Cough without stopping

The dry cough began abruptly, and I can fall asleep. Without stopping, I cough and cough. I do not know what to do.


Olga Gubanova

Cough syrup in the pharmacy buy helps


spit out quickly and sleep peacefully

Valentina Lep

Dial 03 and ask for advice.
I would have made a warm inhalation with drinking soda.
But better call.

Irina Kapelkina

throw a tablet of Validol in a glass of hot water and gently breathe over a glass or in a frying pan. Melt the sugar until it turns black, pour water and drink this potion in small sips.


You cough without stopping and no one told you that you can not cough at all!!! Do not need so much oxygen! If I coughed so, my husband would have already pushed his head off long ago! He does not allow me to cough for long!
Cough can go to asthma! Remember this and try to hold back. Suck hard candies, drink warm tea in small sips, hold back, endure anything, but remember you can not cough for a long time!

How to stop an attack of dry cough at night in an adult home

Cough happens not only against the background of colds, there are many factors that can cause a dry cough at night.

Often children face the problem of respiratory diseases, in which case it is necessary to prescribe the appropriate treatment - tablets, syrups and medicines, which quickly solve the problem.

If you need to learn how to stop an unpleasant cough at home, then first of all you need to determine the cause of its occurrence.

So, what is better to take if an adult has a dry night cough? What drugs will be effective?

Causes of cough

Dry and wet cough is a refractory defensive reaction of the body to irritating factors or foreign objects in the respiratory tract.

A severe dry cough in adults can occur as a result of a number of diseases, so it is very important to establish an accurate diagnosis and only then the appointment of therapy.

As a result, the cough cleanses the bronchus, so that the person does not choke. It can be said with certainty that cough is capable of performing one of the most important functions for the human body.

Speaking about how to stop the cough, it should be noted that it can be divided into several types, depending on the symptoms and causes. Often these are the two main causes - diseases and foreign bodies. If the attack of a cough has started dramatically, especially at night, then it can speak of ingress of foreign objects into the respiratory tract.

If the attacks are stable and acute, then this may indicate an infectious disease of the respiratory tract. Usually such attacks can last up to two weeks. In the event that unpleasant symptoms do not disappear after two months, then it can be considered chronic.

Coughing can be a variety of different diseases. In children, its manifestations are characterized by an infection of the upper respiratory tract, namely, the throat and nose. Usually, his attacks last for two to three weeks. To stop the attack of a strong cough, you need to take special medications.

Often a nightly prolonged cough occurs with bronchial asthma. In severe form, a person may be disturbed by frequent attacks of dry, debilitating cough, which can stop, at times, only pills. If the seizures are more reminiscent of barking a dog, then this may indicate a laryngeal edema, leading to suffocation.

It is impossible to determine the cause of coughing at home, but more often such an unpleasant phenomenon can arise as a result of the following diseases:

  • Asthma;
  • Pharyngitis;
  • Allergy;
  • ARVI;
  • Pleurisy;
  • Heart failure;
  • Whooping cough;
  • Pneumonia;
  • Laryngitis;
  • Whooping cough.

Often, a dry night cough can occur as a result of smoking, especially if the harmful dependence in humans for many years.

Often, after the smoked cigarette, the intensity of the attack decreases, this indicates that there are significant problems in the work of the respiratory system.

Wet and dry cough

Dry cough at night is a typical sign of colds, including tracheitis, ARVI, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and the presence of sputum in the bronchi is not typical for him. As a result of a cold, inflammatory acute processes begin in the throat, mucus is produced in large quantities, the patient has a desire to clear the throat.

Stop coughing can be using special medications. Their action is aimed at eliminating mucus from the bronchial tubes and relaxing the mucous throat. If you need to learn how to stop a violent cough, you can use special medications to block nervous impulses.

The only thing that must always be remembered in this case is that in this case only a seven-volume treatment is carried out. Such drugs are prescribed to a person only in the event that a strong cough at night and during the day interferes with normal life, do not even let us sleep.

