How to hide bruises under the eyes

In the life of every girl there is a moment when her appearance begins to spoil the dark circles in the periorbital area. Waking up in the morning, women react to this problem in different ways: someone is used to it, some are very worried and want to quickly get rid of it by improvised means. Involuntarily the question arises: how to cover the bruises under the eyes?

  • Possible causes of dark circles
  • How quickly to clean bruises at home
  • Corrective agent
  • How to choose a shade of masking products
  • The masking process
  • How to remove bruises forever
  • How a man gets rid of bruises under his eyes
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Possible causes of dark circles

The thin eyelid skin contains very few sebaceous and sweat glands, it has no subcutaneous tissue, so it is prone to drying out and quick wilting. Various factors contribute to worsening of the condition of the eyelids:

  1. Congenital anatomical features, when the venous network is superficial, creates severe darkening.
  2. General overwork. Bruises arise from fatigue, usually show up in the morning. In working days, bruises can be observed from a long sitting in front of the computer at work. If the blue is detected after sleep, this may be due to an incorrect position of the head, insufficient blood supply to the face. After giving birth, a young mother can not sleep at all.
  3. Diseases. Dark circles can signal problems with the kidneys, the thyroid gland, the heart and the vascular system. May become a symptom of anemia.
  4. Mechanical effect on the periorbital area. It can be like a blow struck with a solid blunt object, and a head blow, for example, on the floor at the time of loss of consciousness. After trauma, the eye area may have different shades, because larger vessels are damaged by the impact and hematomas develop which gradually fade.
  5. Defective food. The female sex likes to sit on diets. By depriving themselves of valuable food components, they acquire bruises under the eyes.
  6. Bad habits. From alcohol and smoking, blood circulation is disrupted, the subcutaneous veins of the lower eyelids widen and black shadows appear. After an unreasonable intake of alcohol, every second woman has bruises.
  7. Exposure to solar ultraviolet. It causes aging of the skin, especially its thin areas. Skin eyelids become dry, wrinkled and dark circles appear faster. Do not give up glasses to protect against sunlight.

The child may have bruises for the same reasons. Since childhood, it is necessary to find out the causes of dark circles, in time to take measures for their correction.

How quickly to clean bruises at home

If the problem arises from lack of sleep and it is accompanied by bags under the eyes, then you can help folk remedies.

Tea bags on eyes

Pre-brew tea, cool and slightly squeeze the bags. After that, put on your eyes and lie down with them for 15 minutes. Tea pouches perfectly eliminated puffiness of the eyelids.

Masks with grated potatoes

The potato contains starch, which has a whitening property. It is also rich in antioxidants, which allows you to refresh the tender skin of the eyelids. It takes 1 raw tuber, which must be rubbed on a large grater and put the gruel to put on the eye area. Soak 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Refreshing mask with cucumber

It is necessary to cut the cucumber in circles. It is better to pre-cool them in the freezer, you can drop each drop by drop of Vizin. Put the cucumber discs on your eyelids, wait 15-20 minutes.

Recipe with toothpaste

Apply evenly to the periorbital area. Withstands 10 minutes, brings a cooling effect. These methods narrow the vessels, the blue becomes smaller. Teenager is often forbidden to use cosmetics, you have to use home recipes.

Corrective agent

When the girl is not helped with lotions with tea and other folk ways, then you need to use makeup:

  1. The concealer, which has the optimum consistency for the delicate skin of the eyelids, well hides any disadvantages. The concealer lays down and does not slide. Apply with a brush or fingers.
  2. Corrector with a firm consistency. Produced in the form of a masking pencil. Pigmentation is weak, which does not help to mask a strong blue.
  3. With a facial cream. There is a huge color palette that allows you to choose the right shade and effectively hide the flaws. The creamy consistency product allows you to mask the bruises of an easy degree. Minus - can emphasize wrinkles in the eyelids, especially if the top is fixed with powder. You can finish the correction with a concealer.

For each cause of dark circles, an individual selection of cosmetics is required. It is believed that the concealer leads the list of concealer means.

How to choose a shade of masking products

It is necessary to assess the color of the eyelids in detail in order to better cope with the problem:

  • violet appears from lack of sleep, after tears, it is well masked by a yellow concealer;
  • Red-blue spots from impact are better amenable to correction by orange shades;
  • dark blue circles well eliminate blue shades.

Important! There is a misconception that you should use shades in the tone of your skin. It turns out that the shortcomings become even more noticeable. Corrective cosmetics should be toned lighter than the natural complexion.

The masking process

If a bruise has arisen in the event of a trauma, it is necessary to provide first aid - to put the ice on for 10-15 minutes. If the victim intends to be on this day at home, you can apply ointment from the hematoma and leave it for the night. If a person on the next day to work, then without cosmetics can not do:

  1. It is necessary to clean the skin with the help of personal hygiene products (foam, gel for washing). Then you can make a compress.
  2. Apply moisturizer.
  3. Use the masking agent with your fingers: from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. You can perform a light massage to normalize blood circulation and lymph drainage.
  4. Make sure to apply corrective cosmetics on a regular basis. If the blue disappears, you can do without a foundation. If not, then with a brush the cream is applied over the concealer and shades well.
  5. Fix the result with matting powder, evenly spreading it with a large brush.
  6. Apply primer (base) under make-up.

After masking, you can apply shadows, eyeliner. Well-painted mascara eyelashes will divert attention to yourself, no one will pay attention to other shortcomings. Painted with red lipstick lips will cause the same effect, and a shimmering highlight on the cheeks will support this illusion.

How to remove bruises forever

The services of a cosmetologist will be required. In the cabin perform the following procedures:

  1. Fillers - injections of hyaluronic acid. The desired result can be achieved in a day. The effect lasts up to 1 year.
  2. Mesotherapy is a method of general rejuvenation. In the middle layers of the skin, a cocktail of drugs and vitamins is injected with injections or a mesoroller.
  3. Biostimulation is the application of low-frequency electrical currents in order to improve blood circulation and regenerative processes in the skin. For a week of procedures you can feel the effect.
  4. The method of blepharoplasty - the laser corrects the shape of the eyelids. After the operation, scarring remains. The beauty of the eyelids can please for 5 years, then correction is required.

It is necessary to address only to the checked up centers of beauty not to aggravate a situation.

How a man gets rid of bruises under his eyes

You can use the same methods as the female sex. Men use sunglasses or a mask for masking.

To avoid dark circles under the eyes, you need to get enough sleep, give your eyes rest when working at the computer, make nourishing and vasoconstrictive masks. The morning procedures of massage with ice slices, which tone the skin of the eyelids, are good. You can refer to professionals: makeup artists who will accurately pick up the corrector's tone, to cosmetologists who remove the problem from the root.

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