Varicose on the legs during pregnancy: to be afraid and what to do?

Varicose veins are a disease that often affects women at a young age. Especially the predisposition to it increases during pregnancy and after childbirth. Most often, the disease affects the veins of the lower extremities.

Many people have heard of varicose veins, but few know what can be done with the disease during pregnancy. Let's look at all the safe ways to solve the problem.


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General Information

At the beginning of the process, this is expressed by the swelling of the legs, the feeling of heaviness, the appearance of a blue net on the legs. In the future, the symptoms are aggravated and, in the absence of treatment, can lead to serious complications - thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.

Pregnant women have an increased risk of developing the disease for reasons of:

  • a significant increase in body weight;
  • decreased motor activity;
  • increase in blood volume circulating in the body, and increase blood pressure;
  • with increased need during child bearing in the vitamins of group B increases the concentration in the blood of the amino acid, which perniciously acts on the venous walls.


To minimize harm to the formation of the fetus , the use of any medication during the gestation period is strictly prohibited by .Exceptions may be only drugs prescribed by a doctor. Do not self-medicate, this can lead to serious consequences for the child.

In especially severe cases, the doctor may prescribe, in addition to ointment to improve blood flow, serious medications. This is possible only in the second half of pregnancy, when the most dangerous period of development of the fetus is already behind.

The period of bearing a child is not the time for laser and surgical correction of veins.

Authorized drugs

In the early stages of the disease, the obstetrician-gynecologist is in the process of dealing with complications, it will be necessary to consult a phlebologist. From ointments it is possible to recommend possessing anticoagulant effect .

They can be used only after the approval of the doctor in the second and third trimesters. cooling gels, for example, "Venoruton" , will help alleviate the condition. It is recommended to apply it in the morning and in the evening, combining with a gentle massage of the feet. Gels can help eliminate the feeling of heaviness and reduce pain.

Admission vitamins B and folic acid , in consultation with a doctor, will help improve the condition of the venous walls and reduce the risk of the disease. Learn more about prescribing drugs.

Folk methods of treatment

It is safer for future mothers to use folk remedies for treatment( exclusively externally! ).Over the years, proven recipes will help to some extent facilitate the course of the disease.

  • Chestnut tincture from varicose veins. The tincture is maintained for about 12 hours, then applied with compresses to the lower part of the foot, using a film to enhance the effect.
  • Infusion of wormwood. Wormwood flowers thoroughly grind, mix 100 g with 500 g curd. Compresses can be done twice a day for 20 minutes.
  • Green Tomatoes .Immature fruit cut in half and rub them with a damaged foot surface twice a day.

Often used and a cream of beeswax from varicose veins or recipes with apple cider vinegar.

Massage and Gymnastics

For the relief of the condition, it is recommended to slightly massage damaged limbs when applying compresses , improving the outflow of blood .This procedure will help especially before bed. In the course of the day, you need to take a pose several times, at which the legs will be above the level of the trunk. This will reduce the feeling of heaviness and pain.

It is recommended that future mothers visit the pool at least twice a week. Swimming will help relieve the veins of the lower limbs and have a relaxing and cooling effect.

The best gymnastics for varicose veins is the short walk of .If possible, get out of the house in good weather and go for a walk to the nearest park. Such a ritual, in addition to the prevention of varicose veins, will help not to add excess weight and will give a good mood.

Possible consequences of

In addition to cosmetic defects, varicose veins on the legs during pregnancy can give serious complications. Acute thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, trophic ulcers - that's an incomplete list of unpleasant consequences. In the damaged vein , the thrombus may appear and come off, it will clog the lumen of the vessel, which is a serious danger to life.

With reddening and hardening of the affected area of ​​the vein, it is possible to develop a serious disease - thrombophlebitis, which deeply affects the vessels. The rupture of the affected vein causes intense bleeding and a significant loss of blood. It can occur with the slightest damage to the inflamed area.

With increased pain in the legs, increased swelling, hardening of the veins, injuries, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately.

Prevention of

Preventing the disease or reducing the risk of its appearance will help preventive measures. It is advisable to think about this before the conception of the baby .What to do to prevent varicose veins in the pregnancy?

  • Quit smoking. Smoking causes vasospasm and gradually breaks the elasticity of the walls. The artery loses the ability to contract and expand, which makes it difficult to drain blood from the lower limbs. The earlier you get rid of this addiction, the more diseases you can avoid.
  • Follow the weight set. Excess weight increases the load on your legs. During pregnancy, expectant mothers gain at least 10 kg, which includes the weight of the child, placental water, the weight of the enlarged breast.

    This exerts an additional burden on the body. If the addition of natural add to the consequences of too much food, the situation is repeatedly exacerbated. Therefore, to monitor weight during pregnancy is extremely important.

  • Balanced to eat .When preparing a diet, it is recommended to think seriously about its quality. Eating some buns or sausages will bring considerable harm to your body.

    With the right approach on your table should be a minimum of fats and fast carbohydrates. The basis of nutrition - animal and vegetable proteins, fiber and slowly assimilated carbohydrates. It is necessary to take into account the increased need of the body for vitamins and minerals. Reception of medicines prescribed by a doctor is mandatory.

  • Physical activity. Pregnancy is not a disease, so spending it in bed is possible only for medical purposes. Prescribing yourself a bed rest will only bring harm and lamentable results.

    Try to make daily small walks with good health. You can perform simple gymnastic complexes. Visiting the pool will surely benefit your veins and provide a cheerful mood.

    The only thing that is not recommended during pregnancy is weight lifting and exercise with strength exercises that increase the burden on the veins.
  • Change of leg position .If your work requires a long-term stay in one position( sitting or, conversely, a constant stay on your feet), it is recommended to do hourly breaks for several minutes. These simple procedures will save you from stagnation of blood and relieve pain.
  • Compression lingerie .For the prevention of varicose veins, you should think about wearing compression linen. It is available in a variety of options - golfs, stockings, tights, and can prevent the protrusion of the venous wall at elevated pressure in pregnant women. Ask your doctor about its use.

    During labor, both natural and with surgical intervention, it is recommended to use elastic bandages to prevent the formation of thrombi with limited mobility during the postoperative period.

  • Wearing comfortable shoes .Forget about the time the child wears shoes with high heels. The same applies to narrow, uncomfortable models. Give preference to stable low-heeled shoes, which, in addition to the obvious relief for veins, will reduce the risk of falling and various injuries.
  • Long stay in the sun .In the warm summer months, do not abuse outdoor activities at high temperatures. About sunburn before the birth of a child should be forgotten.
Daily half-hour stay in the sun will be enough to prevent shortage of vitamin D. Long overheating will cause persistent expansion of the veins of the lower extremities and will aggravate the condition.

It is important to remember - if you have had slight signs of varicose before your pregnancy or in your family is a hereditary disease, you should pay attention to the doctor's attention in the early stages. Precautions taken in time to prevent the development of serious illness and the occurrence of dangerous complications.

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