The appearance of a wet cough to talk about the presence of a large amount of sputum in the lung, bronchus or trachea. In most cases, a wet cough can begin to develop immediately after dry. During it, the lungs are purified from sputum, which is an excellent means for the formation of bacteria.

In the event that you do not make timely treatment, with a prolonged wet cough begins a chronic form. Cope with such a disease becomes quite difficult. In this case, the patient can prescribe the use of antibiotics and other strong medications to accelerate the healing process.

To sputum better left the lungs, it is recommended to start taking various mucolytic drugs. Due to their use, the mucus becomes less viscous, as a result of which it easily leaves the respiratory tract. If there is a wet cough, then in this case it is recommended to take a large amount of liquid.

Abundant drink helps to liquefy mucus, as a result of which it is quickly excreted from the body, facilitating the general condition of a person.

As drinks you can choose compote, juice, tea on herbs and mineral water without gases.

Treatment of dry cough

Speaking about how to stop a fit of cough, first of all you should choose medications, in particular syrups and tablets.

Before you start taking any medications you need to consult a doctor, only he can prescribe funds, depending on the type of cough and the existing disease.

In the event that there is no spitting during a cough, it must be done so that it begins to be productive. Only after this, it makes sense to prescribe the patient mucolytic and expectorant tablets.

In addition, it is possible to prescribe drugs that can have a complex effect on the patient's body as a whole. The advantage of these drugs can be considered that they are able to simultaneously give an antitussive and expectorant effect. The most common and effective drugs include:

  1. Herbion is a plantain syrup, produced in the form of syrup. The drug is able to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, expectorant and antitussive effect. The drug is able to relieve and soften the dry cough. The main active component of the syrup is the herb lanceolate grass and mallow flowers.
  2. Sinekod - a medicinal antitussive, which can affect the cough center. Tablets and syrup can be used for both children and adults, alleviates the condition of bronchitis, has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is indicated for use in the presence of dry cough of different origin.
  3. Stoptussin - has a combined secretolytic and antitussive effect. Special drugs that make up its composition, help reduce the viscosity of sputum and provide antitussive action. Effective for use both for adults and children, does not contain harmful components.
  4. Kodelak Fito. This medication is produced, both in the form of an elixir, and in the form of a syrup. The main active ingredient with the composition of this remedy is extracts of thyme, licorice and thermopsis in addition to codeine.
  5. Broncholitin is a combined antitussive drug whose action is directed to the suppression of the cough center. As a result of the use of such a drug, bronchial expansion is observed, stimulation of respiration, as a result of which the release of mucus from the bronchi is accelerated.

Of course, this is far from all medicinal tablets and syrups, which will be effective in the presence of different types of cough. In this case, one should not engage in self-medication, since only a doctor is entitled to prescribe drugs.

Some means in uncontrolled reception can only worsen the general condition of the body.

What should I do if I have a strong cough?

Cough is an unconditioned human reflex. This is the required protective reaction of the respiratory organs to a variety of external stimuli. In this case, pollen, various microparticles, bacteria, dust, microbes that can cause an infectious cough can be classified as possible irritants.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that coughing is not a disease, but only a symptom of a particular human disease. The majority of existing outpatient and bacterial infections can cause severe attacks of cough. Therefore, it is necessary to start treatment of the disease directly, determining its exact diagnosis.

How to cope with an unexpected attack of cough? In this case, you can try different herbal decoctions, aimed at alleviating the general condition. In this case, you can try a decoction from the mother-and-stepmother of their chamomile. With its help, it is possible to remove accumulated sputum from the respiratory tract, while removing pulmonary edema.

Not less effective means is a decoction of an ordinary ledum. Regular use of brewed herbs of 50 ml at a time, will allow for a few days to remove unpleasant coughing attacks, calming it and reducing the intensity.

If the attack began at night, then you can calm him down from the bed and slightly tilt the body forward. You can get rid of an attack with simple pull-ups, you just need to stand up, raise your right arm and stretch very well.

No less effective remedy for severe attacks of cough is an ordinary chamomile tea. It not only facilitates the general condition, but also positively affects health in general. About how to cope with a cough will tell in the video in this article a specialist.

