Colds that drink from drugs

What to drink with a cold: what to take with a cold with temperature

A cold is an acute respiratory disease that occurs due to hypothermia due to decreased immunity.

The weakened state of the body is easily affected by a viral infection.

With a cold in mild form there is a cough, sore throat, runny nose. The disease is characterized by fever.

The body can overcome the disease on its own, but to speed up the process it is worth knowing what to drink with a cold.

Treatment of symptoms

Depending on the location of the inflammation can occur sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis and other exacerbations. To prevent this, it is better to use drugs that effectively eliminate the following symptoms of colds:

Pain in the throat. Without fail, the throat should be rinsed with saline solution or herbal decoctions. Among medicamental agents, effective are:

  1. pharyngosept,
  2. falimint,
  3. lysobact.
coldDischarge from the nose. With a cold, sprays with sea water, for example, otrivin and aquamaris, help. They are not addictive.

You can independently make a saline solution and wash your nose with a cold. 1 teaspoon of sea salt should be diluted with 500 ml of warm boiled water.

Such procedures in the common cold remove the infection and mucus from the nose. If there is difficulty breathing, you can use vasoconstrictive drops: sanorin or naphthysine. The duration of their admission is no more than 10 days. Otherwise, there will be an addiction to the drug.

Cough. To relieve the condition with a cold, you can drink one of the mucolytic drugs that dilute sputum: ACTS, bromhexine, ambroksol.

Heat. Reduce the temperature better with the use of antipyretic drugs, if it rose to 38 degrees. For this purpose, you can drink aspirin or paracetamol. Children under 16 years old should better take paracetamol.

Aspirin may have a child or a person with gastrointestinal problems, provoke serious health problems.

General weakness. With a cold, the body experiences a high demand for vitamins. You can buy vitamin C in ampoules or tablets, where its concentration is very high. In a day you can drink up to 1000 mg of vitamin C.

It is important to know that the use of antibiotics for colds and runny nose is a mistake. Most often the disease is caused by viruses, antibiotics also fight with bacteria.

As a result, instead of recovering, deterioration occurs, a disturbance of the beneficial microflora of the body occurs, which leads to digestion disorders.

What to drink with a coldBacteria can also cause colds, but are rare. Therefore, prescribe antibiotics can only a doctor after receiving the results of tests.

Do not need in large quantities to systematically take a variety of powdered medications, such as fervex or teraflu. They are effective in the common cold, that is, they remove the symptom, but do not treat the disease.

These drugs can be used on a one-off basis, when there is a great need to quickly bring the condition back to normal. The active ingredient of all these drugs is paracetamol.

Excess intake of paracetamol for colds has a negative effect on the liver and kidneys. With an increase in the overall temperature, the body produces antibodies to the virus, repeated use of these drugs interferes with this process.

Features of antiviral drugs

Antiviral drugs perform stimulation of human immunity by blocking the causative agent of the disease. Information about the effectiveness of this group of drugs for colds is now exaggerated.

These drugs are released not so long ago, their side effects have not been reliably studied. The appearance of new strains of viruses that resist such drugs is recorded.

Often a person recovers not because of antiviral drugs, but thanks to the work of his immune system with the support of symptomatic treatment.

Antiviral drugs are divided into:

  • Immunostimulants are agents that promote the production of interferons, for example, cytovir, kagocel,
  • vaccines should be taken in epidemics, so that antibodies are present in the body before infection,
  • interferon preparations, for example, intron or viferon,
  • antiviral drugs that block the parts of the virus, not allowing it to multiply in the cells of the body. The most popular medicines: relenas, remantadine, zanamivir, arbidol.
Antiviral drugs for coldsAntiviral drugs for colds should be taken at the beginning of the disease. The most effective of these drugs are characterized by side effects that affect the kidneys, liver, heart or other organs.

Homeopathic medicines are harmless with colds, and they are better applied in a complex, and they are harmless because they are created on the basis of herbal remedies. However, homeopathy is not always effective, its positive effect is known in the common cold. The fixed assets of this group are: Altabor, Imupret.

It is necessary to carefully take immunostimulating drugs to prevent diseases. A strong activation of the system leads to the appearance of autoimmune processes in the body, for example, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis can begin.

With flu, you should follow the doctor's advice clearly. The consequences of this disease are much more serious than one thinks.

