Which doctor treats hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are considered shameful diseases, which cause a lot of discomfort and painful sensations. Nervous approach to health can lead to disastrous consequences, because the disease progresses, in a few years can go on to oncology. Therefore, if you do not know which doctor to use for hemorrhoids, read the article.

  • When should I seek help?
  • Which doctor treats hemorrhoids?
  • Where will it go, if there is no proctologist?
  • What if the hemorrhoids appeared during pregnancy?
  • What to do with hemorrhoids after childbirth?
  • Where to go for hemorrhoids in a child?
  • How to prepare for the examination of the proctologist?
  • How is the examination done in a proctologist?
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When should I seek help?

Hemorrhoids are accompanied by symptoms, after detection, which is recommended to consult a doctor:

  • appearance of blood after defecation;
  • itching or discomfort in the anus;
  • the appearance near the anus of characteristic nodules;
  • discharge from the anus of blood or pus;
  • cutting pain;
  • feelings of something superfluous in the anus;
  • frequent constipation or diarrhea for no apparent reason;
  • false urge to defecate.

Important!For hemorrhoids is characterized by increased pain after defecation, a long walk or any activity, you may feel discomfort during sitting.

Which doctor treats hemorrhoids?

Both a woman and a man need to know the name of the doctor who treats hemorrhoids. Diseases of the rectum can appear in both sexes with equal probability, and the same specialist - a proctologist or a coloproctologist is engaged in treatment.

Important!A coloproctologist is a doctor who additionally treats colon diseases.

You can go to a regular hospital at your place of residence or in a private clinic. You just need to make sure that your health is handled by a certified specialist who has a certificate or certificate. This is a highly specialized doctor who deals with the treatment of rectal diseases.

Where will it go, if there is no proctologist?

Do not be upset if you do not have the opportunity to visit a proctologist. Such a specialist is absent in district hospitals. Therefore, you can safely turn to the therapist, especially if the hemorrhoids become chronic.

If symptoms appear for the first time, or when the hemorrhoids are acute, consult a surgeon.

Important!Often the cause of the appearance of hemorrhoids is malnutrition. To eliminate this factor, make an appointment with a dietician who will adjust your diet.

Since this disease can occur as a result of rectal veins pathologies, it is not superfluous to visit an angiologist or phlebologist. They examine the sick vessels, prescribe a strengthening treatment.

What if the hemorrhoids appeared during pregnancy?

This delicate disease often occurs in pregnant women in the third trimester. Causes of hemorrhoids in expectant mothers:

  • decreased bowel tone;
  • fetal pressure;
  • low-activity lifestyle;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • frequent constipation.

If you encounter a disease, contact a specialist for help. First, tell us about hemorrhoids to your gynecologist. At the initial stage of the disease, he can prescribe a safe treatment. Secondly, despite the pregnancy of hemorrhoids - the competence of the proctologist. He must conduct an examination to determine the state of the rectum.

Important!During pregnancy, only conservative treatment with drugs that do not harm the child is carried out.

What to do with hemorrhoids after childbirth?

Many women face hemorrhoids after childbirth. This is due to the significant tension of the rectum, which appears during attempts. Also, the disease can worsen if it began to develop during pregnancy.

A doctor who treats hemorrhoids - a proctologist, after complete diagnosis can prescribe medication, and in severe cases - surgical intervention. The sooner you seek help, the easier it will be to cure the disease.

Where to go for hemorrhoids in a child?

Hemorrhoids are more often adult disease, but sometimes it appears in children. If the child complains of pain in the anus, or you notice blood in the stool, you need to see a doctor.

Hemorrhoids in children are treated by a child surgeon. After the examination, he will appoint a safe treatment that will suit your baby.

It is recommended to consult a gastroenterologist. After all, basically such a problem appears in the child due to malnutrition, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The doctor should prescribe a diet that will ease the child's condition.

How to prepare for the examination of the proctologist?

The main thing that you need to do before visiting a doctor is to empty the intestines. Make yourself a small enema on the eve of the visit. This will enable the proctologist to conduct a qualitative examination.

Important!To prepare a liquid for enema, use decoctions of herbs (marigold, chamomile, sage), special medications (Microlax).

At the reception take wet wipes, disposable towels, soap. Do not forget to show your doctor an outpatient card where he can get acquainted with your medical history, understand if the attendant problems that may affect the treatment technique.

Be sure to answer all questions of the proctologist. Tell us about your diet, the way you live, how often you exercise. Having understood the whole problem as a whole, a doctor who treats hemorrhoids will certainly help you.

How is the examination done in a proctologist?

Research of the rectum takes place in several stages:

  1. Visual inspection. The doctor assesses whether there are external nodes around the anus, how large they are, what color they have, will check whether they are corrected into the anus and how painful they are when they palpate.
  2. Finger inspection. The proctologist with the fingers feels the internal surface of the rectum, estimates the number, sizes of the nodes. If they bleed, then there will be blood on the glove.
  3. Anoscopy. Studies of the rectum site measuring 10 cm. It is carried out with the help of an anoscope.
  4. Recto-manoscopy. A special device is inserted into the anus, which makes it possible to examine about 30 cm of the intestine.

Important!Inspection of the proctologist does not cause painful sensations. You will feel only slight discomfort.

Do not be afraid to visit a proctologist. After all, timely diagnosis will help quickly without any problems get rid of hemorrhoids. The earlier to start treatment, the better.