What to do if you get sick, get rid of colds at an early stage

Any cold in an adult person or child always begins gradually. After the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease, when you feel exactly that you are starting to fall ill yourself or your child is ill, knowing exactly what can and should be done will necessarily help either alleviate the unhealthy condition or even even prevent the disease, preventing its development at the very beginning.


What's wrongIf you start to get sick: the causes, symptoms

The reason for a cold is simple is a strong hypothermia. When the immune system works well, it will cope with the effects of prolonged exposure to cold and damp. But the one who has reduced immunity, requires immediate assistance.

You can over-cool easily by hitting the rain, having spent a lot of time in the cold, getting your feet wet. Long stay in a cold room, in a draft is likewise fraught with colds.

The first symptoms of a cold are very similar to the symptoms of overwork or insomnia:

  1. weakness;
  2. chills;
  3. headache and muscle pain;
  4. aches all over the body;
  5. drowsiness;
  6. lack of appetite;
  7. feels the heat on the face.

Simultaneously there may be discomfort in the nasopharynx: choking, sneezing, nasal congestion.

All these are signs of activity of pathological microflora, which is present in the body of each person. The temperature may not rise or rise slightly, to subfebrile( 37-37.7 degrees).

What to do if you are ill: emergency measures

After a severe hypothermia or prolonged exposure to uncomfortably low temperatures( for example, when working in unheated rooms or outdoors), preventive measures should be taken immediately.

Vitamin C

You need a shock dose of vitamin C. It can be obtained by eating 6-8 pieces of chemist's ascorbic, a whole lemon( you can eat with honey), kilogram of kiwi.

What should I do if I get sick and the first symptoms appear? First of all, you need to give up the idea of ​​moving the cold on your feet. Many make a gross mistake by taking horse doses of paracetamol in the form of advertised medicines.

Delicious powders not only dampen the symptoms of cold for a while, but also reduce the body's natural immune defenses. In a few hours all the symptoms will return, in addition, the disease will take a protracted form, complications will arise, a bacterial infection may join.

Bed rest

When cold, bed rest is needed. At least a day must be spent in a calm state. Sleep is the best medicine.

You can take a pill of paracetamol or aspirin, but after that you need to go to bed, wrap yourself up and sleep for a few hours.

If you do this in the first hours after the multiplication of viruses and sweat properly, you can get up in a day completely healed. Instead of antipyretic tablets suitable raspberry jam. In raspberry a lot of salicylic acid, which acts as a natural antipyretic.

The more liquid to take in the first hours after hypothermia, the faster the disease will recede. Liters should drink light tea with lemon, honey, raspberries or medicinal herbs( chamomile, calendula, thyme, St. John's wort).A warm mineral( without gas) or ordinary drinking water is also good.

Steamed with mustard legs or hands

What if you get sick without the temperature? Excellent means - steaming legs or hands. In fact, it does not matter whether the upper or lower limbs are immersed in hot water. It is important to stimulate blood circulation, to ensure the outflow of fluid from the inflamed tissues and in general to keep warm. In the water in the absence of allergies add dry mustard to strengthen the heating effect.

Antiviral drugs

If the temperature rises, a runny nose, a sore throat, do not need to be pulled. There are many antiviral drugs that are effective in the first hours after the onset of symptoms. They should be taken according to the scheme specified by the manufacturer.

Identify the name and dose of antiviral agents from your doctor-therapist.

Inhalation with nebulizer

In the presence of a nebulizer, inhalations with saline or mineral water may be performed. Washing of the nasal passages with salt water is mandatory. To avoid confusion with concentration, you can buy any pharmacy products based on sea water. Sore throat sores well.

Taking food

What swings food, then you do not need to eat. The organism in the first day after the start of the cold actively fights against viruses and does not want to waste energy on digesting abundant meals. You can cook chicken broth: it will perfectly support the strength, give the necessary nutrients and will not overload the stomach.

What to do if you are ill: folk remedies

If the malaise is not accompanied by fever, but a cough started, you can prepare warming compress on the back and chest. What to do if you get sick and you need to warm up the lungs and bronchi? Cook potatoes in the uniform of , knead untreated and spread out in two bags or a woven bag. Form two "cakes", wrap them with a towel and attach them to the shoulder blades and sternum. Keep until the compress is completely cooled, it is advisable to sleep.

Effectively grinding chest and back badger fat .The product is taken on an empty stomach inside a tablespoon three times a day. You can eat only after forty minutes.

If you are well tolerated by essential oils, you can make inhalation with fir, eucalyptus or tea oil .Water should not be hot, otherwise there is a risk of getting a complication.

Excellent support for the immune system vitamin mixture .Mix the pulp of the lemon ( can together with the peel), two spoons of honey , several cloves of of garlic .Take 5-6 times a day on a teaspoonful. This remedy is good because it can be taken as a prophylaxis of viral diseases during seasonal epidemics of ARVI.