After receiving the results of the tests, the doctor chooses the antiviral agent most effective for this type of flu. It is best not to let the disease occur and get vaccinated beforehand.

Natural ways to treat colds

It is not necessary to take a huge amount of medicines to make the disease fleeting and minimize the consequences. It is enough to notice the decrease in the optimal state in a timely manner and help your body cope with these actions:

  1. use light foods that are easily digested and have many vitamins,
  2. to comply with bed rest,
  3. constantly air the room, and also moisten the air to 70%,
  4. consume a lot of warm liquid.

With a cold and cough, inhalations with essential oils or boiled potatoes are effective. You can breathe in pairs over the pan or use a special apparatus. You can also take pills from the common sinupret, for example.

Procedures with essential oils are contraindicated for people with hypertension. To improve the condition, inhalations should be performed 2 times a day for at least 5 minutes.

Sinupret TabletsIt is very useful to take foods that have phytoncides. This is onion, garlic and ginger root. Such products can simply be cut and left on a plate in the patient's room. Volatile substances of these products contribute to air disinfection.

At the first symptoms of the disease, when the temperature is still normal, you can do warming procedures: soar your feet, glue pepper patches on your feet, put mustard plasters, take baths. To cure rhinitis it is necessary to warm up the nasal sinuses very often.

Fighting the common cold takes place using various folk remedies. For example, to reduce fever, you need to drink:

  • Morse from cranberries or cranberries,
  • milk or tea with honey. One tablespoon of liquid is added a tablespoon of honey,
  • May with raspberries, ginger, lemon or kalina.

To cure cough use:

  1. in one glass of milk diluted in a teaspoon of butter and honey,
  2. thoracic collection,
  3. decoction of the root of plantain or licorice,
  4. juice of honey and radish. It is necessary to cut half a radish, to make in it a deepening and to put there a large spoon of honey. Next day you need to drink juice.

To eliminate the inflammatory process it is necessary to drink herbal medicinal herbs:

  • Decoction from the chemist's daisy. 1 tablespoon of chemist's chamomile needs an hour to insist in boiling water. Drink the broth for several days,
  • Black elder extract,
  • Decoction of mint, blackberry and linden. In equal quantities should take raw materials, 1 tablespoon pour two cups of boiling water and boil for ten minutes. The broth is filtered and used in a warm form in the amount of 1-2 cups a day,
  • Decoction of raspberry and linden flowers. Two tablespoons of the collection are poured into two glasses of boiling water and infused for 7 minutes. The filtered broth is drunk before bedtime,
  • Decoction of basil. 1 teaspoon dried basil is brewed in a glass of boiling water and is used for 1 day,
  • Broth from a dogrose. 20 berries rosehip poured a glass of water, brought to a boil for 10 minutes. The broth is infused for 24 hours. The filtered fluid is drunk during the day.

It is not necessary to use alcohol tinctures during influenza or cold. Although herbs in their composition can be beneficial to the body, but alcohol is much more harmful to him, weakening protective functions.

It is best to prepare in advance for the period of colds and strengthen your body with natural methods. About this, as well as about the diversity of cold medicines, in the video in this article.

What to drink for a cold?



SIMPLE... on the mask, drip fir oil (there are in pharmacies) and so go home all day, if you can fall asleep (it will still then fly off) then sleep in it, only so that no one is afraid... at night, rub your chest to the neck with a menovazine and warmly dress, lie down under the blanket, you need to sweat, and before that, drink hot tea preferably with raspberry jam... these procedures are in the complex for three days and you will be healthy.... but antibiotics are too early for you... enough paracetamol... he is not there alone in the drug.... rinse ....


Means that are advised to take with a cold, weight. But we will focus on the five tools available almost everywhere. So, if you have a fever for the temperature, then it's necessary to take an antipyretic. The easiest way to buy a simple paracetamol, which copes well with this task. The second effective remedy for colds, which is worth adopting - any drug of the group of interferons that will help support immunity and help him defeat the disease. The third number is worth mentioning any warm drink - water with lemon, ginger tea, chamomile broth or plain tea with raspberry jam. Options and recipes - dozens, the emphasis here is probably not as a composition, but in quantity - for a cold, you must take at least 2 liters of liquid every day.
The fourth element of the "saving five" can be called any simple products that are always at hand, and which help to overcome the cold due to the fact that they contain magic substances phytoncides. Without going into the biochemical details, we will only inform you that it is useful to take onions, garlic, lemon, ginger, sage and other products for a cold. Also phytoncides are contained in the potato "uniform" - that is why grandmother's inhalations over boiled potatoes quickly and effectively treat such symptoms of cold as cough and sore throat. And finally, it would not be excusable not to mention Vitanim - they always play an important role in our life, but with cold they are absolutely necessary.
Even if these five drugs, which we recommend taking with cold, seemed too "frivolous" to you, do not neglect them. As you know, the main thing is hidden in small things: most likely, it is this "simple alchemy", which includes the five above listed funds, will play a decisive role in your recovery