How to stop coughing effectively. How to stop the incessant cough with folk remedies and medications

Catarrhal diseases are often accompanied by an endless cough that does not cease day or night. Everyone who has ever faced such a problem knows how much such a state can be painful. In this article, we'll talk about how to stop a cough in a child or an adult. Also we will consider, what national means and pharmacological preparations are capable to render the help in the decision of the given problem. But first let's find out the question posed just below.

Why does man cough?

Understand how to stop the incessant cough, it will be much easier if you know its causes. When a person coughs, in most cases this means that he is sick, and cough is a reflex, helping to restore airway patency. Thus, cough can be called the protective reaction of our intelligent organism, aimed at getting rid of from sputum accumulated in the lungs, bronchi, trachea, and sometimes from foreign particles trapped therein or dust.

If adults or children become ill due to infection with an acute respiratory infection, then the concomitant cough may be a symptom:

  • Laryngitis - inflammation of the larynx, which is accompanied by a hoarse voice and barking coarse cough.
  • Tracheitis - inflammation of the trachea.
  • Bronchitis - an inflammatory disease of the bronchi. Here the cough is dry at first, and then wet with a lot of sputum.
  • Pneumonia - inflammation of the lungs.

Two types of cough

Now a little bit about two types of cough - dry and wet. In the second case, the cough reflex performs a very useful purification function, leading out sputum containing harmful microorganisms and pus. How to stop coughing in this case? Help the body, taking expectorant and mucolytic drugs, diluting viscous sputum and promoting its expulsion from the respiratory tract.

It is more difficult to help a person who suffers from attacks of uncontrolled dry cough. By itself, it can not bring any relief, tires the patient, leads to severe irritation of the inflamed respiratory organs and is even capable of inducing vomiting or trauma to the mucosa. It is especially important to know how to stop a dry cough at night, because at this time it is able to intensify, and the sick person is absolutely unable to rest. There is already need to use more serious means, often containing a narcotic substance codeine, through which tablets are able to directly affect the cough center in our the brain.

Cough preparations from the pharmacy

How to stop an attack of dry cough, what drugs are sold for this in our pharmacies? Effective and quick cough suppressants such as Codeine Demorphan Hydrocodone Codipron Ethylmorphine hydrochloride Morphine chloride. The listed drugs contain narcotic substances, so in order to buy them in a pharmacy, you need a prescription from the doctor.

Softer means for fighting dry cough (without drugs) are Glavent Sedotussin Tusuprex Sinekod Pakseladin. Important: medications for dry cough can be consumed only in the absence of respiratory tract sputum!

Good drugs are also drugs "Levopron" Libexin "Helicidin." They act on the receptors and nerve endings in the bronchi and trachea and also relieve the painful dry cough.

And how to stop the incessant cough in the presence of phlegm? There are excellent modern drugs that have both anti-inflammatory and bronchodilating and expectorant properties. These include: "Lorain" Stoptussin "Broncholitin" Tussin plus "Protiazin" Hexapnevmin "Butamirate" Ambrobe "Bromhexine" and some other medicines. There are a lot of preparations for coughing, and all of them have their own specifics. And not to make a mistake with the choice of tablets or medicine, it is best to consult a doctor.

When the disease is just beginning

Now let's find out how to stop a cough that starts. If you are a little cold and begin to cough, you need to start acting right away! Such a simple remedy, like a frequent rinse of the throat with a warm solution of salt and soda, in some cases works wonders. Great for rinsing and classic decoction of marigold and sage with chamomile. You can not do it yourself, but buy a tincture called "Rotokan" in the pharmacy (all three components enter there) and gargle with it, diluting in water in the following proportion: 1 tbsp. spoon on a glass of warm water.

In the absence of a fever for the night, you can soak your feet, and then put on woolen socks. Pepper plaster - another effective tool. We paste it on the chest and back. If symptoms of a cold do not subside in the morning, it is best to seek medical help.

