Myoma of the uterus with menopause - symptoms and signs

During the menopause in the female body, there are serious hormonal changes that trigger the development of tumors. Almost 70% of women at this time diagnosed myoma of the uterus. The tumor is benign, so often it is not accompanied by any symptoms. It can be found only by a gynecologist at a routine examination or ultrasound. In this case, doctors observe the pathology and support it with medications. However, if the disease is accompanied by pain and bleeding, then surgical intervention is inevitable. In this article, we will talk in detail about a disease such as uterine fibroids, symptoms and signs in menopause.

  • Brief description of pathology
  • Causes of fibromyoma
  • Uterine fibroids: signs of menopause
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Medicamentous treatment of fibromyoma
  • Surgical therapy of uterine fibroids
  • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Prevention of fibromyoma
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Brief description of pathology

Myoma, or as it is also called fibromioma, is a benign neoplasm that forms in the connective or muscular tissue of the uterus. It has the appearance of a kind of nodule, consisting of muscle fibers, which are fed by enlarged blood vessels. The formation can have different sizes and masses, sometimes they can reach a weight of more than a kilogram.

At the first symptoms and diagnosis of fibroids the patient is sent to the ultrasound. Instrumental examination will help determine the exact number of education. They are classified according to the following characteristics:

  • Single if only one nodule is found;
  • Multiple if diagnosed by multiple myomas.

The doctors did not establish the exact cause of the appearance of benign education. However, they found out that fibromioma appears during menopause or in nulliparous women, to whom over 30 years. This disorder is caused by a change in the hormonal background. The increased amount of the hormone estrogen promotes the active development of fibroids, and the hormone progesterone acts in the opposite way, it stops the growth of the tumor and even provokes its shrinkage.

Important!In a number of studies, doctors have determined that myoma never grows into a malignant tumor. However, this does not mean that it does not need to be treated.

Causes of fibromyoma

As already mentioned, the main reason for the occurrence of fibroids is hormonal disorders in the body of a woman. Doctors say that such a growth is hormone-dependent, so it requires adjustment of the hormonal background. In addition to the main factor of appearance of the tumor, there are other causes that affect its development:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • failure in the menstrual cycle (usually occurs before the menopause);
  • chronic gynecological diseases;
  • if in 50 years a woman still has a regular period, this indicates a possible myoma;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as tobacco smoking, affects the amount of hormones;
  • violation of regular intimate life;
  • operations on female reproductive organs;
  • overweight;
  • abortion;
  • bad ecological conditions;
  • regular stressful situations.

In addition to the main causes that affect the change in the hormonal background, fibroids can cause other disorders in the body of a woman. For example, diabetes and low blood pressure. Even in 45-60 years, a woman needs regular sex, which will help keep the hormonal background normal.

Uterine fibroids: signs of menopause

In early terms, fibroids do not manifest themselves in any way, a woman does not even suspect that a new growth is developing in her body. About the presence of pathology can be learned only if you regularly visit a gynecologist. Women should take this into account after 35 years.

Unfortunately, women do not treat their health with due attention and turn to the doctor only in a neglected state, when the myoma is manifested by severe symptoms. Among the main signs, the patient will experience such unpleasant changes:

  • prolonged pains in the lower abdomen;
  • painful sensations in intimate proximity;
  • constipation;
  • frequent urge to urinate;
  • feeling of squeezing in the abdomen;
  • pain in the legs and in the lower back;
  • the abdominal cavity is noticeably enlarged (whether the stomach grows or not depends on the size of the myoma);
  • bleeding during menopause.

At the first symptoms it is necessary to address in female consultation. The doctor will examine the patient, prescribe a checkup, establish a diagnosis and tell you what to treat the disease.

Diagnosis of the disease

Myoma of small uterus (up to 3 cm), has no symptoms. Therefore, she is diagnosed with a routine examination by a doctor or ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. Education is well groomed when examined by a gynecologist. However, to confirm the exact diagnosis, a woman is referred for additional testing:

  • general analysis of blood and urine;
  • Ultrasound;
  • hysteroscopy allows a good inspection of fibroids through a special device that is inserted into the cervix;
  • Laparoscopy is the process by which you can see the body of the uterus. For this, a puncture on the abdomen is made and an endoscope is inserted.

Medicamentous treatment of fibromyoma

Benign neoplasm appears due to an increase in the hormone estrogen, so therapy is aimed at regulating this deficiency. In addition, the doctor takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the nature of the course of menopause. Treatment without surgery is performed in the early stages of myoma development. As a rule, a gynecologist recommends taking such medicinal tablets:

  • Duphaston or Norkolut, they have in their composition gestagens, which inhibit the production of estrogen;
  • Zoladex, Buserelin or Diferelin, contribute to the reduction of the tumor;
  • Gestronine simultaneously normalizes the production of hormones;
  • Finasteride and Androkur inhibit the growth and development of fibroids;
  • Trisseksens and Cleiogest contain female hormones, so they normalize their level in the body.

Important!All medication should be prescribed only by a doctor. Do not engage in self-medication, as this can only lead to a deterioration of the woman's condition.

Surgical therapy of uterine fibroids

If the myoma is large and manifests with severe symptoms, the doctors unequivocally recommend an operation. On an individual basis, an operation is selected for a woman, since a comprehensive examination is necessary before carrying out this procedure. On the basis of the data obtained, such surgical interventions can be recommended:

  • hysterectomy;
  • embolization of the uterine arteries, that is, the blood flow to the myoma is blocked, which prevents it from further growing and developing;
  • Hysteroscopy is carried out through the vagina and the myoma is removed;
  • laporoscopy, the procedure is performed by puncturing the abdominal cavity and removing the tumor.

Depending on the general condition of the patient, the doctor decides whether the operation is necessary or not.

Treatment with folk remedies

The main drug therapy of fibroids can always be supplemented with "grandmother" methods that effectively restore women's health.

  1. Flax seeds. For preparation of medicinal product take 3 tbsp. spoons of seeds and pour them 500 ml of steep boiling water. All boil on low heat, while constantly stirring. Take a decoction of 0.5 tbsp. three times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.
  2. Juice from potatoes. Fresh fresh drink 100 ml three times a day, before eating. You can supplement the therapy with douching. For this, fresh juice from celery and carrots is added to the juice, all in equal quantities. The procedure is conducted in the evening.
  3. Tincture on the basis of the motherwort. For cooking take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of grass and 5 tbsp. spoons of alcohol. The mixture is insisted in the dark, at least a month. After that, everyone filters and takes medicine 30 drops 4 times a day.
  4. Decoction of burdock. To prepare a medicine, you need to spoon a teaspoon of dry raw material in a thermos bottle and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Insist the mixture for about 10 hours, then filter. Take 100 ml, 4 times a day.
  5. Infusion on the basis of the boron uterus. For preparation of medicine take 2 h. spoons of dry mixture and pour 250 ml of hot water, but not boiling water. The mixture is put on a water bath and boiled for 5 minutes. Then insist for 3 hours and filter.

Prevention of fibromyoma

A woman can avoid such an unpleasant disease as myoma of the uterus after menopause. To do this, it must comply with a few simple rules. First and foremost, it is important to visit the women's consultation regularly, at least once a year. Particular attention should be given to the hormonal level and timely tests. To control metabolic processes in the body, it is necessary to visit the endocrinologist. Be healthy!