Love Dmitrieva

Oscillococcinum to help you.


Not properly treated.
Rinza and Renikold - the composition is the same. You need to choose and accept one.
Antibiotic is not needed.

It would be better to call a doctor. It is necessary for the doctor to examine the throat. At what stage of the disease. The treatment depends on this.

I advise - influferon or darinat

~ The sun ~

Do not use antibiotics to poison yourself with every cold.


Do not use antibiotics, even from the cough well syrup with podorozhnikom.


if sputum during expectoration white without any impregnations, then you do not need an antibiotic, only you get dysbacteriosis. rinsasip and renikold both contain paracetamol, drink something. bronchomunal contains antibiotics too. Do you have bronchitis or just a cold? if you just cough for a cold you can drink syrup of althaea, expectorant natural remedy for 40 rubles. Drink plenty of liquids, the liquid helps to clear phlegm. keep bed rest, and sleep more. If the runny nose gets worse, you can do a lavage with warm water and salt (1 teaspoon of salt to a glass of water). pour into the palm and inhale with nostrils 5 times in a row 3 times a day. with severe pain in the throat will help lyugol, he is now sold in the form of a spray.

Lelya Ivanova

In all that you I have not found vitamins, I think you just this is not enough, so that there would be no weakness and the body would resist more, so dozhavte either broth of dogrose, or ascorbic, or Echinacea, [link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project]. Also an excellent vitamin complex may in your case be Osteo-Vit, more

Maria Zinchenko

In principle, all the signs described are inherent in the usual Orvi, and they are not treated with antibiotics, antibiotics for viral infection can only do harm. Usually, for colds, antiviral agents are prescribed, if a bacterial infection joins, and this can be determined by a general blood test, then yes, antibiotics can not be avoided.

ewgeny gasnikov

Found in Tibetan medicine: with a beginning cold, flu-cold, cough, fever, pain in the bones, BUT, no, yet-pain in the throat (that is, the disease has not penetrated deep into the body; Ingredients: 1 glass of hot milk (or hot tea with milk): a pinch of red pepper, black pepper, ginger and cardamom (all components are dry, ground); 1 teaspoonful: sugar, butter; drink, in the evening, before going to bed and in the morning, as woke up, all the symptoms disappear, after 2 hours, after the morning use. But, if, is present, a plus, to the symptoms, pain in the throat, replace one component (cardamom-turmeric), BUT-drink should be 6 glasses, for 1.5-2 days. A very effective remedy, considering that turmeric is a natural antibiotic. Himself, for the last 11 years, I'm not sick with flu or with colds, all because I started drinking ** blue iodine ** of my own making and on the weather with medicine-do not care.

Alina Mikhailova

I am saved by amyxin in case of an epidemic of cold and flu. Vaccinations I can not do, have to drink preventive drugs. Amiksin did not fail in this plan, did not catch the flu

What medicines for cold to take

A cold is a rather insidious phenomenon, which, as a rule, arises periodically in every person, and certainly does not depend on the weather, the season or the state of health. In order for the cold to bypass you, you need to know how to get around it and treat it if necessary. Recommendations from doctors read below.

What medicines to treat colds take?

It's not a secret for anyone that usually the main cause of any cold is the severe hypothermia of the human The body, despite the fact that it can occur in the hot summer, completely from a slight draft. And yet, in any case, in order not to get sick with viral diseases and as few drugs to take with a cold, the very first thing that needs to be done is to strengthen the immune system.

If all the same the cold did not escape and you get sick, then it can be treated with folk remedies and medications. If you take into account the medicine for colds, then if you have a stuffy nose, you can drip in it for 3 days, vasoconstrictive drops, for example, Naphtizin, Sanorin and the like. At a high temperature, antipyretic agents are taken, for example such as Aspirin, Paracetamol.