What will help babies

How to stop a cough in a baby? This should be decided by the child's doctor on the basis of the diagnosis. But there are old folk remedies that can be used as supportive measures. These include warming compresses, which are placed on the baby's chest. Here are a few recipes:

1. Compress of honey cakes.Such a flat cake can be mixed from honey and flour with the addition of vegetable oil. It should be a normal dense consistency, so as not to spread on the skin. After 4 months of age, it is permissible to add a little mustard powder to the cake mixture - the healing effect is increased from it.

2. Compress with camphor oil.To do this, first put on the baby's breast a diaper, folded into several layers, then it is applied camphor oil, another diaper, polyethylene and on top - a fixing diaper or gauze.

3. Compress from mashed potatoes.The sequence of actions is the same as in the previous recipe.

The most delicious medicines

Very often it is difficult to persuade children to take potions, decoctions or tablets that are unpleasant to the taste. If a child is being naughty and does not want to be treated, how to stop a dry cough from such a mischief? For this case, there are surprisingly simple and tasty medicines in the collection of folk recipes that every mother can cook with ease:

1. Take a tablespoon of sugar (incomplete) and hold it over the fire until the sugar is melted and turns brown. Next, you need to quickly pour the contents of the spoon into a saucer with milk. Burnt sugar immediately stiffens. The resulting homemade candy well calms a dry cough.

2. A medicine from bananas. To make it, take a couple of bananas, clean them, mash into a homogeneous puree and add hot sweet water to the mixture. A delicious medicine should be taken only in a warm form.

3. To soften the cough is capable of cherry syrup (jam). We add it to the tea and give it to the child.

Alkaline inhalation

Traditional medicine offers a lot of options for how to stop coughing. An interesting effective way is alkaline inhalations at home. The procedure is as follows: pour mineral water into the pan (if water is passed through a special magnetic funnel, then its properties will increase), bring the liquid to a boil, cool it to 70 degrees.

Well, after you need to bend over a saucepan, cover yourself with a towel and breathe a useful steam for about 10 minutes. Then it is recommended to drink hot tea with raspberries, warmly wrapped and sleep. Such inhalations help to get rid of coughing with the presence of viscous sputum in the respiratory tract.

Onion Milk

Finally, I want to share another recommendation of traditional medicine regarding how to stop a strong cough at night. It is necessary to prepare onion milk in advance. It is made simply: 2 diced bulbs are poured with milk (1 liter), then it all languishes in the oven for 2 hours. It is best to prepare such a medicine in earthenware.

Cooled and filtered milk is taken for a cold 6 times a day for 1 tbsp. spoon. This remedy will also render emergency help at night, since it calms even a very strong cough.

Daughters, years of coughing without stopping, all night suffer with a cough as to remove a cough.


a little sunshine

at this age it is necessary to run to the doctor, because the infection quickly penetrates into the respiratory tract and there can be inflammation of the lungs

Lilia Schetinina

I do not know about yours, but my "penny" pills for cough and licorice root syrup help me right away.

Mitya I

Doctor buy me


I gave my own for the night a pea diazolin. At least the baby was asleep. But it's not from a cough, it's from allergies. I gave a maximum of three times, and during the day I was coughing. In principle, now many doctors even prescribe diazolin, if antibiotics have already been prescribed to reduce side effects on the liver and so on ..


Consult with another doctor if only the bronchitis has not passed


Try to boil the potatoes, make a thick crush, put in a pouch and towel, and put on the chest... My son helps to warm up and relieve cough faster.

Ve4nost selection large. more often inhalation each time with solutions

Lena Martha

Do not give expectorants before going to bed! Probably gave, here and coughs all night. If a cough DRY, you can give a stoptusin or broncholitin, they soothe the cough


Cough should be treated. What depends on the species. That my child had no seizures at night I give Zirtek or Ficcarol Suproxtin for the night, we do not transfer (according to instructions for this age).


The doctor is right, to take a cough is to worsen a child's condition, sputum should depart well. Therefore, treatment by appointment of a doctor, the time will do their job. The body needs time to recover. Cough can last up to 3 weeks.

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