Hangover: the most effective and best tablets

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Here I tried to collect the most effective and best hangover pills that you can buy at a pharmacy. After all, in the market of medical preparations, with the development of pharmacology, there appeared tablets from a hangover not only of the domestic manufacturer, but also import. The presence of such tableted drugs in pharmacies is actual both on the eve of holidays and on ordinary days. It's hard to find a person who has never experienced a hangover. Folk remedies against a hangover, of course, are effective, but they often begin to help not at once, and even cook some of them according to their recipes a whole story.

Modern medications - hangover pills are designed in a very short time to save a person from the symptoms of alcohol intoxication and remove the heavy oppressive hangover state: headache, high blood pressure, sweating, trembling of hands, lethargy, absent-mindedness, weakness, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.


Hangover tablets - treatment with medications

Here are the names of the pillto, of course, it's not all medications to facilitate the symptoms of alcohol intoxication. But what kind of pills for a hangover is better to drink? Try it yourself, if there is a desire and allow financial means. But take care of your health for yourself - you have one! Sometimes a hangover can be creepy and strong, develop even after a small dose of alcohol. It happens that a person can not even move, and it will be difficult to get out of bed when the head is dizzy and dizzy.

Before taking medical pharmacological agents in the form of tablets, carefully read the instructions for their use, to avoid unwanted side effects!


Or "Alkozelzer"( Alka-Seltzer). The composition of these effervescent tablets from a hangover includes: aspirin, sodium hydrogen carbonate and citric acid. The main symptoms with which the composition of the drug fights are headache and heartburn. The manufacturer recommends using two tablets per glass of water before a meal, at bedtime and in the morning. It should be remembered that you can not exceed the daily dose - 8 tablets( 4 doses per day).

Alco Buffer

The composition includes succinic acid and milk thistle. Milk thistle has a beneficial effect on the liver. The drug, like almost all the others, dissolves in water and is ingested. It is important to remember, the reception of funds should be discussed with the doctor. Self-medication can not be prescribed. Effective medications for hangover

Alka Prim

These tablets from a hangover though they are called differently, but their composition is identical to the drug "Alcoselzer".In addition to aspirin, citric acid and baking soda, glycine can be found in the composition, which favorably affects the brain, normalizing the work of the nervous system. The drug is sold in the form of effervescent tablets. What tablets to choose - the doctor decides, the doctor also appoints a dosage.


Consists of a preparation from succinic acid, fumaric acid, glutamic acid, ascorbic acid and glucose. The drug works very interestingly, it just turns the decay products into poisonous toxins and removes them from the body when all the other pills just neutralize the already prepared acetaldehyde. This is a very effective remedy, it helps to fight the symptoms of hangover syndrome well. Another interesting point is that the drug must be taken with alcohol and during the party. Very effective.


Produced in tablets, which include acids such as ascorbic, succinic, fumaric and glutamic, glucose. The uniqueness of this drug lies in the fact that it begins to work already at the stage of converting alcohol directly into acetaldehyde and other toxic substances. This greatly reduces the time spent on poisonous products in the human body, which naturally alleviates the symptoms of a hangover. The maximum effect of taking antipohmelina achieved if you take it during libations, washing it with apple juice or water. If you can not take the drug during the feast, in the morning should take 4 - 6 tablets.


A perfect remedy for relieving hangover symptoms. One of the reasons that a person experiences malaise is a spasm of blood vessels. Formation of microthrombi in the vessels. Just aspirin neutralizes this negative effect, relieves headache and improves blood circulation. Aspirin is better taken together with a drug that removes toxic substances from the body.


The main active ingredient of the preparation is succinic acid. In addition to the acid in the composition includes baking soda, which normalizes the digestive system. The drug is available in the form of a powder for dissolution in water, take the medicine right after the feast, before going to bed.


The preparation includes ginseng, thyme, St. John's wort, dog rose and citric acid. The drug well stimulates the central nervous system, stimulates metabolic processes, raises tone, promotes cellular activity, enriches cells with oxygen. Also, the remedy improves appetite, raises the immune system. Acts as a mild antidepressant, gives a sedative effect, relieves spasms and a headache. It gives choleretic and diuretic effect, cleanses the body, accelerates metabolism. You can use the drug either after a feast for the night, or in the morning when you feel the symptoms of a hangover.


Indian herbal preparation, available in capsules. Ingredients: extracts of grapes and chicory, embryo-medicinal, andrographis paniculate and other ingredients. As practice shows, phytopreparations have fewer side effects, which is why they are in demand. Zenalk accelerates the process of withdrawal of alcohol from the body, well supports the liver and other internal organs, improves the general condition of the body. To facilitate a hangover, it is recommended to take two capsules about half an hour before the reception of alcoholic beverages, or if you do not have time to do it in advance, at any time during the feast. Be sure to drink two more capsules before bed. In addition to removing the symptoms of a hangover, this drug is used for the course treatment of alcoholism.

Zorex( Zorex)

Due to its components( útinol and calcium pantothenate), this drug effectively protects the liver and actively removes ethyl alcohol and other alcohol half-lives from the body, providing detoxification action. Issued Zorex in capsules, one is best to take in the evening before bednym. Utrom, in the presence of a hangover, one more is taken, and throughout the day if necessary, but not more than 3 capsules during the day.

Zorex Morning

The same drug, produced in the form of effervescent tablets. In addition to the two standard components, the composition also includes acetylsalicylic and succinic acids, sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Eleutherococcus and succinic acid against a hangover

Eleutherococcus and succinic acid from a hangover. Medicinal preparation Eleuterococcus acts as a restorative and tonic. Widely used to relieve the hangover symptoms. The drug tones the central nervous system, invigorates. Ideal for people who need to go to work urgently. But if a person can afford to sleep, then take this drug should not be. Activate the drug begins approximately 1 hour after admission. And the duration of the action is about 2 hours.

Take it as the only remedy is meaningless, you still need to remove toxins from the body. Amber acid is a part of almost all tablets from a hangover. This is a powerful antioxidant. The acid acts favorably on all body systems, normalizes the work of the organs and cleans the body of the products of the decomposition of ethanol. Amber acid raises immunity, stabilizes metabolic processes, accelerates detoxification. You can take acid and before the feast, and during the party, and in the morning, if there is a symptomatic hangover syndrome.

Recommendations: how to get rid of and remove the hangover

The body in the process of fighting, splitting ethanol, spends a lot of energy, loses useful substances, micro and macro elements, vitamins. He needs help!

It is desirable to cleanse the body of alcohol breakdown products. To remove toxins can be with enema or gastric lavage. A more gentle method is the use of medicines. Now in the pharmacy you can buy effervescent tablets against a hangover, preparations Lignosorb , Polyphepan , Liferan .But, whether it is possible to drink tablets, the doctor decides. Self-prescribing drugs is risky.

It is necessary to restore the state of the central nervous system. It is recommended to drink glycine .A good effect is the reception of Maxidola , Panangina , Pikamilona , Enterosgelya .It helps the stomach, if you drink kefir, fermented baked milk, airan.

Tips: How to prevent a hangover and not get drunk

The most effective method is obvious - do not drink alcohol. Or drink in moderation, that is, in small quantities. Good snacks, mainly fruits and vegetables.

Drinking more alcohol to drink less, drink more liquid. Soda is best not to touch, from the bubbles of gas even more drunk. It is better to drink with natural juice. If a person smokes, it is better not to smoke as long as possible. Less eat sweet. Make the interval between drinking longer.

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