Treatment of impotence at home in a short time

The strength of a man depends on how much he is sexually active. The problem with potency today is younger and often not directly related to age. Sexual influence is influenced by lifestyle, stress, smoking and alcohol. It is possible to effectively treat impotence at home with folk remedies. But where to start?

  • Causes
  • To which doctor to apply
  • Treatment of psychological impotence
  • Treating with Trittico
  • Impotence in 65
  • What folk medicine offers
  • Onion porridge
  • Cedar greens 10%
  • St. John's Wort
  • Fresh Garlic - Daily Dose
  • Cedar Nuts
  • Icelandic moss
  • Infusion of ara
  • St. John's Wort Treatment
  • Options for using hawthorn
  • Mint with clover and nettle leaves
  • Verbena
  • Walnuts
  • Fenugreek
  • Anise seeds
  • The roots of the orchard
  • Asparagus Root
  • The roots of the lapel
  • Decoction of carrots
  • Decoction of raisins
  • Broth of port with nettles
  • Vorony Eye
  • Hemp
  • Treatment of impotence with bee stings
  • Medication
  • Pills
  • Papaverine
  • Cialis
  • Treatment of beaver impotence
  • Nitromaz
  • Additional resources
  • Massage
  • Expander of the anus
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Important!If there is a problem in the intimate sphere, do not panic and immediately put a cross on yourself. Treatment at home helps to improve the situation and restore the former speed. It is important to correctly approach the treatment process and follow all of these recommendations.


What causes lead to the development of the disease:

  • persistent stress, overwork;
  • overheating and overcooling.

In the treatment it is important not to lose common sense. Active lifestyle, proper nutrition and herbs help, but hypnosis or conspiracy is unlikely to correct the situation.

Often impotence occurs not for physiological reasons, but for a number of psychological factors. The disease occurs in families with an unstable emotional environment, where there is distrust, tension, constant conflict.

To which doctor to apply

In order to understand what kind of doctor to apply for problems with potency, it is necessary to establish the cause. In this matter, doctors can help a sexologist, andrologist. Which will give the referral to the right specialist or will take care of their own. The doctors to whom they are referred can be: a psychologist, a urologist and a proctologist. Do not self-medicate.

Treatment of psychological impotence

The cause of impotence are various factors, one of them is psychological. The problem can be solved with the help of introspection, understand the reason for yourself.

  1. An effective method is a relaxing environment and a naked female body. A woman should be playful.
  2. It is recommended to drink a course of sedatives, you can use folk methods of treatment based on herbs.
  3. Protect yourself from stressful situations, change your lifestyle, often make yourself happy, pay more attention to what brings pleasure.
  4. When using traditional drugs, PDE-5, Eromax inhibitors are used, which are used according to the doctor's prescription. Also use the preparation Trittico and ointment Nitromaz, which help in the treatment of impotence with psychological reasons.

Treating with Trittico

Trittico is a drug that is an antidepressant, relieves tension, fatigue, helps with insomnia, fighting alcohol, stabilizes the emotional state, restores sexual desire. It is often used for psychological impotence. Assign to take a day not more than 200 mg. The drug is not addictive, but has contraindications: individual intolerance.

Impotence in 65

Norm for potency is not established. For the body it is normal to reduce craving and sexual possibilities after 65 years. But if you still have problems with potency at this age, then the first thing you need to identify the cause of the disease. Perhaps this is the lifestyle or influence of other diseases. Do not give up visiting a doctor. He will be able to identify the problem and prescribe medication that will help return to a full-fledged lifestyle.

What folk medicine offers

Onion porridge

Take a slice of onions, pour a glass of boiling water. Boil a quarter of an hour in a water bath, cool, drain.

Cedar greens 10%

Zhivitsa is essentially a resin of Siberian cedar. It contains many useful substances. It is used as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory diuretic. In case of impaired erectile function, 2 drops of 4 drops of 10% balsam should be applied 2 times a day. You can also use the second scheme of reception, which will restore the male power and rejuvenate the body: 5 drops 1 time per day.

