Compression underwear for varicose veins: which is better to buy?

Varicosity is manifested as persistent expansion and lengthening of the veins of the lower extremities, which leads to thinning of the vascular walls and the formation of nodes. The development of the disease is also facilitated by the weakness of the venous valves, which is a congenital pathology.

Every tenth man and every third woman face similar problems. According to statistical studies, this ailment is most common among the population in the age range from 30 to 40 years.


  • 1 General information about the disease
  • 2 Therapy compression
  • 3 principle positive impact
  • 4 Contraindications
  • 5 Classification
  • 6 How to choose
  • 7 How to wear

General information about

disease are the following prerequisites:

  • Heredity - the risk of disease is higher in people whose relatives have faced with varicoseextension;
  • Pregnancy , as well as the use of hormonal medications can be a sufficient condition for the progression of varicose veins;
  • Regularly recurring excess of normal venous pressure , which is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, static loads in an upright position and obesity.
To worries are swelling of the legs at the end of the day, a feeling of heaviness in the calves after prolonged sitting or standing. If this is caused by varicose veins, these symptoms usually soften or disappear during walking or through sleep.

More unpleasant manifestations will be raspiruyuschie pain in the legs, a feeling of fever in the legs and cramps calf muscles at night .In addition, red-blue vascular crosshairs and subcutaneous veins will be visible. Get rid of this usually with drugs from varicose veins on the legs.

Compression Therapy

For the treatment of varicose veins, compression jerseys are being actively used today. The practice of using such has nearly a century of history, and even nowadays, compression linen does not lose its relevance.

Before switching to the production of lingerie for more advanced technology, elastic bandages were used, which have a number of drawbacks :

  • Proper imposition requires skill, which requires time to purchase;
  • Infringement of temperature and water skin balance in a warm period and with prolonged wearing;
  • It is difficult to achieve the required compression when fixing on the thigh due to the individuality of its shape in different patients.

Let's figure out what kind of compression underwear for varicose veins is better to choose - stockings, tights, leg warmers or something else, how to properly wear it and whether it helps.

The principle of positive effect

The therapeutic effect is due to the fact that when squeezing the expanded venous channels with compression linen, the blood flow velocity in deep vessels increases. This eliminates the stagnation of blood .

And at creation of modern products the anatomical features of extremities are taken into account: the pressure of knitwear decreases, beginning from the end of the arm or leg, which is the best way normalizes the movement of venous blood .

If we consider this process in more detail, then should point to such positive moments as :

  • Stabilization of the valve apparatus;
  • Adjustment of the enlarged lumen of the hypodermic femoral and shin, as well as peripheral veins;
  • Increased influence of muscle loads on pushing blood up.
However, it must be remembered that underwear( stockings, tights, etc.) with varicose veins is not omnipotent and can not eliminate the root causes of venous insufficiency. It is applied until the stage when only surgical intervention can help.

Among other things, traditional treatment without surgery for varicose veins on the legs should be of a complex nature. Maximize the effect can be, if follow the instructions of the attending physician and get the recommended creams and ointments , as well as refuse from provoking the consolidation of the disease.


Rare treatments have no contraindications, and medical jersey is no exception. Someone generally forbids such treatment, while others need to wear compression underwear carefully, following the instructions of the specialist :

  • . Under no circumstances should wear such linen in orthoarteritis, atherosclerosis, endarteritis and thrombangiite ( lining).These chronic diseases lead to a narrowing of the lumen of the vessels and a drop in systolic pressure to a level unacceptable for wearing pulling jersey;
  • Observing the accuracy should be used therapeutic underwear for people with extremely sensitive skin;
  • It is not necessary to use underwear for skin inflammations of the inflammatory nature of , allergic skin reactions, dermatitis, bedsores, etc.;
  • Diabetics should also not use compression underwear because of leg vessel damage;
  • In the case of impaired blood circulation caused by septic phlebitis and cardiopulmonary insufficiency , again, it is worthwhile to refrain from compression products.
There is an opinion that this kind of jersey becomes the culprit of atrophy of the muscular layer of the vein walls, which leads to the inability of the vessels to withstand blood pressure without the help of pulling linen. People who adhere to this point of view came to her because of the incorrect interpretation of the sensations that arise when wearing clothes.

To dispel any doubts, it is enough for to get acquainted with the following facts: :

  • The linen is not intended for round-the-clock wearing;
  • In compressing veins, the blood flow does not stop, but only decreases;
  • Atrophy of the muscle layer develops as a result of genetic predisposition, as well as local inflammation in venous stasis in the vein. And these processes, on the contrary, are leveled with the help of laundry;
  • Initial deterioration of state of health is explained not by atrophy and development of varicose veins, but by a change in the tone of the veins.


  1. The force of pressure products are divided into categories:
  • Compression is not more than 23;Art. Recommended for the detection of primary symptoms of varicose veins;
  • Compression ~ 33;Art. Applied with thrombophlebitis and varicose dilatation of moderate severity;
  • Compression, close to 45 units, corresponds to severe venous insufficiency;
  • Compression of more than 50 units is the best way to eliminate edema and normalize lymph drainage.
  • Kinds of laundry and determination of optimal sizes( in centimeters):
    • Knee socks - due to the convenience of wearing with trousers, great for men. Measurements: the calf shank is measured over a wide part, under the knee, and also the distance from the foot to the knee fold;
    • Stockings orthopedic( compression) - a convenient solution for varicose veins for pregnant women and those whose problem zone is not above the knee. Measurements: in addition to the measurements used in the case of golf, you need to determine the circumference of the hip at a level of 25 cm from the knee. The distance from this level to the foot is also measured;
    • Pantyhose - just removed, but when putting on you need to make efforts;must end exactly on the waist and tightly wrap around the legs. Measurements: Repeating the above, you should measure the circumference of the hips and waist;
    • hoses are relevant for purulent soft tissue processes and hand dermatitis;
    • Leggings - durable stockings and pantyhose( lack of a part covering the fingers, which quickly wears out).Are intended for those at whom the problem zone is not so extensive.
    • Elastic bandage - the most accessible, but at the same time extremely uncomfortable in handling the type of products.
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    How to choose

    Having taken into account these recommendations, you can avoid troubles:

    • The degree of compression of the product must comply with the doctor's instructions;
    • Sutures should not be given out, otherwise irritations can not be avoided;
    • Consider products complying with the RAL-GZ 387 standard and produced only by certified companies;
    • On the laundry should be a mark that the material does not contain allergens;
    • The degree of compression is calculated not in den, but in;Art. Incorrect indication of the value is a sign of forgery.

    Now you know how to correctly choose compression underwear for varicose veins, use the information competently!

    How to put on

    Approximate evaluation of the rules of putting on linen will help you this illustration:

    Some rules should be observed:

    • Any kind of products is worn immediately after sleeping without getting out of bed;
    • This should be done carefully and without haste;
    • Pre-assembled the upper part of the accordion, you need to insert the palms into the "sock" and gently pull it onto the foot;
    • Gradually straightening the product, you should put it on completely;
    • Tights are put on lying, for which the pelvis is raised when approaching the waistband.
    There are also special devices designed to help those who have difficulty in putting on linen from varicose veins.

    And finally we offer to watch a video about this treatment:

    Medical knitwear is not capable of alone reducing the manifestations of varicose : complex therapy is required. Paying attention to all aspects of treatment, you will achieve the desired result.