Tactics of allergy treatment in folk remedies at home

The main danger of the disease is that it is not necessary to know about the provoking seizure or simply not to notice mild symptoms.

A large number of causes and factors can affect the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Symptoms and methods of treatment depend on what causes the disease.

Contents of the article:
  • Possible causes
  • Species and symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • Traditional medicine recipes
  • What is not recommended to take?
  • Preventative measures

Possible causes

Incorrect nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle at some stage provoke a spontaneous manifestation of a malfunction in the body in the form of an allergic reaction. It can arise from overeating with refined products with a set of chemical additives or provoked by emotional or psychological stress.

Allergens are substances of a glycoprotein or protein nature that cause an allergic reaction in the body. They can be wool, food, medicines, washing powders, household dust and any other substances.

Allergens inevitably have to be contacted every day, and more than a hundred times a day - with meals. Healthy immunity can withstand such provocations.

The risk of allergic manifestations inevitably increases factors such as:

  • overeating,
  • gallbladder disease,
  • gastritis,
  • liver disease,
  • malfunctioning in the normal functioning of the intestine.

Acute allergic reaction of the body during vomiting, dysbacteriosis and other problems of the digestive system, when allergens get directly into the blood, is manifested by reddening of the skin and other manifestations up to anaphylactic shock.

One can not fail to note one of the important causes of allergic manifestations - the ecology of the environment, which directly affects the health of people.

Chemical substances that can be an integral part of professional activity can provoke permanent allergic reactions in the body.

Allergies and symptoms

Allergy is manifested depending on the form of the disease and the location of the disease:

  • dermatosis is marked by dryness, flaking and redness of the skin, edema, pruritus and blisters,
  • conjunctivitis in the form of tear, burning, eyelid swelling,
  • respiratory signs in the form of sneezing, cold( how to treat a runny nose in children using aloe, read in this article), wheezing and coughing( read here about cough treatment in children by home remedies), dyspnea and itching in the nose,
  • enteropathy in the form of pharyngeal edema andtongue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation,
  • anaphylactic shock looks like sudden vomiting, shortness of breath, convulsions, involuntary defecation or urination, loss of consciousness.

General recommendations

To complex treatment of folk remedies for allergy include such methods:

  • Strengthening the immune system, saturation of the gastrointestinal tract with a useful microflora through the use of fermented milk products.
  • Diet, which includes breakfast from apple and porridge on the water, changing table salt to sea, minimizing yeast bread in the diet, drinking fresh juices and giving up coffee and black tea.
  • Intestinal cleaning with activated carbon is necessary in the first week and juice - in the second.

It should be remembered that treatment with folk remedies for allergies should be carried out with special care, because medicinal plants can also become the strongest allergens, aggravating the condition. To avoid such a reaction, you must strictly follow the dosage when taking.

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Traditional medicine recipes

Many methods and treatments have been devised and tested. Here are the tried and the most effective ones.

  • Mumiye is very popular in the treatment of allergic manifestations. One gram is diluted in half a glass of water and a rash is applied to the skin and taken internally in a reduced concentration. A tablespoon of a solution in half a glass of water is taken in the mornings for three weeks. Mummy can be added to honey or milk and taken in the morning and evening. You can rinse the solution with your mummy's throat and rinse your nose.
  • The egg shell powder is taken after eating a quarter teaspoon with two drops of lemon juice. Such a remedy will eliminate rashes and other reactions.
  • Honey combs of are chewed for 15 minutes twice a day or more often when the symptoms increase. Six months of such treatment can reduce the disease to zero.
  • Four heads of onions are crushed, poured with a liter of water, insist for 12 hours and drink water per day.
  • Lentils , more precisely, a half kilogram of lentil straw or a glass of lentil beans, it is necessary to boil in a three-liter pot with water for 15 minutes, pour the broth and lie in it for half an hour. Strengthen the effect by adding a pine broth and eating dishes from lentils.
  • Golden UZ in the form of tincture will save from attacks of suffocation. You need to take it on a tablespoon an hour before each meal.
  • Celery is used in the form of juice from roots and leaves - for half an hour before meals take a tablespoon 3 times a day.
  • Garlic crush, gruel wrap in gauze, rub along the spine at night for a week.
  • The Bay leaf is an excellent tool. It is used inside as a decoction and externally - tincture or oil.
  • The dandelion juice is obtained from the leaves of the plant. For treatment, dilute it in half with water and take a tablespoon 20 minutes before breakfast and lunch.
  • Activated charcoal crush one tablet per kilogram and drink every morning. Take the drug for several months.

What is not recommended?

According to confident forecasts of doctors, there is very little time left until the moment when nine out of ten people will suffer from some kind of allergy. And the allergic people are to blame for this, when they are engaged in self-medication and provoke the development of new diseases, expanding the list of allergens dangerous to the body.

As a pathological condition of immunity, in the case of abnormal allergy treatment rapidly develops bronchial asthma .

Fans on their own to prescribe widely advertised drugs should know that all vasoconstrictor drugs and sprays directly affect the heart and brain. On the brain tomography of "naphthyzine-dependent" patients, not only vasospasm can be observed, but also the atrophy of certain parts of the brain.

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Preventative measures

To prevent the disease, you need to perform some simple activities:

  • Observance of cleanliness and order, daily cleaning is the main condition of prevention.
  • Books should be in closed cabinets.
  • Periodic cleaning of pillows, blankets, soft toys and washing of curtains.
  • Sleep only on natural fabrics and do not wear synthetic clothing.
  • Any animals and birds, even fish in the aquarium can cause allergic reactions.
  • If animals can not be abandoned, you should regularly comb and bathe a cat or dog.
  • Cultivate only non-fragrant plants in the apartment.
It is necessary to adhere to the hypoallergenic diet, excluding from the menu orange and red foods, nuts, honey, citrus, sweets. It will be necessary to reduce the amount of sugar in order not to aggravate allergic manifestations.

Allergy can be triggered by milk, eggs, buttery pastries, honey, nuts, spicy or greasy dishes, which it would be nice to exclude or at least reduce to a minimum. Some sneeze, cough and itching appear even on young potatoes during cleansing.

To defeat the disease you need to strengthen your immunity. To do this, you need to play sports, do not break the daily routine and become tempered. Even a rare allergy to cold is overcome by proper hardening of the body.

When manifesting pollinosis, remove indoor flowers from the house, especially smelling. Naturally, sniffing flowers and bringing bouquets home is prohibited.

More difficult for patients with allergy to book dust and household ticks, which can not be eliminated. Therefore, they need daily wet cleaning. Patients should not shake out carpets, vacuum and clean the vacuum cleaner.

When choosing an allergy treatment with folk methods, should first of all pay attention to the recommendations of doctors. For treatment in pharmacies there are special herbal preparations to combat the causes and symptoms of allergies.

Thus, successful treatment of allergic reactions with the help of folk prescriptions is possible only in combination with the use of drugs prescribed by a doctor, and the exception of an allergen from life.

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