For a while, they relieve catarrhal symptoms and neither treat it as it itself, but despite this, cold medicines are widely advertised and considered fashionable, for example, Koldreks, Ferveks, Flukold and the like. But increasing the intake of food for the period of illness, a vitamin such as C, will be quite favorable for your well-being. This vitamin can be taken not only in the form of tablets, you can also eat black currants for more, as well as tea with lemon drink or every day to eat a couple of walnuts, because in it there is a lot of vitamin C, even more than in the currant and lemon. This vitamin significantly speeds up the healing process.

Classification of drugs for colds

1. With a multifaceted action for colds and flu among antiviral medicines, Ribarin (Ribavirin) and Groprinosin (Inosin pranobeks) are especially prominent. Against the viruses from influenza A and B, Ribavirin is active, it is respiratory syncytial virus, coronavirus, rhinovirus. The drug is highly toxic, it is usually recommended for use in the case of confirmation of respiratory syncytial infection, which in children is often the cause of bronchiolitis. Drug for colds Groprinosin affects parainfluenza viruses, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses. It stimulates the defenses of the body.

2. Another large group of antiviral drugs for cold and flu are interferon inducers and interferons. Interferons are protein substances that are synthesized by the body against infection, increasing the body's resistance against viruses. Their advantage is the spectrum of action, which is wide and advantageously distinguishes these medications from influenza and colds from synthetic drugs. True, many specialists are not sure about their effectiveness in ARVI. These medicines are prescribed for colds in the form of rectal suppositories and drops in the nose.

Leukocyte native interferon from the ridge and cold - a medical medicine is instilled 4 to 6 times a day, and Reaferon 2 drops to 4 times a day. The drug Viferon is available in the form of candles, the application for adults is allowed 3 or 4 candles. Inductors of interferon (medicinal drugs that stimulate the production of their own interferons) used for colds: Amiksin, Tsikloferon (meglumina akridonatsetat) and some others.

3. M-channel blockers that do not allow the virus to enter the cell, preventing its further reproduction - Amantadine (aka Midantan), Rimantadine (or Remantadine), these are the oldest antiviral medicines for colds. These funds are required to be used at the very beginning of treatment for flu and colds. Another drawback of these drugs can be identified that it is not always possible to accurately identify the disease virus. Receiving them is usually used in epidemics, which are caused by a virus that is related to influenza A, in particular to the family of the ill.

4. Against viruses belonging to group A and B, neuraminidase inhibitors are effective - these drugs can suppress the enzyme responsible for their reproduction. These drugs include Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) and Relenza. Begin to apply them should be within two days from the onset of the disease. Side effects of a medical medicine for cold Oseltamivir were noted in recent epidemics. In addition to these side effects, in the attached instruction: vomiting, nausea, dizziness and headache, - there were disturbances in consciousness.

Anesthetics and antipyretic drugs for colds

In the treatment of the disease it is customary to use a large number of drugs. As anesthetics and antipyretic drugs most often use such medicines for cold: Paracetamol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen. These drugs lower the heat, relieve the pain in the throat and muscles, as well as a headache.

How to take Paracetamol for colds?

The safest of the drugs in this group is considered to be Paracetamol (Kalpol, Efferalgan, Panadol and so on). As a rule, it is released in the form of effervescent and usual tablets, sometimes in the form of suspensions and syrups, drops or rectal suppositories.

Paracetamol is used for pain and temperature. But Paracetamol can be considered safe only as a medicine for colds, as in case of an overdose, this drug can lead to damage the circulatory system, the kidneys and the liver, and getting an extra dose of this drug is much easier than it may seem, especially when it comes to children. In the annotation to the medicine, a lot is written, and the dosages are correspondingly different, but despite this it is necessary to take into account the concentration of the drug itself.

Paracetamol is also found in other medicines, with completely different names. Even if the annotation says that the course of treatment is 7 days, you still should not consider yourself competent, and paracetamol to be treated "to the full stop", since only a real doctor has the opportunity to prescribe a drug of a certain form and dosage.

How to take Aspirin for a cold?

Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) is one of the most well-known all over the world for cold medicines. It is produced in tablets, usually in effervescent or ordinary; no suspensions, no Aspirin syrups does not exist - up to the age of 15 children it is not assigned to children, it is strictly forbidden to give it. The use of this drug can cause terrible complications in children, which are quite often with a fatal outcome, the so-called Reye syndrome.

For adults, Aspirin is not prescribed, you just need to know all of its contraindications, such as: kidney disease, allergy to the drug, pregnancy, bronchial asthma, bowel and stomach disease, blood coagulability disorders.

How should I take Ibuprofen for colds?

Ibuprofen is used for colds, as a medicine, reducing pain and lowering the temperature. Children, up to 1 year and indeed children, this medicine is given only on prescription.

This drug is tolerated a little better than let's say Paracetamol. Ibuprofen does not cause irritation in the gastric mucosa, but the truth is sometimes dizziness, and this means that people whose work is associated with concentration of attention, this drug is not recommended.

Any antipyretic drugs for colds with alcohol are not compatible and can cause bad consequences, for example, because of such a combination, there may be internal bleeding, even death.

All existing drugs are the result of numerous studies. The medicines used for influenza and cold are divided into several groups.

What medicines from the arsenal of folk medicine should be taken for a cold?

Before deciding on what medicines to drink during the cold, you can always try to cure its folk remedies, sometimes, especially in the first stage of the disease, they are more effective than medicines.

With catarrhal diseases, it is necessary to increase the use of liquid. More liquid, is a miraculous way to fight any cold. The main thing is that herbal teas, compotes or fruit drinks are not very sweet and unheated. But vodka in this list of drinks is not included either, because the consumption inside this drink can only worsen the patient's condition. But for external use, for example, doing compresses or rubbing from vodka during a cold is the thing.

Everyone knows about the miraculous properties of inhalations for colds. After all, even our grandparents forced us to breathe steam from boiled hot potatoes, and to this day this method works. In such potatoes, you can also add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil or a little tincture of plantain. In addition, inhalation for colds can be taken over a saucepan with hot water, only in this water must be added a few droplets iodine, you can also add a little broth of pine buds to hot water, as well as ten to twelve drops of menthol oil.

What medicines can you drink from colds during pregnancy?


Gold Fish

tea with raspberries

Svetlana Krotova

Honey and milk

Personal Cabinet Removed

TE in which there is no chemistry and most of all not a purchase in the market, but directly from the village)), they will not hurt Malysh, and will add the necessary vitamins

I am your dream

In the first trimester, no, absolutely. In the second, cough is ambrohexal and bromhexine, but ambrohexal is better. If absolutely bad and complications, antibiotics of the pennicinal line and amoxicillin can be used. In the nose everything is possible.

irina elmanova

to start a doctor, and no self-treatment!

Irina Kozenko

I can tell from my own experience that the best remedy is lime tea and as much as possible, it removes all the rubbish from the body! Well, if the throat also got sick, it's possible to buy pharyngosept in the pharmacy, he is not dangerous to pregnant women!

MyJane Magazine

It is better to use medicinal herbs - chamomile, St. John's wort, mother-and-stepmother.
Aspirin to treat influenza and colds of pregnant women is usually not prescribed: in the early stages of acetylsalicylic the acid "threatens" with the interruption of pregnancy, on later - with bleeding and the protracted nature of the birth. During the period of illness, one should not swim and overheat. Your condition can improve slightly the wet napkin on the forehead. Do not get carried away by antibiotic treatment, because they can greatly harm the future child. In the case of the flu, they are not prescribed at all, unless you develop follicular tonsillitis, nephritis, and other acute diseases. A great benefit is tea with lemon, honey and raspberries, but here you must remember that you do not have any allergies to these products.
In any case, no matter how light or heavy your period of illness is, you should always consult your doctor.
In the second and third trimester, paracetamol is used.
Nutrition and Pregnancy
Fears of Pregnancy


A good question, considering that in pregnancy it is better not to drink any medications. But there is a cold and you need to do something. Therefore, I will advise you of herbs. I think chamomile, sage, dog rose will not harm, but still consult your doctor. But from honey, it is probably better to refuse or use it a little bit. Honey will have a greater allergenic load on the baby, and this is a high risk of allergies in the aftermath (the same applies to citrus fruits). In general, it is believed that an insignificant cold (not a heavy flu!), It's even good, because stimulates interferonogenesis and increases immunity. Do not be ill!

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