. Preparations for inhalation with laryngitis nebulizer

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Laryngitis is a serious infectious disease. It is provoked by pathogenic viruses that affect the larynx. Often this illness takes on a chronic form, especially in those who smoke for a long time, works in harmful production or in conditions of constant cold. With the correct treatment scheme, the disease can be quickly cured within 10 days, but for this it is necessary to consult a doctor. The most effective method of therapy are inhalations with laryngitis nebulizer, properly selected drugs contribute to a speedy recovery.

  • What is a nebulizer?
  • Terms of use
  • Is it possible to do with inhalation with laryngitis
  • With what to do inhalations
  • Prohibited medicines for inhalation
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What is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a special medical device that converts an ordinary medicinal product into an aerosol. The procedure allows the drug to penetrate into the affected area and restore the mucosa. Invented several versions of these effective devices, but the most common and popular is the compressor. For treatment, almost all pharmacological compositions for inhalation can be used. Its only drawback is noise, during operation. However, this does not prevent the device from performing its functions qualitatively.

With the help of the device, medical procedures can be carried out without leaving home. Due to the built-in ultrasonic nebulizer, the drug spreads to the affected parts of the respiratory tract. A special mask for children always comes with the device. You can inhale a child even during sleep.

Important!Before using the nebulizer, you should carefully read the instructions and find out which medications are allowed for the procedure.

Terms of use

In order for the procedure to be successful, you need to follow simple rules, thanks to which the treatment will be faster. With an attack of laryngitis, it is important to follow such recommendations:

  • the procedure is carried out 1 hour after eating;
  • before and after treatment, it is forbidden to smoke;
  • in the period of medical activities the patient should sit down and not talk, and the breathing should be even;
  • when treating laryngitis, it is recommended to use a special mask that is worn on the face;
  • if hormonal drugs were used, then after the procedure, the mouth cavity should be rinsed with boiled water;
  • The treatment solution is prepared immediately before inhalation;
  • at the end of the procedure, the device is thoroughly washed under running water, and then disinfected with alcohol.

Laryngitis is always treated in a comprehensive manner, but inhalation takes a worthy place in it. Most effectively it is carried out with the help of a nebulizer.

Is it possible to do with inhalation with laryngitis

A special medical device has many advantages over the usual methods of inhalation. Among the most common positive sides of medicine are:

  • on the affected parts of the respiratory tract, twice as many drugs are deposited as compared to any other treatment;
  • the drug acts on the affected area;
  • the procedure is quite effective;
  • use this device regardless of age;
  • inhalation with a special device is safe, so it can be carried out at home;
  • apparatus is easy to use;
  • pharmacological drugs do not penetrate into the bloodstream, so do not harm internal organs.

With what to do inhalations

Before starting therapy, you need to pick the right drugs for the solution. Today already available pharmacological solutions are sold, which are often used in the treatment of laryngitis. The following are common medications for inhalation, and how often they are done.

Lazolvan, ATSTS, Ambrobene, Sinupret, Mukaltin, Pertussin

Drugs in this group are the most effective. They include ambroxol. The main active substance quickly clears the respiratory system of mucus. It is recommended to use a drug for the solution in this dosage:

  • adults and children who are more than 6 years of 3 ml;
  • children from 2 to 6 years of 2 ml;
  • kids under 2 years of 1 ml.

To prepare a medicinal solution, the expectorant must be combined with saline (1/1). Therapy is not more than a week.

Mineral water and saline solution

For treatment with mineral water, Borjomi, Polyana Kvasova, will suit perfectly. They effectively moisturize the respiratory system, which contributes to the early release of sputum. Alkaline inhalations are absolutely harmless.

To conduct inhalation with mineral water, take 4 ml of water, but without gas. Establish the necessary standard in the device and carry out the procedure. It is recommended to do inhalations 4 times a day, for a week.

Chlorophyllipt, Furacilin, Dioxide, Gentamicin,

For the preparation of inhalation use 1% solution, any drug. Preparations of this group have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. They effectively destroy pathogenic viruses and restore the mucous walls of the respiratory system. He is bred in saline, in proportion 1:10. To use the machine, use 3 ml of the prepared solution. Inhalations do not less than 3 times a day.

Naphthyzine and Epinephrine

Solutions with naphthyzine and epinephrine relieve puffiness, and also restore mucous membranes. For effective treatment it is necessary to do inhalations. For one procedure, you need 10 ml of medication and 5 ml of saline. All are connected and inhaled, three times a day.

Adrenaline, Euphyllin

Preparations of this group are prescribed only, then when the laryngitis gets more serious forms, for example, bronchitis, tracheitis and pneumonia. The medicine is diluted with saline (1/6). Do inhalations based on medications with epinephrine and with euphilin can be, only on the recommendation of the doctor.

Rotokan, Malawit, Tonsilong H

These are natural preparations for children and adults. They include extracts of herbs. Due to the quality of the composition, the medicine effectively removes inflammation, and also liquefies and removes sputum.

For inhalation, the drug is diluted in saline (1/40). The resulting mixture (3 ml) is placed in the apparatus and inhaled. Therapy is carried out thrice a day.

Dexamethasone, Cromogexal, Pulmicort

All these drugs are antihistamines. Means with dexamethasone and cromohexal have a protivallergic property, and also eliminates the inflammatory process and removes mucus. One procedure requires 10-15 drops of the drug and 3 ml of saline. Therapy is carried out throughout the day 4 times, after eating. The course of therapy is 10 days.

Berodual, Berotek, Atrovent

All pharmacological agents are bronchodilators. These are quality drugs that are often used for inhalations, with the help of a nebulizer. They effectively repair the airway walls. The drug can be taken at any age, since it does not cause side effects in adults and children.

It is recommended to adhere to this dosage:

  • adults and children over 12 years of 2 ml (40 drops);
  • children under 12 years of 0.5 ml (10 drops).


Inhalations with hydrocortisone are effective in allergic laryngitis. Before using, it is important to read the instructions. The permissible norm (up to 3 ml) is poured into the device and the procedure is done 3 times a day, after a meal.

Soda inhalation

To prepare the solution, take 2 tbsp. spoon of soda and pour it 0.5 liters of boiling water. It takes about 10-15 minutes to breathe over the healing steam. Inhalations with soda will quickly remove the pain and perspiration, and restore the voice.

Prohibited medicines for inhalation

Inhalation nebulizer do only with certain drugs. However, there are prohibited means, including:

  • Natural oils (oil procedures) are more aimed at steam inhalations;
  • herbal decoctions and tinctures, as well as herbal tea;
  • Theophylline, Platifellin, Papaverin.

Before treatment it is necessary to consult with the doctor, he can precisely advise what inhalations to do. The specialist will recommend the best treatment and choose the best therapy.