Dangerous for sinusitis

Sinusitis can occur in men and women of any age. The causative agents are bacteria or a viral infection. Do not self-medicate or ignore the symptoms of the disease. After all, not everyone knows what a dangerous genyantritis in fact.

  • How complications arise
  • Complications after puncture
  • Dermal sinusitis is dangerous, if not treated
  • What is the risk of genyantritis in pregnancy?
  • Danger to children
  • Sinusitis or sinusitis
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How complications arise

Recognize the disease is not easy, because the symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of the common cold and SARS:

  • increased body temperature;
  • general weakness and malaise;
  • persistent headaches;
  • violation of nasal breathing due to swelling of the mucosa.

These manifestations may indicate acute sinusitis, but, at the same time, are signs of a cold.

The insidiousness of the sinusitis lies in a latent flow. If it is not treated, complications can occur:

  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • meningitis;
  • otitis;
  • myocarditis;
  • sepsis in the spread of infection throughout the body.

If the patient does not receive timely and correct treatment, the acute form will pass into the chronic. In addition, the infection can penetrate the blood and spread to other organs along the vessels. Complications arise from the following errors:

  1. Symptoms were taken for signs of ordinary rhinitis. Perhaps, the health measures were carried out, but the desired effect could not be achieved. This is due to the fact that the treatment of sinusitis is fundamentally different from the treatment of colds and runny nose.
  2. Sinusitis was detected, but the treatment did not work. Such situations occur when the causative agent is incorrectly installed. For example, viral sinusitis is treated with antibiotics.
  3. The appointment of a doctor is not observed by the patient. The course of complex therapy is prematurely terminated by the patient, once the bright symptoms subsided. But people do not always think about the fact that the source of the infection was not completely destroyed.
  4. The patient has a deficit of immunity (with congenital diseases, HIV, after radiation or chemotherapy). Even with adequate treatment, the body is not able to cope with the disease.

Attention! Everyone should know what is dangerous for chronic sinusitis. Only reliable information about complications will allow them to be warned in a timely manner.

Less common purulent sinusitis. The inflammatory process can be bilateral or affect only one maxillary sinus. How dangerous this form is to life, one can judge from possible complications:

  • influence on the visual organs (blindness, abscess or periostitis of the eye orbit);
  • damage to the membranes of the brain (meningitis, the formation of abscesses).

Complications after puncture

If the doctor suggests a puncture (puncture) or the installation of a catheter to drain the sinus, do not give up. The operation is appointed only when conservative methods are not able to help.

But sometimes surgical intervention is a threat to the patient. Than the puncture is dangerous:

  • can begin profuse bleeding from the nasal cavity;
  • there is a possibility of spread of infection and development of meningitis;
  • there is a partial loss of vision.

Attention! The puncture of the nasal sinuses is accompanied by the risk of complications, but sometimes a puncture is the only effective solution after taking antibiotics, laser therapy, folk remedies!

Dermal sinusitis is dangerous, if not treated

Is it dangerous or not to act in the genyantritis? Without treatment, weakened immunity of a person will fight infection for a long time. After a while, acute symptoms subsided, the general condition of the body is normalized as much as possible.

But against the background of a new infection for colds, chronic sinusitis manifests itself with renewed vigor. Exacerbations will periodically be replaced by remission, but without competent treatment the disease will not recede.

What is the risk of genyantritis in pregnancy?

The disease is easily developed when the human immune system is weakened - especially during pregnancy. The inflammatory process poses a serious threat to the future mother and her baby. Therefore, you do not need to postpone your visit to the doctor if symptoms appear.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that not every drug can be used. The side effects of some medicines may be fatal in pregnancy for the fetus.

It is important to know! Treat sinusitis is necessary, otherwise you can face the threat of miscarriage or premature birth, rapid spread of infection, complications!

In the early stages, the administration of most antibiotics is contraindicated. Assign rinses, rinses, inhalations, folk methods of treatment.

Danger to children

Inflammation of the nasal sinuses in a child begins with the same symptoms as in an adult. It is necessary urgently to address to the expert and to tell about a status of the kid.

An untreated disease can cause:

  • pathological changes in mucous membranes in the nasal cavity;
  • penetration of pus from the nose into the eye sockets, and from there - into the cavity of the skull;
  • inflammation of the orbit structures.

Immunity in children is much weaker than in adults. Protective forces are not able to quickly cope with the infection. Therefore, viruses, getting into the children's body, spread faster. It is important to help a weakened child in time to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Sinusitis or sinusitis

Many people confuse sinusitis with acute sinusitis. According to the clinical picture, these diseases are similar. The sinuses are all the paranasal sinuses, and the maxillary is one of them.

It is important to know! Both diseases occur due to infection of the upper respiratory tract and sinuses of the paranasal sinuses. A sinusitis is a particular case of sinusitis.

But still, what is more dangerous - sinusitis or sinusitis? It is not easy to differentiate sinus inflammation, but it is necessary. They are very close to the eye sockets and are directly connected with the medullary membranes. The spread of infection can cause serious complications, including meningitis and cerebral abscess.

Sinusitis is especially dangerous in severe form. If signs are found, you should immediately register for a consultation with a specialist. The doctor will examine the patient, prescribe the necessary diagnostic procedures. After conducting laboratory tests, a final diagnosis is established and a combined treatment is prescribed.

Compliance with the treatment regimen plays an important role. It is required timely reception of medicines, performance of physiotherapeutic procedures, strengthening of immunity with the help of vitamins.