St. John's Wort

Effective and simple treatment for impotence at home. Spoon a tablespoon of herbs with 0.2 liters of boiling water. After an hour, take 100 ml, three times a day before eating. After a few days of regular intake of tincture of St. John's wort, intimate life should be adjusted.

Fresh Garlic - Daily Dose

From garlic you can cook garlic tincture, which must be taken 15 drops 3 times a day. The remaining gruel can rub the loins. If you do not want to bother with tinctures, you can eat 3 cloves of fresh garlic in the evening.

Cedar Nuts

Kernel grind to get a powder. Pour drinking water into it gradually to add white color.

You can eat a glass of pine nuts every day, squeezed them with fresh goat's milk.

Icelandic moss

Icelandic moss has the properties necessary for problems with potency. But it is not used alone. Cetrarium (Icelandic moss) is better for taking herbs. To do this, prepare 1 tbsp. l. mixture, taking in the same proportions linseed, cetrarium, lemon balm, tuber, add 200 ml of boiling water and put it for 2 hours. Capacity wrapped blanket, blanket or warm clothes. Then strain the infusion and take 200 ml 3 times a day.

Infusion of ara

To a hundred grams of bog ayr (take root) to pour a liter of vodka. Close the mixture and press for 15 days in a dark place where it's cool enough.

St. John's Wort Treatment

St. John's Wort has excellent properties. It can be used in the treatment of impotence. To do this, take 1 tbsp. l. dry crushed plant, or 1.5 tbsp. l. fresh herb St. John's wort, pour 200 ml of boiling water. Let it brew for 1 hour, cool the infusion, drain it. Take 100 ml 4 times a day half an hour after a meal. There are several prescription fees, which also include St. John's wort.

Options for using hawthorn

If fresh berries do not get, then the jam will be effective based on this ingredient. You can prepare tincture on vodka: pour 100 grams of hawthorn flowers with a bottle of vodka, insist for ten days.

Mint with clover and nettle leaves

Take two tablespoons of each plant and mix. Pour in a thermos with a liter of boiling water. Leave for a quarter of an hour, then drain.


To a tablespoon of chopped verbena, pour 0, 5 liters of water. Boil, cool the broth and strain. Drink four times a day on an empty stomach for half a glass.


To restore men's strength, you need to eat every day a glass of walnut kernels. Great, if you can drink nuts with goat's milk. When the problem is started, you can eat several glasses.


Boil the ripe seed of the plant in water with the addition of honey. Dry the seeds, crush them. Take the powder on the tip of the knife and take it inside. Double the effect, if you wash down the powder with a tincture of asparagus seeds (seeds are poured with boiling water, left for 10 hours in a thermos bottle).

Anise seeds

In the seeds of this plant contains a maximum of useful substances that are needed by the male body to restore sexual function. Seeds need to be ground to a powder. Take one and a half grams of powder and take before each meal during the day.

Important!Seeds of anise not only help to cope with impotence. They have a positive effect in violation of urination.

The roots of the orchard

0, 2 liters of boiling water pour a large spoonful of plant roots. Then cook for five minutes, insist a quarter of an hour and strain.

Asparagus Root

The root of sainfoin needs to be crushed. Take a large spoon and pour 300 ml of boiling water. Boil five minutes on a fire, insist the night in a thermos. The broth is taken in the morning and in the day by 50 ml at a time.

The roots of the lapel

To realize this popular recipe, half a tablespoon of the roots of the bedstraw are filled with a glass of boiling water. Drink one quarter of a glass for half an hour before a meal. The taste of the decoction is pleasant, there are no allergic reactions to this root.

Decoction of carrots

Grate the fresh carrots. Pour two tablespoons of gruel with a glass of boiled milk. Cook for 10 minutes, allow the mixture to cool.

Decoction of raisins

When treating impotence, only black raisins help people's remedies. It must be touched, rinsed and poured with fresh milk. Send to the fire and boil, then cool. Bite with milk. First take the proportions of 30 grams of raisins and 300 ml of milk. Then increase to 50 grams of raisins and 500 ml of milk.

