Does the hock help with sore throat?

Do lollipops help the throat?.. )



from the throat - no, but the pain is removed a little


At the earliest stage.. . help a little


Symptoms are removed, but of course not treated.

Maxim F

Helps but for a while, it expands it but does not heal

Kento Kento

Yes))))))))))))))))) )

[email protected]

From the throat helps the lack of beer in cold weather !!!


did not help me)

Irish lace

My mother always saves them only in a black box


Simple prophylaxis - frequent airing of the apartment, the use of multivitamins, beekeeping products (honey, propolis, pergah, pollen), garlic, onions, lemons for food, intake of dietary supplements, frequent walks in the open air, general hardening - and you and your family will be under reliable protection, believe me - checked on my family and all my relatives and friends.
Fassing lozenges Faringosept, Laryngosept, Antiangin, drink herbal tea from sage grass, oregano, hyssop, thyme (thyme), do a drainage massage on the chest area.... Recipes are a lot - remember your childhood and how all of us were treated for colds and angina by parents, grandmothers, grandfathers - and remember yourself with a dozen recipes.

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From the throat - no, but from the cough a little help)))

Love Krupnitskaya

Yeah, he poured Holles and his throat was gone.

Julia Konehna

It helps. I am cured for the day. Only it is necessary to dissolve them constantly.

Are candles HALLS cough remedy?


Vasilisa the Wise

The medicine is not, but it is quite possible to relieve coughing and sore throat. With this they are doing well. Only when coughing they should be gently sucked, so that in the respiratory ways, God forbid not get. It is better to cough up such tablets from the cough, "Sepptolets" are called. This is a good medication and it helps. But, and as with the candy, when you cough and "Sepptole" you need to suck carefully.

Nastya ddd

I buy sometimes when I'm ill. They do not help me.


Helps but not a medical device.


The mint of sweets muffles the desire to cough without end and edge

Snow Knight

They do not help me ...

dear Tatiana

it's candy, not medicine!

proxymo =5VIZoHfXAm0

Are the lollies "Halls" a medicine. I argue with my wife. I just do not have a daughter, yes, I give them. She is 5 years old.


Lada Gatko

Of course this is not a cure. But rubbish. Such a crumb should not be given. One menthol there for three stomach ulcers and lifelong heartburn will suffice.

Medusa Hormonov

medicine is licorice)))
and the lion is so, the next figure

they can throat and soften, as strepsils, but the child can cause an allergic reaction.

Tanya Sarbash (Ostrivnaya)

better of course natural remedies. Wife is always right

Valery Bouratevich

No, this is not a cure. it's a sweetness with natural supplements ...

Artem Myasnikov

it's not a cure but a candy sometimes it weakens the sore throat

Olga I'm

What is this medicine, for starters, you saw the instructions for use? And contraindications?. Ordinary candy.

I'm the one who comes to HELP.

it's PLATSEBO (EMPTY) if you believe that they help, they help, and if you consider them candy, then there will not be any sense


but you read the composition, there is nothing natural

Running on the waves

you would have the baby still after cola poured)))

Irina Ivanova

Read what is written on the package meeeelenko written... .
There even adults are not recommended to exceed a certain dose.
As candy they can not be used in any case!
The composition includes menthol, essential oils that can affect the heart, and cause allergies.
What, there are no other chocolates or what?

Anarchy Anarchievna

They are in themselves harmful)))


I think that if 1-2 times a month to give, nothing terrible will happen. This is not a medicine, but thanks to essential oils with the composition acts on the throat, as an anesthetic, which greatly alleviates the pain in the throat, with illness. And just a candy, just a bunch of sugar - lollipops in general, children are not useful. True because of these oils, even adults need to limit the hills ....

* _ * Kitty * _ *

the medicine is sold in a pharmacy, and HOLL's candies can be bought at any store in the supermarket for sure!! here and think, medicine or not!! and then what they say is harmful, garbage, fatty, flour and sweet, too, it is harmful to eat, but no one has died yet!! and even more so from colas!! =)) if you like the child why not give it!? they at least somehow ease their throats!! we will never know that they also put in pills that are made from the throat, you can write one thing and put another, even what they put in these candies, if it is profitable, the examination will not come to mind all in a row !!

Good and working candy from a sore throat?



Carmolis... septalet, hills, hexoral does not help me.

Mooly Pool


Galina Bogomolova

The best aerosol is Geksoral

Sergey Kazakov

Doctor Mom

Kristina Baryshnikova *

very well help septotet (better with lemon flavor!)


Hals - only if real, the rest I would distrust

Mom Choli

I do not have sugar candy, and pharyngocept pills like.. great, delicious and effective.

Lena Nitsuk

grammidine with anesthetics for the treatment of pain in the goal! very well help and septale.

efim efim

I am helped by Ajicept with menthol and eucalyptus. India, inexpensive.

The Cat Enotovich (f!)

Septhote like nothing. In general, this is all individually. What helps others can not help you and vice versa. Almost nothing helps me from the throat.. somehow it goes by itself

HALLS-regular caramels or do they help with sore throat?


Claire Lumiere

They help only at that time, when you get sucked. I switched to the mint candies more cheaply, the effect is the same. | Recipes in a hurry

They do not help me. It should be said that strepsils is also useless.


help, but there are not many of them


Neither a fig does not help.

Nurislam Zakirov

I was helped once

Darya Nikolaevna

Halls is not a remedy. It's just lollipops for absorption.


Help for 5-10 minutes... It's because the throat is refreshing.. But the usual sucking candies also work. Better take the lollipops in the pharmacy.

babuin babuin2

there are special lollipops for treatment, are sold in pharmacies, neo-angin for example, and there is sugar-free too

Julia Epimakhova (Nikolaeva)

net, ne pomogaet ...

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