What to do if a child becomes sick

Symptoms of a cold in children may differ somewhat from that of adults. Moms can pay attention to child's lethargy, irritability, tearfulness. What if the child begins to fall ill?

Need to immediately ensure bed and drinking regime, create the optimal conditions in the room:

  1. in the room should not be too hot or stuffy. The optimum air temperature is 20-22 degrees;
  2. it is necessary to ventilate the room at least 6-5 times a day in order to reduce the concentration of pathogens
  3. the air should not be too dry or too wet. In a hot, humid atmosphere, the pathogenic microflora will begin to develop actively.

It is very good to put a saucer in the room with chopped garlic cloves or with onion rings .Essential substances of medicinal vegetables will act as a natural disinfectant, and kill pathogens.

For this reason, can not be wrapped around a child .Warm up the baby is necessary only if it shiver. If it so happens that the child is very cold on a walk or on the road, it must be immediately given with hot tea and put in bed, under a warm blanket, and lubricate the nose with oksolinovoy ointment. After warming, even walks are not forbidden: the more fresh air, the better.

When a child begins to fall ill, pediatricians recommend "drinking compotes with liters."In the decoction of dried fruits contains the right amount of vitamins and other nutrients. They support immunity, and the disease will recede. The more a child drinks, the faster the body evacuates the decay products of the dead pathogenic microflora. In addition to compote, you can give the same drink as for an adult:

  1. warm teas with herbs;
  2. mineral or plain water;
  3. natural diluted juices;
  4. broth of wild rose.

What if the child falls ill and complains of a sore throat?

Drink it with warm milk with a spoonful of honey and butter. If a child takes good medicinal herbs, you can give him chamomile tea and tea with licorice, mint, lime color.

If possible, it is necessary to give a sick child a decoction of cranberry, black or red currant, sea-buckthorn. You can rinse your throat with a saline-soda solution with a drop of iodine.

Temperature rise is a good sign. This means that the child's organism actively struggles with pathogenic microbes, and in no case it is impossible to interfere with this process. Pediatricians do not recommend knocking down the temperature in the first three days of the illness, but only if it does not rise above 38.5 degrees.

Therefore, if after a child's hypothermia the fever begins, it is better to suffer and give the body the opportunity to fight the disease on its own. However, it can be helped, to increase the concentration of interferon with the help of suppositories "Viferon".As soon as mom noticed the first signs of a cold, she can use the drug according to the age-related dosage. Candles contain not only interferon, but also vitamin E, ascorbic acid, which makes them very effective.

In case of a runny nose, do not be afraid to use vasoconstrictors. Difficulty breathing, especially during a night's sleep, leads to headaches and complications. However, it is impossible to use drops for more than five days. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the evacuation of the secret accumulated in the nasal passages.

What if the baby starts to fall ill without the temperature?

The legs can be poured hot water or use the smelling balm "Asterisk".You can do this only if you are sure that there is no allergy to the substance and if the child does not have a cough. The fact is that a sharp smell can irritate the throat and cause an attack of cough.

To relieve the first symptoms of a cold, you need to rub your feet, wrists, back and sternum with a balm for the night, and put on woolen socks. In the morning the baby will get well, and he will be well fed.

Cold will pass quickly or even bypass, if you take the right measures at the first signs of the disease.

Video: treatment of cold

First signs of cold: what to do

Vitaliy Vitebsky on his video channel laid out an interesting video of the TV program "On the most important", which shows the ways of emergency help to the body when the first signs and symptoms of a cold appear.

Advice on how to overcome the cold

On the video channel "Lifehaker".

Infectious cold - the body's reaction to infection. It is caused by a bacterial infection or a virus: ARVI or adenovirus. The virus enters the body through the upper respiratory tract and multiplies in the mouth, in the throat and nasal cavity. You have a runny nose, sore throat, the temperature rises.

First tip - get rid of the symptoms of colds: congestion of the nose, sore throat, headache. You need to sleep more and nothing should stop you. So rinse your nose, inhale, rinse your throat with herbal infusion, ask for lozenges or cough drops, drink a pill from a headache and go to bed.

The second tip - do not lower the temperature until it reaches 38-38.5 degrees. The temperature rises because the body sends an army of hematopoietic bodies to fight infection. The war begins in the cells and gives off a lot of energy. Elevated temperature kills bacteria and triggers an immune response. So if you do not have concomitant diseases, in which elevated temperature is extremely dangerous, do not take antipyretic. But if the temperature rises to 39 degrees, call a doctor.

And tip number three - do not drink soluble hot drinks that promise to put you on your feet in one day. They consist of a shock dose of paracetamol, vasoconstrictor, expectorant, caffeine and ascorbic acid.

Source: the author's article by Ulyana Yulina, therapeutist, gastroenterologist taken from the website http://zhenskoe-mnenie.ru /themes/health/ chto-delat-esli-zabolevaesh-nemedlenno-primite-mery-chto-delat-esli-rebenok-nachinaet-zabolevat /

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