Broth of port with nettles

Pour 500 ml of natural port wine into five large spoons of nettle seeds. After a long brewing, insist.

Vorony Eye

Take a large tablespoon of powdered root. Brew 0.2 liters of boiling water. Send for a slow fire for five minutes. Then still connect with 1 tbsp. l. honey, insist half an hour.


A powerful remedy to get rid of impotence at home. A glass of hemp seeds can be crushed and poured with water, which is heated to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius (take 700 ml of water). Insist half an hour.

Treatment of impotence with bee stings

Before starting treatment, consult a specialist for assistance. It is recommended to take a remedy against allergies, and after a bee stings - do a compress to relieve the pain. Bee venom helps to provoke the body's defenses, affecting the nervous and immune systems. The bee is taken with tweezers and applied to the waist, pubis or buttocks.

You should begin treatment with folk methods immediately, if there are even hints of a problem in bed with men. Many folk methods - herbs, natural products, help not only cope with impotence, but also strengthen men's health in general.


In the case of impotence, men are prescribed drugs that stimulate an erection. Such remedies act on a tricky fabric and relax.


  1. The most popular drug is Viagra. It increases the natural blood flow in the penis. But this drug has contraindications and some side effects. Apply it an hour before sexual intercourse as prescribed by the doctor.
  2. Cialis is a drug similar to Viagra. Cialis has a lot of contraindications. Take 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.
  3. Levitra is an effective drug whose effect is much stronger than others. Take 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse. Has many contraindications and can have a side effect, it is recommended to use it after consulting a doctor.


Papaverin is able to relax the cavernous body and increase the blood flow in the penis. Recently, this drug is not used so often to restore potency and resume libido, although the instructions can be read about its indications for use in these cases. Often it is used as an aid for complex treatment. First of all because of a large number of contraindications to the use. Papaverine is taken by the doctor's prescription, which determines the dose. Since a large dose can worsen the condition. or if the diagnosis is incorrect, if papaverine is prescribed to a man with a healthy potency, then the opposite result will be obtained.


The effect of taking Cialis is faster and lasts longer than other drugs (the same glorified Viagra). This drug is easy to use and use. It should be taken 1 time per day for 15 minutes before sexual intercourse and enough for 36 hours. Contraindications of the drug: men with renal and hepatic insufficiency should be careful in the application. It is forbidden to take the guys under the age of 18, together with some other drugs, an individual intolerance.

Treatment of beaver impotence

Beaver jet (the second name of castoreum) is a natural product. Before taking this medication, it is necessary to pass an urine test to testosterone.

  1. Extract of a beaver jet must be taken for 1 hour. l. 3 times a day.
  2. When the testosterone level rises to the normal level, you need to take a break for 3 months.
  3. Then take for prophylaxis throughout the year for 6 drops per day.

You can use a beaver jet in the form of a powder: 1 g, 3 times a day. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.


Nitromazy should be applied a thin layer on the penis. This drug promotes blood circulation and leads to erection and relaxation. This ointment is suitable in case the cause of potency is diabetes, psychological or neurogenic. Use as directed by a doctor.

Additional resources


To enhance impotence, it is recommended acupressure. On the human body there are several points responsible for the sexual functions, the erection of a man. Determine the correct point will help pain symptoms when exposed to it. Massage should be done 2 times a day, after a week you will feel the effect, but do not stop the procedure. For best effect, the selected point needs to be warmed up, pounded, if it's feet, then make the baths. One of these points is on the thumb of the foot, near the nail. On it you need to work at least 10 times with massage movements.

Expander of the anus

Some doctors recommend using dilators to increase impotence. Of the four sizes, the first to take is the smallest, then, which is slightly larger and in ascending order. It is believed that they bring good effect and recommend the use of all men. But this way of increasing impotence is still controversial, as many urologists refer to delirium. Do not buy products without doctor's advice.

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