How to get rid of feelings of anxiety, anxiety and fear

Any of us, whether male or female, experiences various stressful situations and neuropsychic stress several times during the day at work and at home. Our life presents us with a wide variety of problems, some of which are not as easy to solve as external people might think. And there are also not solvable problem situations.

Therefore, here we will talk about how to quickly and effectively get rid of the feelings of anxiety, anxiety and fear, often poisoning our lives and suppressing within us the innate joy of being and being.


Tips and ways to get rid of anxiety, anxiety and fear

Everyone, after suffering stressful psychotrauma situations, should be able to get rid of their harmful consequences at home andto withdraw excess negative energy from itself. In order to learn how to control one's self, one's psyche, one's body and one's own self, one must adhere to certain rules and follow the following recommendations:

  1. One should not revel in gloomy thoughts and focus on them;Try to remember even in the hardest moments of life something good and think about it.
  2. During the working day, find 5-7 free minutes for yourself. Completely relax in the armchair, close your eyes and think about how you rested in the summer: imagine a sea, flying seagulls, a white yacht in the distance. ..
  3. You need to learn to subordinate the course of your thoughts to your will. This requires constant training. Just as you train muscles, you need to train the psyche and emotions. Begin by thinking about only one subject within 30 seconds, then gradually increase the time of consciousness fixation on any foreign object.
  4. If you are worried about some experience, look at the brilliant bright object, think about who and when it did, smile. Weigh your possibilities: could you do something like that?
  5. After an unpleasant conversation, be like a quick step, climb the stairs, count the steps. Take 30-40 deep breaths( counting them).
  6. After a day's work, change your clothes, put out the lights, lie on the couch, close your eyes. Imagine that you are in a forest in a bright clearing, next to you a small beautiful lake. Hear the silence of the forest and the voices of birds, imagine the green grass and flowers surrounding you. After five minutes, get up, wash yourself. You will feel like a different person.
  7. Make yourself metal insoles in slippers( made of tin).Connect these insoles with a thin wire to the heating battery. Put an armchair in 2-3 meters from the battery, put on slippers( on bare feet) and quietly watch TV.In half an hour you will feel much calmer.
  8. Before going to bed, lying in bed, remember yourself as a child. Imagine some pleasant experience from childhood or early adolescence. Do not think about tomorrow. Make your thoughts be easy and carefree.
  9. Learn to relax. To do this, it is convenient to lie down on the floor or on the sofa, close your eyes and think about your body. First imagine the left hand brush. Think about it, mentally make it relax. It will take about thirty seconds. Then start thinking about your forearm. Make him relax, command mentally, so that the whole hand becomes warm, wadded and weak-willed.

In the same way, think about the other hand, separately about the right and left leg, about the trunk and about the head. Give each body part 30 seconds. After you have completely relaxed, imagine a sea or sky, think about it. It is advisable that breathing during the relaxation session be calm. At first, you can not do anything, but after 4-5 th session you will notice significant improvements in the state of your psyche. Over time, to achieve a state of relaxation, you will leave less and less time( aim for it), and eventually, after long training, you can completely relax for a few seconds.

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To get rid of a constantly tormenting sense of anxiety or fear is possible, since they are acquired in the process of life. Note that it is important to have an informed approach to the issue of anxiety and fear. How much we worry about what can happen. According to Alena Krasnova, when we are in the present moment, we create our feelings tomorrow.

To get rid of the fear of the future, understand that, worrying here and now, being afraid, worrying about something, we create these events. The second option, when we are overwhelmed by a sense of fear and anxiety, so that the situation is not recreated. We do not, therefore, help ourselves in getting rid of negative feelings. In addition, we stick to the past.

If you are seized with great anxiety, constant fear and anxiety, then they should be immediately disposed of. When we are on high vibrations, we are no longer worried about what was yesterday, and we are not worried. Because we have consciously approached the understanding of the basis of fear and anxiety, we act, we move. We are confident in ourselves, in our ability to get rid of harmful thoughts here and now. We have a calm, but it is special. Alena Krasnova says, of course, there will be vitality. They are in the present tense.

And so, if you constantly suffer fear and anxiety, you worry, it's at least fatigue. If you do not work to get rid of them, then anxiety, fears, anxieties lead to illness. The most instantaneous transformation of the development of constant fears, grievances, including, is theta-healing. In any case, it is important for us to remove the cause of the alarm. That is why, why, why do I keep this? Then begin the process of getting rid of these feelings.

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