cream and ointments.

Contents of

  • 1 What is this ingredient?
  • 2 Should I use preparations based on wax?
  • 3 Possible risks and contraindications
  • 4 Prescriptions
    • 4.1 Ointment № 1
    • 4.2 Ointment № 2( according to the prescription of V. Seymova)
    • 4.3 Ointment № 3
    • 4.4 Ointment № 4
  • 5 Combination with traditional therapies

What is this ingredient?

Beeswax excrete special glands at the bottom of the insect's abdomen. It is an solid fat-like substance with a granular structure and a slight honey smell .

The color can be different - from white to yellow-brown, with a greenish tint, which is affected by several factors. For example, in the spring the wax is light, closer to autumn it gets dark.

Wax raw material happens:

  • primary - trimming, rejected honeycombs, zabrus( the so-called caps, cut from the honeycombs);
  • secondary - the primary or bypass burial.
The outflow can be dry, steam, water, extraction. For medical purposes, any method of extraction other than the latter is suitable.

Beeswax can be obtained at home using the water dipping method .Do it this way:

  1. Raw materials are put in water( preferably rainwater) and leave for the night, drain in the morning.
  2. Take a saucepan with double walls, put on fire and heat at a temperature of about 64 oC.Avoid overheating, otherwise some qualities will be lost.
  3. With a firebox, remove any debris that appears on the surface.
  4. After the contents become liquid, the wax is removed from the slab and allowed to harden.

Usually uses cosmetology or medicine to use purified wax. To carry out the cleaning is also simple, here is how it is done:

  1. In a pan with double walls put crushed beeswax.
  2. Two cheesecloths are fixed with gauze.
  3. The resulting liquid is alternately poured into containers through gauze or kapron tulle.
  4. Allow the mass to harden.

The melting vessel must be in stainless steel, wood, glass or with enamelled coating. With iron, copper wax interacts, resulting in the formation of harmful salts.

Should I use wax-based products?

The wax contains about 50 chemical compounds :

  • esters( palmitic acid, melissyl alcohol esters predominate) - 75%;
  • limiting hydrocarbons - 11-17%;
  • free fatty acids( neocerotinic, cerotinic, monatin, melissa) - 13-15%;
  • water - about 2.5%.

Wax renders marked bactericidal action of .It is used for the manufacture of medicinal ointments and patches, which treat wounds, burns, ulceration, inflammation of the skin, mucous membranes.

For medicinal properties zabrus is especially appreciated. It contains more therapeutic substances, since it consists not only of secretion of wax glands, but of propolis, pollen, substances secreted by salivary glands.

With varicose wax promotes the healing of trophic ulcers, removes pain, restores microcirculation, improves skin condition, softens. Its effectiveness is indicated by the fact that wax is a component of cosmetic and medical preparations , lipsticks, facial and body care creams. In physiotherapy, appliqués of beeswax are applied to treat joints.

Possible risks and contraindications

As is known, bee products are strong allergens , which cause hypersensitivity reactions. This occurs not only with congenital intolerance, but also in a number of other cases - because of the chemicals that the hive is treated, due to the violation of sanitary standards in the apiary, after antibiotic treatment of the bees.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction when applied to the skin:

  • rash;
  • redness and swelling;
  • urticaria, angioedema;
  • exacerbation of atopic dermatitis.

In this case, the drug is canceled and they seek help from an allergist.

Recipes of

Here are some easy-to-prepare recipes for ointments. All of the following means are applied exclusively to the skin, their shelf life is not longer than 3 months.

Ointment # 1

It will take :

  • olive oil - 150 ml;
  • resin coniferous( cedar, spruce or pine) - 100 g;
  • wax - 100 g;
  • honey - 3 tablespoons;
  • propolis - 2 g.

To obtain a bee-wax cream from varicose veins with propolis, the first three components are mixed and boiled in a water bath for 10 minutes, add honey, boil again for 10 minutes, add propolis and 10 more minutes stand on fire, then cool, poured into glassware.

Ointment is stored in a cool place, rubbed into the affected area of ​​the .

Learn more about the treatment of varicose veins on legs with folk remedies - not a single wax this unpleasant disease is alleviated.

Chestnut tincture, which is easy to make at home, is also an excellent assistant in the treatment of varicose veins. Learn about it all!

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Ointment No. 2( according to V. Seimova's prescription)

It will take :

  • vegetable oil - 1 glass;
  • yolk from an egg, boiled in a hard-boiled - 1/2 piece;
  • wax( preferably yellow) - a portion the size of a matchbox.

Oil is put on a weak fire. There they pour in the wax and wait for it to melt. Half of the yolk is ground with a fork until it is a mushy condition and is added with a pinch to the boiling mass, stirring with a wooden spatula.

Yolk at the same time causes increased foaming. Then the dishes are removed from the fire, and when the foam settles, they are brewed again. While the mass is liquid, it is filtered through nylon tulle, poured into a bowl for further storage, cooled and put in the refrigerator.

Ointment is applied to diseased areas, tied with a bandage, wrapped in cellophane and fastened with a bandage, left until the morning .After awakening bandages are removed, feet are rinsed with cool water. After 4-5 months, the veins become noticeably pale.

Ointment No. 3

It is required ( in equal parts):

  • pine resin( resin);
  • honey;
  • interior fat;
  • wax.

All ingredients are mixed and boiled in a water bath for half an hour, then cooled, poured into glassware. The drug is applied twice a day. Improvement occurs within 10 days, trophic ulcers are closed .

Ointment № 4

It is required for tincture :

  • peel from chestnut fruit - for ¾ of the volume of a half-liter jar;The
  • moonshine.

Cover the skin with vodka, moonshine or alcohol to a volume of 0.5 liters and leave for three weeks in a dark place.

Will be required for ointment:

  • cow oil - 100 g;
  • church candles made of pure beeswax - 3 pcs.or an equivalent portion of wax;Chestnut tincture of
  • - 100 ml.

Oil is heated in a water bath, after boiling, chopped beeswax is thrown. Tincture is heated in a mug of boiling water and, constantly stirring, poured into the composition, when the wax completely melts. Ointment is transferred in a glass container of dark glass. Apply to affected areas.

Combination with traditional therapies

The value of traditional medicine is that it uses natural products that have the most mild effect on the body. However, the independent use of ointments or creams will not provide the desired effect, because the cause of the disease is inside. Only all available techniques in the complex will provide the strongest effect of .

But no matter how sparing the effects of home remedies, it is important to remember that they can enhance or block the action of drugs of official medicine, influencing the course of recovery. Therefore, the treating physician should be informed about the remedy used.

To ensure that the ointment has brought great benefits to the body, it is important not only to strictly adhere to the formula, the method of application, but also adhere to simple recommendations for varicose patients :

  1. Maintain normal weight.
  2. Drink enough water.
  3. Engage in swimming, cycling, walking at a fast pace.
  4. Sleep with raised legs( an elevation of 10 cm is considered sufficient).
  5. Avoid tight clothing.
  6. Do not wear shoes on flat soles and high heels.
  7. Wear compression underwear, especially during pregnancy.
  8. Do not abuse sunbathing.

It is important to remember that beeswax becomes an enemy if its application is incorrect .People with varicose vasodilation are contraindicated in hair removal with its use.

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